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Learn, Reclaim and Embody your Femininity


In Tantra Philosophy women learn to embody and awaken to the power of their “Shakti” energy, the word Shakti means “Goddess”.

This Goddess aspect is not based on ego; it is not about aspiring to be a beauty queen or a model and nor is it based in form. Shakti is the inner beauty, nurturing and unconditional love that radiates from the essence of her femininity.

The feminine or ‘Divine Feminine’ is so talked about and also very much misunderstood but what exactly does if refer to in Tantric teachings?

The feminine can be explored in a few different concepts:

Firstly, Feminine Energy on the Physical Plane: Includes the female form (body), breasts, the yoni (genitals) and menstruation.

Secondly, Feminine Energy on the Astral Plane: Includes passive cycles, emotionality, hormonal, the ability to share the openness of unity. Women are instinctively inclined to unity because they are receptive by nature.

This beautiful feminine workshop will help you to understand and discover your radiate feminine energy not only from the physical and astral planes but also from your soul.

You will learn ancient sacred practices and meditations which are designed to nourish your femininity, embody wisdom, shine unconditional love and live your life as a consciously empowered woman.

So if you are curious and ready to be awakened, if you are called to be challenged in a professional and safe space and if you are ready to look deeper into your SELF, then we warmly invite you to join us for this beautiful journey together.

Our journey together will include:

Meditations to magnetize feminine radiance

The merging of form and spirit

Your spiritual quality

Breathing and grounding techniques to awaken the heart and mind

The famous Jade Egg practice for health and vitality

The secret teachings of White Tigress breast care and womb meditation

The roles of the masculine/feminine and what are their qualities

Communication skills to assist and empower you in every area of your life

Sacred women's meditations and journal writing