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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

What is Tantra?

"True Tantra is a pathway to universal knowledge and the science of cosmic reality.  A system from duality to unity.  Of liberation from the human kingdom and passageway into the Divine" Catherine Wood

The word Tantra means to expand, to weave, to liberate. To feel and explore freedom in our own spirituality and sexuality, in other words step outside the square and expand sexual energy and awareness from a higher consciousness.

The exact origins of Tantra are unknown, however Tantra ‘texts’ or ‘Vedas’ as they were known have found to have been written between 1500 and 500 BCE.

'Tantra' has actually nothing to do with sex, it is a spiritual practice of elevating your level of consciousness into higher levels of oneness with the universe.  There are many aspects to Tantra and Tantric Sex is one component and is known in some circles as 'Red Tantra'. Tantric Sex is about experiencing the sexual energy and it is important to understand we are not 'sexual beings' we are in fact 'spiritual beings' experiencing sexual energy.   The Hindus believed Red Tantra is the quickest way to reach enlightenment through the merging of the physical bodies to unite the Shiva and Shakti (feminine/masculine) the divine oneness with the God/Goddess, 'I AM'.  

I have dedicated my life to to reach as many people as possible to 'educate and awaken'  the true essence of Tantric Practice.  We are living in times where the mass consciousness is based in genital gratification only, so sex and intimacy become just a need, an act which in actual fact Tantra is a merging of the polar opposites into Unity a oneness with your beloved and all of life.  

Tantric sex is energizing, it is likened to being on the most beautiful ocean aligning with the rhythms and vibration of a beautiful wave in an ocean of bliss. The sensation is endless, the pleasure is endless....it takes you into timelessness....the pure state of euphoria and cosmic orgasms and every fiber of your being is totally in the moment, everyone of your senses reaches heightened states of ecstasy. Tantra teaches that a kiss, a hug, a look, a sunset, a moment in time can be as electrifying as an orgasm and that all of life is this gift to behold.

Tantra is about LOVE not SEX.  When love and sex are combined then together it becomes 'Tantric', merging matter with light.

The original Tantric way was most probably Hindu, although there is evidence in the Tantric texts that Tantra was prevalent in India and other countries. The ancient Hindus believed that food, drink and sex were essential parts of the human psyche. They also believed that sex is about experiencing the energy - sexual energy that we feel moving through our body. This energy known as Kundalini by the Hindus is to unite sexual energy with spiritual energy simultaneously. This is Tantra. The practice of Tantra also refers to the ‘goddess energy’ or ‘Shakti’. Shakti meaning force, power or energy In ancient Hindu mythology the goddess Shakti represents the active dynamic principles of feminine power and her male counterpart is ‘Shiva’ - Shiva representing the essence of male energy. It is said that when Shiva and Shakti unite, all of consciousness becomes ‘one’. Statues of Shiva and Shakti are still depicted in temples across India today.

The practice of Tantra has been described as ‘euphoria’ but what is euphoria and why do we seek it? The truth is euphoria exists in our mind, our own reality our consciousness. If someone gave you a rose, what would your reaction be? Would you look at it and say to yourself ‘what a nice rose’ and think nothing more about the rose or would you look at it for a long time in awe of its beauty, colour, smell, touch and perfection? If so then those feelings, that place you are in when you are in awe of such a beautiful rose become your reality, your euphoria, your choice to change the way you see the world and all its beauty. This is the same concept with making love. We create our own euphoria by letting go of all expectations and enjoying being in the moment physically, emotionally and spiritually with our beloved. If we keep searching for euphoria we will never find it because it is already there.

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