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Mini Tantra Course for Women

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When a woman embodies Shakti, her Goddess Wisdom, she steps into her full feminine power and radiates out into the world her unique quality; confidence, grace, nourishment, sensuality and unconditional love.  

Are you ready to learn the ancient secrets of Tantra today and re-discover your sacred feminine?  


The Way of the Heart  - Self-Paced Learning

Welcome to The Way of the Heart, an introduction to Tantra for all women 18 years and over (single or partnered).  This unique personalized online course was created by the Sanctuary of Ananda for women to learn the foundation principles, philosophy and practices of authentic Tantra in the comfort of your own home. 

As women, we are always giving and nourishing outwardly to everything and everyone around us through our heart centre and often forget the most important person to be nourished first is our precious Self.  The Way of the Heart online course will gently and lovingly guide you on a journey towards “know thyself”, integrating self-love, self-knowledge, self-realisation and how to recognise and acknowledge your own inner and outer sacred beauty.  This is the joy of “Santi”, that which inner spiritual peace is. 

About the Creator of the Way of the Heart  

Hi, my name is Catherine Wood and I have been studying and practicing Tantra and Esoteric Philosophy for the past 25 years and I have had the privilege of being taught and trained with some of the world’s most experienced and highly sought after teachers who I thank dearly for sharing their profound knowledge and wisdom. 

Tantra has transformed my life in such a dynamic and profound way, in fact I am so passionate about what I study and teach that the veil of illusion keeps lifting and I now see life in a more clearer and more beautiful way.  To feel connected to my inner Goddess, my own femininity and my ability to love more deeply has enriched my life in ways I can’t even begin to describe. 

The Sanctuary of Ananda (Ananda is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning “ecstasy of love”) was created in 2006 through my vision to support and help men and women expand their vision and awareness of self-love and soul. The Sanctuary is proud to be a Platinum Approved Training Provider and Silver Ambassador with IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists). 

The journey I share with you is from personal hands on experience with over twenty years of working with clients from all walks of life.  My journey with Tantra has been an amazing transformation, one that has changed my life and over the years I have come to the realization that Tantra has two individual components.  The first one is focused on the physical aspects for women which are the breasts, womb, orgasm and touch which the teachers that I learn and study from refer to as “the form” (the body).  The second comprises of energy, sexual energy, sensuality, spirituality and consciousness.  You cannot have one without the other; the true essence of Tantra is practicing both simultaneously.

We are more than our thoughts and we are more than our body.  

Tantra is the ultimate path to self-love, self-knowledge and sensual living and I am looking forward to sharing this special and sacred journey with you.  Together, we will delve into the mystery of woman; the mystery of what is feminine energy, the mystery of life in all dualities and how to empower yourself as a woman on every level, physically, emotionally, spiritually and sexually.

Welcome to the journey of The Way of the Heart.

Course Contents:

  • Lesson 1       The Philosophy of Tantra
  • Lesson 1a     What is Soul and what is the Personality?
  • Lesson 2       The Art of Correct Breathing
  • Lesson 2a     Are you grounded?
  • Lesson 3       Cultivation of Sexual Energy and the Roles of Masculine and Feminine
  • Lesson 4       Know your body, love your body 


  • Manual - The Way of the Heart (Tantra Empowerment for Women)
  • In depth video content to learn the practices and meditations

Love Catherine 

Amazon Best Selling Author

Woman of Influence 2019 - Y Mag Australia's number one empowerment magazine for women

"The Way of the Heart will help you embody the highest form of all feminine energy known as unconditional love. This energy often referred to in Hindu Tantra as Shakti, is the aspect of light that which is nourishment and love in all its purest form.  When this energy is flowing as an open conduit we step onto the path of self-love and the awakening of self-realization"
Catherine Wood - Founder of the Sanctuary of Ananda 2006 


I did not know what to expect from the weekend, I did hope for healing but not to the level that has happened to me.
Thank you Cathy for so much and more. Your guidance, support and above all your love.

Your love holds no boundaries. You amaze me and inspire me. You have held us all by the hand this weekend and carefully and tenderly guided us deep within ourselves to find our hidden fears and anxieties. To see them and recognise them. I saw my inner pain this weekend for the first time, my yearning to love and be loved. Through Tantra I have found my hurt and through Tantra I can now heal this pain. Through love.

To me that is the heart of Tantra to give and receive love with an open heart. Love in all its forms, through Tantra touch, through Tantra meditations, through Tantra yoga and through Tantra sensuality and sexuality.

I feel a part of my journey has ended and I am at the beginning of a new journey.   A journey with Tantra. I know in my heart now that it is through the love of Tantra that I will be able to heal. I feel that it is through this that I will learn to open my heart unconditionally without fear, without pain. To embrace respect and above all truly love my Shakti.

I thank you Cathy for having the courage to follow what is true in your heart and to embrace this truth and use it to help others. You are such a brave woman!!!  Thank you for bringing Tantra out of the darkness and into my world.

May golden light shine on you and continue to light your path so that others may follow. 

Always Lisa x

Well my darling what a retreat. I don't know where to start.

I suppose the most impressionable aspect for me was the changes in you. Reminded me of the first time I saw you in action at the goddess retreat nearly 3 years ago, yet even better as you were more relaxed and clearer.

You had the gentleness about you again that I love, yet at the same time were more powerful. Your heart was open and love, peace and connection oozed.

For me as your student, I was most touched watching you in awe of the couples love for each at the very end. When you said to me "you get it" I felt so moved at your sincerity, your genuine passion and appreciation for what you do by helping those beautiful souls in our midst.

It really touched me.  I needed to see you connect again with what you do like that, as your student, my mentor. It made me feel again that I was with the right teacher on the right path. Confirmation!!

The other aspect that for me was really important was that you didn't use people's name when discussing examples and even used the pretend name Joe. I have always struggled with that issue of using  peoples names publicly and openly in group because Perth is so small and my previous work as a Youth counsellor taught me otherwise. So thanks for that Cath, it gives us far more integrity and professionalism. Between me and you I feel is fine but it's such personal information that people devulge to you so I think it's very important to protect their privacy and  others also mistake it as gossip.

So thank you!! Your ability to build rapport, clearly communicate, have fun, create a loving space, nurture all of us was right on target and inspirational!!!!!. What a phenomenal woman you are!!!!!!!!!!

Leah (Sanctuary Practitioner)