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Frequently asked questions - Online Courses

Online Courses - FAQ

See here for all of our online courses and other training.

Can you give me an idea of what’s included in the online courses?
The Women’s Online Course offers a unique and beautiful introduction into the world of authentic Tantra and is a deeply personal journey of discovering yourself as a woman on every level, spiritually, physically and emotionally.  This course will give you tools and techniques as well as an understanding of the emotional body of a woman as well as empowering your femininity and sexuality.

How do I pay for a course?
Payment for the Women’s Online Course can be made via our online shop or directly to the Sanctuary via Master/Visa Card, American Express and EFT.

Will I be able to access the course immediately?
As soon as we receive your payment, within 24 hours we will notify you by email an Information Package and Login Details to the Online Course.

Will I be given access to all lessons at once?
The Way of the Heart Online Course for Women has been created as a personalised introduction to the practices of Tantra that is specifically for women.  You will receive one lesson per week which contains information and exercises as well as video footage which demonstrates the correct practices.  It is recommended that you take a week to study each lesson thoroughly.

Can I download the files to print or read offline?
Yes the files can easily be downloaded to your PC and you can print the lessons off for further study.

Will there be more courses?
Yes, our next course will be focused on an Introduction to Couple’s Tantra

I paid for the course – why do I have to wait for lesson 2?
After teaching Tantra for nearly 20 years, my experience and knowledge has taught me “slow and steady wins the race”, in other words the course has been designed to give you the correct time required to absorb and learn the weekly course contents so the  lessons are set out over four weeks to gain the maximum benefit.

Can I gift this to my mum/friend/daughter?
Absolutely! Tantra empowers a woman on every level so there is no better gift than to give the gift of love to the beautiful women in your life.

I noticed the course includes two half hour phone or skype consults.  What happens if I choose not to have these?
It is your personal choice if you wish to include the two phone consults with the course.  There is no pressure or necessity to have any contact with the Sanctuary whilst studying the four week program.  However, to receive the maximum benefit from this course the phone/skype consults are a wonderful opportunity to speak personally with Cathy Wood (Founder of the Sanctuary of Ananda)  regarding any of the practices or anything of a personal nature that you may wish to discuss.