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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

Celebrating Sacred Love Couples Retreat W.A.

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"Celebrating Sacred Love Couples Retreats"

Your relationship is one of the most important gifts in your life, so when was the last time you and your partner really took time out to connect, communicate, share sacred moments and become mesmerised in each other's touch?
Whether you want to re-ignite the passion back into your relationship, spend quality time together, learn techniques to enhance closer intimacy and connection then this Retreat is definitely for you!
Please join us for for a magical weekend embracing the journey of Sacred Love at one of Western Australia's premier Resorts.

"These amazing life changing Retreats were created by the Sanctuary for Couples to Celebrate their Sacred Love 

and to learn tools and techniques to embrace the teachings of Tantra as a holistic approach to life counselling"  

Intimacy starts with knowing self first, then getting to know your partner integrating a beautiful, harmonious relationship that connects two people emotionally, physically and spiritually.   

Your relationship with your partner is and should be one of the most important and cherished priorities in your life and when honoured with dedication and commitment, everything flourishes with abundant growth, harmony, contentment and love which then creates prosperity into every area of your life.

By making the conscious and committed time and effort together to sit and just BE in each other’s company, energy and sacred space will definitely help enhance more passion, love and joy into your Unity and let’s face it, that is something every single person who is in a relationship is looking for. The focus is not about the body, it’s about connection and intimacy or in other words we could look at it like emotional connection. When we learn skills and techniques that embody emotional connection the domino effect is passionate and exhilarating physical intimacy. So to enjoy the icing you first have to make the cake which is what this Retreat is all about.

Intimacy, like anything in life has to be learned and what an exciting discovery to behold. After many years of studying and teaching in the field of Tantra that I teach, there are two major ingredients to the act of 'beautiful intimacy' known in Tantric terminology as “Sacred Union” and that is emotional connection and physical connection.

When we concentrate and focus on the exploration of emotional connection first, we integrate all of the principles of friendship, trust, communication, joy, safety and love into our scared union, this builds the core foundation for intimacy. There is no greater liberation than allowing ourselves the freedom to surrender to the deepest abyss of the oceans of our emotions, from our light to our dark. To feel vulnerable present and safe with our beloved, allows our hearts to open and connect deeper into the heart of love.

The practice of Tantra teaches us to become the witness, the observer of the play of life and the roles of the masculine/feminine at play. A woman embodied in her heart, her Shakti will know instinctively how to honour and appreciate her lover. For him, her femininity feeds him nourishment and love and becomes an insatiable thirst to let her go. A man embodied in his Shiva essence, the powerful wise and strong yet gentle and aware masculine will understand how to cherish his woman and saturate her with his love, he will know how to touch her, where to touch her, what to say, when to say it and when to walk away. This is one of the reasons throughout time men were known as “gentlemen”. They knew how to treat and respect a lady. It is only through his Shiva presence that a woman will feel safe, safe to surrender to the power of the flame and passion; she will know in that moment that she represents every woman in the Universe to her beloved.

When couples connection is celebrated in this joyous harmonious dance, we experience the union of duality, spirituality and love through the soul, physical ecstasy through the body and the senses and the spirit comes alive, fully conscious of the unconscious. 

As you experience higher stages of bliss and love, all boundaries dissolve, allowing you to merge with your higher self and spirit as well as the entire Universe as one. These states are indescribable. It is like an endless wave, there is no beginning, no end, a beautiful ocean of eternal bliss, the journey of Tantra.


DATES:                      10th and 11th September 2022           

TIME:                         Saturday 9am to 5pm - Sunday 9.30am to 4pm

VENUE:                      Pullman Bunker Bay Resort Dunsborough Western Australia                  

COST:                        $997 (incl GST) per couple (**Please see inclusions and exclusions below**)

Your Celebrating Sacred Love Retreat Includes:

  • 2 days of Relationship Seminars - The History, Philosophy and Practices of Tantra
  • Morning and Afternoon Tea, Lunch and Dinner on the Saturday Evening
  • Tantric Gift Pack


Accommodation and Breakfast

Accommodation is available at Pullman Bunker Bay Resort at a discounted rate per couple.  Please ask upon booking at Bunker Bay.

You can also choose your own accommodation in Dunsborough and attend the Retreat each day (Lunches, Morning Tea and Dinners included)

For enquiries please Email: info@sanctuaryofananda.com.au or Phone:  6311 2804.

About Bunker Bay Resort:

Bunker Bay Resort Dunsborough is an award winning world class hotel located in the superb South West of Western Australia, nestled alongside the crystal clear waters of beautiful Bunker Bay in the world renowned Margaret River Wine Region.

We invite you to explore the magical Margaret River region with its exceptional wineries and plethora of unique leisure activities at our Dunsborough Accommodation, Pullman Bunker Bay Resort.

Resort Features:

  • Ocean-view restaurant and bar
  • Heated infinity-edge swimming pool
  • Fitness centre and tennis courts
  • Award-winning Day Spa
  • Complimentary Kid's Club (seasonal)
  • Business Services
  • Laundry/dry-cleaning
  • Room service
  • Wi-Fi (charges apply)
  • Complimentary car-parking

 Also Includes:

  • The 5 Love Languages
  • Breathing techniques for relaxation and to stabilise emotions and thoughts
  • Grounding techniques to create stillness and become present in the 'moment'
  • Meditation for deeper focus, clarity and energy known as "Santi" (to experience inner peace)
  • Stimulation and activation of the 5 senses through taste, touch, sound, sight and smell
  • Creating couples space together
  • The "roles" of the masculine/feminine - the polar opposites of duality to unity
  • Communication - the art of listening and speaking with clarity
  • The healing power of touch
  • Tantra Asanas - Understanding how energy moves, flows, cultivates and more importantly why?
  • What makes women and men tick? - Journey into the deepest ocean of the heart of the feminine and masculine and learn to really see, feel, pleasure and understand each other on every level - emotionally, physically and spirituality



Our Professionalism is Guaranteed

The Sanctuary is renowned Australia wide for bringing couples together in a safe, professional and respectful environment.  There is strictly no nudity involved at this Retreat and boundaries are to be adhered to at all times. Celebrating Sacred Love Retreats are a fun filled, dynamic and profound way to experience more love, joy and pleasure in your relationship and a deeper insight into the world of Sacred Love.    

About Catherine Wood

Hi, I'm Catherine Wood, the founder of the Sanctuary of Ananda.  I am delighted to be facilitating my 26th Couples Retreat  "Celebrating Sacred Love" at the Novotel Vines Resort and Pullman's Bunker Bay. I am extremely passionate about what I live, breathe and teach and have experienced first hand the amazing life changing gifts and benefits that Tantra brings.  

I believe that the word “Tantra” has been used with much misunderstanding in society today that many have been misled by the glamour and perception that Tantra is just about physical pleasure when in actual fact the true path of Tantra is Sadhana, a journey of discarding the layers of the personality nature through a deep inner soul searching journey that goes way and beyond the confines of just the form (the body). Tantra is a science of unlocking and decoding life’s many mysteries and discovering the mystery of self, self-realisation, self-knowledge and self-love.

Your partner is your "mirror", a mirror to show you more of who you are from your highest aspect to the lowest.  Real intimacy starts with being able to see both dualities in each other and sharing with loving gentle kindness "the blind spots" that hold us bound to old patterns and imprints which can continue to sabotage growth and deeper connection.  To merge together deeper is a surrender and willingness to shed away the glamour of what holds you back from being your true intimate self.

There is no such thing as the 'perfect' relationship because the dynamics of relationships contain many facets from communication all the way through to touch.  Relationships have to be continually worked at, nourished with patience and devotion otherwise the years go by and before you know it stagnation and feelings of not being cherished, appreciated and honoured creep in. 

The information and exercises that I teach at these Retreat's will provide you with a set of tools to start creating a relationship that nourishes you to your very core.  When our relationship with self and our beloved is flourishing, this expansion flows into all areas of our life.

I really look forward to meeting you and sharing this amazing journey, a journey that will change your life.

With Love,


*****Professional, Caring and Private Setting - Limited Places*****


"Couples are describing these Retreats as 'amazing' and not to be missed"


Cathy thank you so much for your time at the Bunker Bay Couples Retreat. It was a beautiful setting for such an amazing weekend of love and heart connection. You impart your wisdom in a practical, fun and loving way and we really appreciated your guidance. I’ve been telling all our friends to sign up for your next one! Thank you x

Dean and Lisa (Couples Retreat 2020)


Hi Cathy, 

Stewart and I would like to extend our deepest gratitude to you for your wisdom and teachings... 

It has indeed taken our relationship to a whole different depth and level... so has my love for him... 

I couldn't be any happier & grateful to have shared this journey with Stewart and him experiencing it for the first time in such a safe and sacred environment. 

Your classes were held so beautifully and restored my faith in the essence of tantra... 

Now it’s all about being committed to our practices and most importantly our own selves...

Thank you for the detailed manual and exercises.  

Much love and gratitude,

Shah and Stewart (Couples Retreat 2019)


Hi Cathy,

Thank you so much for an awesome weekend and an experience that will be a highlight in our lives. It was one of the best weekends we have shared and has already drawn us even closer together.

Already Barbara’s brother and wife are keen on experiencing the Retreat and we would highly recommend it to anyone in the future.

We are definitely interested in furthering our journey through some of your workshops in the future.

You are an awesome teacher and Richard and Ania were great to gain knowledge from. 

You are an inspiration and someone who we will look upon that has helped improve our lives as individuals and our relationship. 

Thank you once again from Barbara and myself and we look forward to meeting again

Tony and Barbara (Couples Retreat 2019)


Hi Cathy, 

We are in awe of how much this weekend has done for us. We are so thankful for your amazing soul and your sacred path, we have been blessed. 

  1. Thank you for the tools. The grounding, the breathing, the meditation, especially your sons for me, it was so profoundly clear. I totally felt the shifts and the empowerment that comes with this awareness.
  2. Thank you for the safe space you created.
  3. Thank you for the exercises, we communicated and cleared things that have been with us since the beginning of our journey. Some lingering sadness about that but it feels right to move forward, especially with our new tool kit to get out of the Village.
  4. Thank you for the breathing, oh the breathing, the energy has been mind blowing, looking forward to more of that!!
  5. Thank you for our new found peace, we came home to our dramas, stayed up the mountain and have cleared everything with the shire.
  6. Thank you for the space for the men to talk so candidly, it was quite amazing to hear them chatting and to hear how much Craig got out of the ‘Men’s Time.
  7. The food, the breaks, the location, Richard and Anya, the great people we met, the gifts, the end activities, (even the dance!)

 Much love to you

Sarah and Craig xx (Couples Retreat 2019)


Dearest Cathy, 

Trying to express our time in Bali in words is a little tricky. 

I 'felt' it was an experience that has moved us both to a whole new level of compassion and love. 

We both feel we have transitioned our relationship yet again to a whole new level, this time with such ease and grace.

As humans we service our cars, homes and bodies regularly and relationships also need that time and attention. 

Spending quality time together with other couples who also want to brush up in the love department is really a booster for all involved. 

Servicing our relationship has become a must for us, vitally important individually, as a couple and companions raising a family- we all benefit, the kids included. What a great gift to give our children, happy loving parents!

For Greg the quality time spent with the men was a real highlight, sharing experiences and goals in a supportive atmosphere was really powerful. 

Setting some new relationship and personal goals is proving already to be a wonderful tool to staying on our own path. 

Having a refresher around self-care and daily practices reinforced the learning and embeds it deeper into my being. Realisations around self-care are always warmly welcomed. 

I cherish you, as a teacher, a friend and mentor, your kind open heart is a gift to all who cross your path. The wisdom you share is valuable beyond measure. The way you hold space for the group is ever-present. 

Play is the way of the heart, to find joy in the moments.

For anyone sitting on the fence wondering about taking this journey, I would say do it - do it for your self do it for your family, do it for humanity cause really this world needs all the love it can get.

The safest most nurturing time for all involved. 

Thank you; see you again for the next tune up.

Much love,

Jesse and Greg (Couples Retreat 2016)


Couples Retreat Testimonials

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Spending a couple of hours with Cathy is one of Perths best kept secrets.

To let your body be pampered by one of her sensational massages is nothing short of pure bliss...
Her magical hands will give you an incredible experience that you wont forget and leave you feeling so good you won't believe it.

She has a truly remarkable talent and is a very special lady.


"As it was our 34th Wedding Anniversary we decided to enrol for the Couples Retreat for a quiet but special break away. We'd read a little about "Tantra" many years ago but really had no idea and had received no formal instruction. The weekend was absolutely life-changing for us in our relationship. We believe we've been given a precious gift, enhancing our relationship and bringing us closer together in our coupleship than we ever could have imagined. Cathy and her team presented information to us in such a beautiful, respectful and professional manner. It was a truly magical experience and we'd recommend the retreat, workshops and indeed everything at the Sanctuary to any couple devoted to enriching their relationship".

S & B (Perth)

"......before I found Tantra I had no idea what making love and connecting with my wife was all about. Our love life consisted of a fast and furious race to bring each other to orgasm. It was exhausting and most times one or both of us were disappointed and frustrated. We both made excuses not to have sex and we would do it maybe once a week at best !!!!

"I suggested many things that I thought would put a spark back into our relationship including, porn movies and books, hinting at going to Swingers Parties and even Bondage and Discipline. All this did was to alienate my wife and make her feel inadequate. This put more pressure on our relationship, and our ability to talk openly, not only about sex but everything else going on in our lives.

Then I discovered 'The Sanctuary of Tantra' website. I didn't feel as though I could discuss this at home but decided to give Cathy a call to find out more. This was the best decision I could have made.

Cathy explained what would happen during the sessions and while I was very nervous I decided to make a booking.

The sessions with Cathy have transformed my life and revitalised my marriage.

I have learnt simple techniques that have taught me to stay aroused for much longer and to enjoy far stronger and more intense orgasms. More importantly I have been taught to appreciate the importance of intimacy and love in a relationship and as a result my wife and I are both looking for opportunities to instigate intimacy and now truly 'make love' at least four times a week without any rush or expectation.

The real bonus is that we not only discuss and plan sex more often, but we now communicate far more freely about all the other day to day issues going on in our lives.

Cathy is a true 'Tantric Goddess' and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to save or strengthen their relationship."

Brad, 39

"We have been together for over 20 years and wanted to reinvigorate our relationship, so we looked into Tantra on the web and read various books.

We found Sanctuary of Tantra and after talking with Cathy on the phone, we decided to go along for a session.

Cathy immediately put us both at ease and during the session guided us through the various facets of making connections not only with each other but also with our inner selves. The awareness of our own energy and that of each other was amazing for us. We came out refreshed and confident to explore Tantra together.

We now connect with each other more intimately and have discovered new heights in emotional and spiritual sexuality.

Thanks Cathy."

Rob and Mary, Perth