Conditions of Service and Privacy Policy - The Sanctuary of Ananda
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Conditions of Service and Privacy Policy

  • “Booking Fee” means the total amount payable for a Session, Workshop, Training or Retreat;
  • “Deposit” means a non-refundable payment to secure your booking for any Session, Workshop, Training or Retreat;
  • “Instructor” means Tantra Instructor as the case requires;
  • “Notice” means notice in writing to the Sanctuary at and will be deemed to be received by the Sanctuary 12 business hours after being sent by You;
  • “Retreat” means a course offered by the Sanctuary teaching the art of Tantra, including private sessions, workshops and accredited trainings held at the Sanctuary or at off-site locations;
  • “Sanctuary” means the Sanctuary of Tantra and / or the Sanctuary of Ananda located in Perth and its’ instructors, teachers, agents and assigns;
  • “Session” means Retreat, Workshop, Trainings, Private Sessions, Group Sessions or other session as the context requires;
  • “You” means the student of the Sanctuary or any person enrolled to partake in a Retreat, Private Session, Workshop  or Training and who is bound by these Conditions;
  • “Workshop” means group sessions which are similar to the private sessions set in a group atmosphere.

2.1     Full payment is required before a private session can be confirmed.

2.2     Payment of the balance of any Booking Fee must be received no later than 7 days before the commencement of the Session, otherwise you will be considered to have forfeited your booking and you will forfeit your payment.

2.3     There is a minimum requirement of 5 couples for the Retreat or Workshop to be operational. The Sanctuary reserves the right to cancel a Retreat, Workshop or Training if the minimum numbers are not met.

2.4     If You are not advised that a Retreat, Workshop or Training is full and subsequently book a position at a Retreat, Workshop or Training, the Sanctuary will offer you a full refund or a position at a future Retreat, Workshop or Training for the same fee.

2.5     The maximum number of couples that may attend is 25. The Sanctuary will endeavour to update the class status as ‘full’ on the webpage upon reaching this limit and not accept any bookings thereafter.

2.6     The Sanctuary reserves the right to change any advertised guest speakers.

2.7     In the event that a guest speaker is changed, there will be no discounts or refunds available to You.

2.8     Each couple will receive a take-home Tantra Gift Bag at the end of a Retreat.

2.9     Any deposit payable by me is non-refundable and I agree and acknowledge I will be liable for all course fees absolutely if I change my mind or do not attend the Workshops, Trainings or Retreats for any reason whatsoever.

The Sanctuary may change the location of the Workshops, Trainings and Retreats as the Sanctuary reasonably requires due to class sizes and / or other issues which the Sanctuary, acting reasonably, determines will impact on the Training, the comfort of the Trainee and / or the commercial viability of the Training / Course.


3.1     Cancellation by Sanctuary:    

In the event the Sanctuary cancels a Session for any reason, a full refund will be provided to You.

In the event the Sanctuary has to pospone a Workshop, Retreat or Training due to a natural disaster, act of God, or circumstances beyond the Sanctuary's control, your non-refundable deposit and payment made by You will be credited towards a future Workshop, Retreat or Training.  There are strictly no refunds.

3.2     Cancellation by You:

You must provide the Sanctuary with at least 7 days’ Notice if you wish to cancel a Booking made by You and credited towards any future Sessions.

You must provide the Sanctuary at least 28 days Notice if you wish to cancel a Booking made by You for any Workshop, Retreat or Training.

If You provide less than 28 days Notice of cancellation, any Non-Refundable Deposit or Payment paid by You is forfeited.  


You agree and acknowledge that any cancellation of the Retreat due to Covid-19, any other pandemic (as declared by the WHO or Australian Government) and / or any other travel restrictions that require the Retreat to not take place as intended (including lockdowns and / or closed borders or requirements to quarantine at Your origin or the Retreat’s destination) which is outside of the Sanctuary’s control (collectively the “Pandemic Events”), will result in the following cancellation condition applying: 

1)     On cancellation of the Retreat by us or our provider as booked due to a Pandemic Event, no refunds will be paid in any circumstances; 

2)    If you cannot attend the retreat due to a Pandemic Event that impacts on you, but the retreat is not cancelled, you will not be entitled to a refund, however this condition may still be relied upon by you to seek a credit as noted; 

3)    You will be provided with a credit equal to your original paid sum, to be used on a future retreat; 

4)   The Sanctuary will provide you with a list of dates to use your credit for a future off-site retreat, noting any increase in costs will not be payable by you if required (unless the replacement retreat sought is of a higher value than the original retreat booked); 

5)    When considering future retreat dates, the Sanctuary will seek you provide a selection of alternative dates and / or locations that may suit you in order of preference, so best efforts can be made to assist the Sanctuary in placing all attendees in a suitable replacement retreat; 

6)    If you cannot attend any alternative retreat offered by the Sanctuary (or book a retreat of lesser duration), you may use your credit for other trainings and retreats operated by the Sanctuary within Western Australia, with no penalty payable by you; 

7)    Your credit will be valid from 2 years from the date of the first cancelled retreat; 

8)    The Sanctuary will not be liable for any losses suffered by you, including flight costs or other losses or costs suffered by you due to the Sanctuary being unable to provide the retreat on the dates expected in this booking and you acknowledge that both You and the Sanctuary will be unable to obtain insurances to cover any losses or costs associated with the Pandemic Events.


4.1     The Sanctuary is committed to providing a professional and confidential Tantra Retreat. Your privacy is important to us. We will not disclose any personal information of any kind, including contact details to any third party or affiliated company without your prior express consent, unless we are required to do so by law.

4.2     Amendments to the Privacy Act 1988 to introduce the National Privacy Principles came into effect in Australia on 21 December 2001. The Act imposes new regulations for the collection of personal information, the use and disclosure of personal information, and other matters including data quality, data security, openness, access and correction.

4.3     The Sanctuary of Ananda may collect your contact details, such as name, address, telephone number and email address in order to provide its services to you or to communicate with you about our services.

4.4     We will not directly market to You unless you provide us express permission to do so, which may be withdrawn by You at any time.


By attending a Session with the Sanctuary you agree:

5.1     The Sanctuary is a place of learning and there is no sexual intercourse or sexual gratification within the premises of the Sanctuary.

5.2     That Sessions, Workshops, Trainings and Retreats incorporate the foundation teachings of Tantra and that sessions include both theoretical and practical aspects of Tantra.

5.3     You are attending the Sanctuary for purely holistic purposes.

5.4     You understand that some Sessions and Trainings involve tantric massage, tantric touch and may include partial nudity as well as close skin contact (including breast massage). If You are unsure whether your Session will involve partial nudity You must enquire directly with the Sanctuary prior to the commencement of the Session.

5.5     Once a Session has commenced You agree that You will have no right to a refund and the Sanctuary will have no liability to You for any refund.

5.6     You understand that it is at the discretion of the Sanctuary and for an Instructor to decide whether to continue sessions (at the Instructor’s absolute discretion) with a client based on compatibility, personal or health reasons at any time during a Session, Workshop, Training or Retreat.

5.7     A Session, Workshop, Training or Retreat may be terminated, or You may be asked to leave to ensure that the tantric experience remains holistic for all participants.

5.8     If a Session, Workshop, Training or Retreat is terminated at any time, You will not be entitled to a refund and must return all Sanctuary property (such as equipment, documents and course materials) to the Sanctuary prior to departing the Sanctuary.

5.9     If the Session, Workshop, Training or Retreat is terminated due to incompatibility with an Instructor You may be offered an alternative Session with an alternative Instructor at the absolute discretion of the Instructor.

5.10     The Instructors have absolute discretion to allow You to return to the Sanctuary.

5.11     There is no guarantee that any Instructor that runs a Session with You will be your Instructor for any subsequent Sessions and the Sanctuary reserves their right to schedule any Instructor for any Session as they see fit and at their absolute discretion.

5.12     You will respect the privacy of all students and Instructors at the Sanctuary.


The Sanctuary is committed to providing a professional and confidential Session. Your privacy is important to us therefore no personal information of any kind or email addresses will ever be forwarded or shared with a third party except if required by law.  Any information we collect in relation to you is kept strictly secured.  We can use this information to identify your orders, provide you with our monthly newsletter and to personalise your shopping experience with us and that's all.