Private Counselling Sessions - The Sanctuary of Ananda
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Private Counselling Sessions

  • Holistic Tantra Guidance for Couples

    'Without knowing yourself, you can't really find love.  Without having love, you will never find better sex' - Shri Param Eswaran

    'Taking a different approach to relationship … more

  • Holistic Tantra Guidance for Women

    'Tantra touches the heart of the feminine where harmony, divine love and compassion flow freely. Women who practice Tantra become alive, vibrant, vital and powerful'

    In this … more

  • Holistic Tantra Guidance for Men

    If you have any issues or problems in your life where you are seeking clarity and understanding then this session is perfect for you. This will include exploring what are your ‘ … more

  • Learn Tantra Massage for Couples

    Traditional An Mo Tantric Massage

    For all couples who are ready and open to explore the sensual bodywork of Tantra.

    This beautiful and intimate session focuses on pleasure and … more

  • Phone and Zoom Sessions

    Can't get to the Sanctuary in person?

    Then why not try our Australian and International Phone or Zoom sessions which cover all things relating to tantra, couples connection, … more