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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

Ananda news

Embody your Femininity

The sequel to the men's audio program "Learn, Reclaim, Embody your Masculinity is launching world wide very soon and every single sale will be going directly to the Australian Volunteer Rural Fire Brigade for much needed masks. 

We are also incredibly honored to be featured inside the new edition of Y Mag, Australia's number one incredible empowerment magazine for women is the Sanctuary's upcoming and very popular Couples Retreats for 2020

COUPLE'S RETREAT - Celebrating Sacred Love

21st and 22nd March @ The Novotel Vines Resort Swan Valley Perth W.A.

Celebrating Sacred Love Couples Retreats will empower your relationship to:

💖 Enhance Sacred Intimacy
💖 Experience Deeper Communication and Connection
💖 Embrace the Joy of Sacred Love
💖 Enjoy quality time together

For full information on our 26th Couples Retreat and to book online please click here

Only four places remain.

Tantra Specials

ONLY two more days left to take advantage of our Tantra Shop SPECIALS to welcome in the New Year.

Women's Online Course (Normally $99.00 SPECIAL $74.25)
Women's Workshop The Way of the Heart(Normally $197 SPECIAL $147.75
Jade Eggs (SPECIAL $60.00 NOW JUST $33.75 - Limited Stock left)
Couples Retreat (SPECIAL $997 NOW $747.75)
Massages, Couple's Counselling, DVD's, Tantra Audio Programs, Books and so much more.

Please visit

Season Greetings

From all of us at the Sanctuary of Ananda, we wish you a very Peaceful and Joyous Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Sanctuary this year and we look forward to seeing you again in 2020 with the exciting launch of our new school "The Australian Institute of Tantra Training" plus a bonus Couples Retreat on the 21st and 22nd March at Novotel Vines Resort.

If you are looking for that perfect tantric gift for friends or your beloved then please visit our Tantra Shop to take advantage of our 10% off Storewide (Valid until the 13th January 2020)

We are now closed for the holiday season and will re-open on Monday the 6th January.

Long Service Leave

Public Announcement

I am putting this out there to let everyone know that from the 25th November until the 6th January I will be taking a very much needed self imposed long service leave. During this time I will not be answering SMS, texts and emails. My wonderful Admin staff will be monitoring these in my absence.

I am now fully booked out until the week of the 15th November so if anyone is interested in either a private tantra session, counselling or phone consult with me now is your time to book in advance.

After 16 years of dedicated service I am really looking forward to taking some time off that will be longer than a week ðŸ™‚ which will be heaven. During this time I will be finalizing some huge announcements that I have in store for when I return that will redefine the Sanctuary of Ananda in 2020.

With love xox

2020 Events published so far:

🌟Reiki 2 Okuden Training - 18th January

🌟Couples Workshop - 19th January

🌟Reiki 1 Shoden Training - 15th February

🌟Accredited Tantra Training Module 1 and 2


 and MELBOURNE dates coming soon!

🌟Accredited Tantra Training Module 3

🌟2nd May PERTH

🌟Couples Retreat Celebrating Sacred Love 18th - 20th September PERTH

Woman of Influence

So proud and honored to be featured in the latest edition of the incredible Y Magazine Australia alongside 7 other beautiful and talented ladies as a 2019 woman of influence. Thank you Shar and all the team for this special opportunity to shine my love and light out into the world. â¤ï¸ðŸŒŸâ¤ï¸ðŸŒŸ

Y Magazine

It's not every day I can say that I am featured in Australia's leading empowerment magazine for women but today another dream has comes true and I am so honored to be featured in the latest edition of Y Magazine on the subject of Self-Belief and helping more woman be empowered to be the best version of themselves that they can possibly be.

Self-belief comes from a knowing that you are enough, that your soul quality is a precious and unique gift and it is yours and yours alone to share with the world, that if you fall down, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep believing in your dreams, your goals, your gifts to share for the greater good of humanity.

Congratulations to the other seven amazing ladies who are also featured in this edition and a special thank you to Y Magazine and to Shar and all the gorgeous staff for all your dedicated work in bringing this to life.

Much love and gratitude
Catherine xox

New products at the Tantra Shop

It is finally here!!!!

The long awaited Tantra Audio Program just for Men has been released.

17 years of jam packed knowledge, practices and meditations to Learn Reclaim and Embody your Masculinity.

This amazing 16 track audio program will show you:

  • How Tantra can change your life
  • Re-defining your purpose and mission as a conscious man
  • Men's sexual health
  • Meditations, breathing and grounding techniques
  • The art of extended lovemaking
  • The roles of feminine and masculine "energies"
  • The gift of the feminine - how to cherish a woman

A special thank you to Richard Giroud for assisting me in this fun project and for your sensational voice and to Mark Whitehouse from Procopy for recording, editing and bringing to life this much needed creation.

Because of the vast and valuable information in this audio program it will be priced at AUD $49.99 but for a limited time you can get your copy for just $29.99 AUD.

Head over to our Tantra Shop and download your copy today at The Tantra Shop.

New Product for Women ~ Only $19.99 AUD

Couples Retreat Celebrating Sacred Love

20th and 22nd September 2019

Held at the Stunning Pullman Bunker Bay Resort Dunsborough Western Australia

When was the last time you and your partner took time out to connect, communicate, indulge in some romance and discover the joy of Sacred Love?

The Sanctuary is excited to be offering our 24th Couples Retreat for you to take time out from your busy world to spend some quality and relaxing time together whilst learning the incredible life changing skills of Tantra for Couples.

Couples that work on their relationship and put each other first discover more abundance in every area of their life that is both enriching and rewarding, so if you are seeking a more meaningful connection or curious to know the secrets for deeper intimacy then this weekend Retreat is calling you!

WE HAVE ONE PLACE LEFT Only $997 per couple (inclusions and exclusions apply)

Please click on this link to read about these life changing Retreats


"As it was our 34th Wedding Anniversary we decided to enroll for the Couples Retreat for a quiet but special break away. We'd read a little about "Tantra" many years ago but really had no idea and had received no formal instruction. The weekend was absolutely life-changing for us in our relationship. We believe we've been given a precious gift, enhancing our relationship and bringing us closer together in our Coupleship than we ever could have imagined.

Cathy and her team presented information to us in such a beautiful, respectful and professional manner. It was a truly magical experience and we'd recommend the retreat, workshops and indeed everything at the Sanctuary to any couple devoted to enriching their relationship". (S & B Perth)



On the 20th July the Film Director and Producer will be coming to Perth to film me teaching a "mini workshop" and to meet the potential actors for my new TV series. Originally the producers named this "The Tantric Life", however, this has now changed to "The World of Sacred Love - A six part lifestyle series".

I will be teaching on the topics of Esoteric Tantra and Sacred Love.  If you attend you will have to be comfortable being filmed.  This will not be viewed anywhere publicly.


  • THIS Saturday the 20th July at the Sanctuary of Ananda
  • 10am to 12pm OR
  • 1pm to 3pm

We are also seeking interested parties, both couples and singles, who wish to be involved in both class and individual filming to be produced and filmed in Greece and W.A. early 2020.

Please send a brief CV, some photos along with filling out the questions below:

  1. Do you think there is a need for this TV series? If so why?
  2. What would you like to encourage Catherine to cover and focus on from your perspective? Topics, teachings experiences, life experience, Tantric love, healing from abuse and toxic relationships. 
  3. Here are our six episode working titles... any thoughts? Would you like anything else covered? 
  4. We are filming portions of this in Greece, do you consider this romantic and exotic location would enhance our teachings and the message we wish to share? If so, why? 
  5. How intimate and real do you think we should produce the subject material and content? We understand this will have a MA TV rating…. 
  6. Would you be interested in being part of the filming in Perth and possibly Greece? If so, what do you think you might bring to the project and why do you think you might be perfect for this? There would be some intimacy and some nudity required. 
  7. Do you have any further thoughts or suggestions?      

Numbers are strictly limited so please PM or email [email protected] to register.  First in best dressed :-)

Please watch the video below for more information. (Click here to view in your browser if you can't see this in your email client)

 Film Footage Copyright The Sanctuary of Ananda 2019 - All Rights Reserved

News at the Sanctuary

Hi and welcome to our latest newsletter. 

Today I realised that the last newsletter I wrote was back in March, it is amazing how quickly this year is rushing by and into June already. 

The last few months have been focused on the Accredited Trainings both in Perth and Sydney. What I have noticed more and more of when teaching these Modules lately is all the  students who come together to learn display nothing but respect, love, understanding and harmlessness towards one another that unifies the group in light.  These are the major key ingredients to walking an authentic spiritual Path.

This is such a safe and professional environment to learn in with many reflections and aha moments. You will definitely be challenged but in a good way that pushes you out of your comfort zone to bring growth and change. This training concentrates more on spiritual growth through knowledge of the mind and love through the heart, not the overstimulation of emotions and glamour.

Many thanks to all the students who have attended these so far, to Bella for and Beth for assisting me and the groups, to Kale for preparing our meals and last but not least the volunteers who put their hands up to assist the Practitioners in training to further their learning. I love to teach ‘hands on’ training because it really is the only way to learn about the different aspects of personalities, bodies, and the witness of Self.

In 2020 these trainings will change and I will be teaching less of them due to a new project coming up in Greece.  I am also leaving for Japan in November for a few months study so if anyone is interested the last dates for these trainings are below.

Much love,

Catherine xox 

Coming Soon!

Tantra Practices for Men Audio Program

I am so excited to be offering an incredible Audio Program which includes all of the Tantra and Tao foundational practices just for Men. So much is offered for women and now it is time for the men of our community to receive.  Watch this space……details coming soon! 

Dates for the upcoming workshops and trainings: 

Couples Workshop

One Place Left!

  • Date:   30th June 2019
  • Time:   10am – 4pm
  • Venue: The Sanctuary of Ananda Perth
  • Book Online

Take time out from your busy world and spend some quality time together whilst learning the amazing life changing history and practices of Tantra for Couples.  This workshop is held at the Sanctuary of Ananda in a safe and professional space with other likeminded couples that ensures lots of fun, learning and positive growth in your relationship. Couples that work on their relationship and put each other first discover more abundance in every area of their life that is both enriching and rewarding, so if your heart is seeking a more meaningful connection and deeper intimacy then this workshop is the perfect stepping stone to achieving that goal. 

Accredited Reiki 1 Training – Shoden

  • Date:   6th July 2019
  • Time:  10am to 5pm
  • Cost:   $195 (all inclusive: Lunch, Manual, Lineage and Certificate)
  • Venue: The Sanctuary of Ananda Perth
  • Book Online

Reiki was my first love and it was a journey that changed my life dramatically bringing so much healing and accelerated growth through awareness of consciousness, so much so that it catapulted my career as a spiritual teacher.  I have been blessed to have studied with the International House of Reiki in Sydney and the incredible Professor Mari Hall, founder of the International Association of Reiki.

Reiki is beautiful, gentle and effective healing modality.  The first degree of traditional Japanese Reiki is called ‘Shoden’ which means ‘new beginnings’ so if you are interested in this training and your soul is calling you please click on the link below.  We only have a few places left. 

Accredited Certificate in Tantra Philosophy and An Mo Tantric – Module 1 and 2

Last Module 1 and 2 Training for 2019

  • Date:    3rd – 7th August 2019
  • Times:  9am to 5pm
  • Cost:    $897 (all inclusive:  Lunch, Manuals, and Certificates)
  • Venue:  The Sanctuary of Ananda Perth
  • Book Online

What is Tantra?

Tantra is one of the oldest healing practices in the world. It means to “weave” weaving the form (the body) with higher consciousness (the soul). The practice of Tantra is duality to unity which lifts humanity one step up from the animal kingdom, the basic primal desire nature and into the heart of the Divine.

Tantra is a science of evolution, unlocking and decoding life’s many mysteries and discovering the mystery of self, self-realization, self-knowledge and self-love. When self-love is awakened, we recognize this as unconditional love in others, our community, humanity and the soul.

The benefits of learning Tantra

  • Eastern Tantra is a pathway to ‘know thyself’ as both a form of matter (body) and as a soul (higher self).
  • Tantra celebrates and honours the body, pleasures and Indriyas (senses).
  • Tantra is a gateway to higher consciousness that lifts the lower primal sex expression into the sacredness of the divine.
  • Tantra is a journey of duality to Unity, liberation from the human kingdom and a passageway into the Divine.
  • Tantra moves us out of involution and into the heart of evolution so that we keep growing.
  • Tantra is amazing, incredible, inspirational and life changing!
  • Tantra is a gift of sacred love

Men’s Workshop – Do you know what women really want?

  • Date:   18th August 2019
  • Time:  10am to 5pm
  • Cost:   $195 (all inclusive: Lunch and Manual)
  • Venue: The Sanctuary of Ananda Perth
  • Book Online

Due to so many inquiries of late we have decided to teach this workshop one last time for 2019.  This is a fantastic day for men to not only learn ‘what women really want’ spiritually, physically and emotionally but also to ponder on what is true masculine energy and how this energy holds space for yourself and your partner.   If you are interested please click on the link below, Rebekah and I would love to see you there. 

Couples Retreat – Celebrating Sacred Love

  • Dates:  20th – 22nd September 2019
  • Cost:    $997 per couple (Inclusive:  Lunches and Dinners, Manual, Gift Bag and Workshops)
  • Venue: Pullman Bunker Bay Resort Dunsborough – One of Western Australia’s Premier Resorts
  • Book Online

That perfect gift for that special anniversary, birthday or surprise!

Do you and your partner need some much needed time away together?

Whether you want to re-ignite the passion back into your relationship, enhance a deeper heart connection, spend quality time together or learn techniques for true intimacy then this romantic couple’s getaway is calling you!

Places are filling quickly.  Register and book your place today.