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Tantra Mentorship Sessions

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The need to constantly learn and grow is essential on our spiritual path towards self-realisation and the journey to achieve and experience Santi, that which is inner spiritual peace. Quite often when we learn a new skill or certain techniques and information at development courses, trainings or workshops, our intent and enthusiasm to continue practicing and studying can become somewhat diminished or stagnate through the resistance of the lower personality and also life’s busy challenges. 

These sessions are available for all students who have previously studied the Tantra Training Modules at the Sanctuary and who are serious and committed to walking a deeper spiritual path towards self-knowledge, self-realisation and self-love.

Based on self-paced learning, you determine how many sessions you wish and when you need them.  It is recommended though for continual momentum, flow and growth to have one or two sessions per month.  These can be held at the Sanctuary in person or via phone or zoom. 

The journey of Tantra and Esoteric is forever ongoing as there is a lot to learn. I only teach and reveal small amounts of information during the Tantra Trainings so there is definitely and always much more to share with you and teach you.

For all enquiries and books for these sessions please contact me directly at