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Couples Sensual Tantric Massage

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Learn how to give your partner Tantric An Mo Massage

Hello and welcome to the Couples Online Sensual Tantric An Mo Massage Course. This is a beautiful course for you and your partner to share in the pleasure and ecstasy of Tantric touch.

Before you get started, please read the points below: 

1.  Tantric An Mo Massage

The skin is one of the most important parts of the body. Its sensitivity is what allows us to feel and experience everything around us. Because of how important the skin is, it is important to take care of it. One way of doing that is by using tantric massage. Tantric massage is a type of massage that allows the body to relax and heal. It also helps to deepen the skin’s senses and arousal using erotic and sensual touch. Sacred touch with the intent of love is the greatest healing gift we can give to ourselves and to our partner. In tantric massage “less is more” meaning we tease and tantralize the body through stimuli, especially the erogenous zones. 

Tantric touch goes beyond just the physical enjoyment to the deepest healing power of touch. This touch is an exchange of unconditional love to make each other feel pleasured and treasured. 

Scientists have stated that we have about 62 trillion cells in the human body. With the teachings of Tantra, we believe every cell has a divine consciousness, just like that of a computer system. It has the capability of understanding the energy and wisdom of love and fear or positive and negative, the duality of life. When the cells receive and feel unconditional love, they vibrate, pulsate, rejuvenate and renew with energy and vitality. This is the incredible Gift of Tantric touch. 

2.  What is An Mo

There are many styles and lineages of An Mo Massage which dates back in time.

An Mo is a pressing and rubbing technique which includes both firm and light touch. During the massage, heat and movement of Qi (life force energy) increases as well as blood flow which stimulates sensual energy (Ching) and then moves and flows through the muscles and joints.

When these energy channels merge, the body comes alive, it’s a feeling of being fully present, fully alive, yet deeply relaxed, it is a state of Samadhi (a oneness with all things). 

The body is nurtured and energized during An Mo, it is an experience like no other and is one of the most healing, sensual, nurturing and beautiful experiences we can give to our body, mind and spirit as well as also focusing on the pleasurable and healing aspects of our senses. The skin is our biggest stimuli, the mind our greatest aphrodisiac, therefore all of our five senses are awakened and heightened when receiving this beautiful massage.

This massage technique can be used for relaxation, sensuality or to increase and build sexual arousal or all three combined. It is the intent that matters, energy goes where intent flows. 

3.  About this Course 

The videos are set out as follows: 

Video 1          

Instruction on massaging Shakti (woman receives)

  • Introduction to Tantric An Mo Massage
  • Grounding and breathing tantric exercises to prepare for the massage
  • Instruction on massaging Shakti (woman receives) 

Video 2          

Instruction on massaging Shiva (man receives)

  • Introduction to Tantric An Mo Massage
  • Grounding and breathing tantric exercises to prepare for the massage
  • Instruction on how to massage Shiva (man receives) 

Video 3          

Instruction on how to massage Shiva with relaxing background music and no  voice instruction       

 4.  Preparing your Sacred Space 

Prepare a space in your home where you won’t be disturbed. You can use a massage table, mattress or futon on the floor to give this massage. The floor massage is a little harder compared to the table. Make sure the room temperature is perfect and you may like to light some candles and have your ‘props’ ready (you can check the introduction video for instructions on how to use the props). 

Soft lighting is preferred. You can burn some incense or aromatherapy oils to give each other the added touch of sensuality, deep relaxation and healing to the Tantric An Mo massage experience. 

We advise that you begin by watching the introduction video, followed by the grounding video which is a lovely tantric technique you can try after having a busy day in the office or in your workplace and then the massage video. It will help you both relax and become present in the moment.


Please note: 

Due to the nature of this adult educational and training video you will see partial nudity. 

Discretion in where and when this is played back is assumed.

By continuing with this course, you have acknowledged and accepted this information.

Recommended Viewing is 16 years and over.