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Internationally Certified Tantra Module 3


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Internationally Certified Qualification in Tantra Practitioner/Coach Training

IICT Approved Training

40 Hours Training + 25 Prac Hours Required = 75 Hours Training - IICT Approved Training (International Institute for Complementary Therapists)

5 consecutive days

MODULE 3 'Become a Qualified Tantra Practitioner/Instructor/Coach'

The Module 3 Tantra Practitioner Training is for students who wish to further their studies and practices in advanced Tantra and Esoteric Wisdom and also for those that wish to teach others the foundation practices of this beautiful healing Philosophy or to add Tantra to their already existing business.

This Module is always taught in person at the Sanctuary of Ananda in Perth and throughout Australia when we travel.  The number of students who attend is limited to only ten to ensure that each student receives the maximum support and supervision required with such an important and advanced training.

It is compulsory to have undertaken our Module 1 and 2 Training prior to registering for the Module 3 Training.  Students will be practicing with clients from the Sanctuary during their prac training.  To obtain Insurance for your business and to be recognised as a Tantra Practitioner with AITT's Affiliation (The Australian Institute of Tantra Training) and IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists) you have to study and pass the Module 3 component.  When you have completed your 20 hours of prac training and passed the required exams, you will receive your Module 3 Certification.

MODULE 3 Contents:

  • Becoming a Tantra Practitioner – exploring your intent, passion and confidence
  • Instructions and techniques on how to facilitate and teach a standard private Session for Couple's
  • Instructions and techniques on how to facilitate and teach a standard private Session for Women
  • Instructions and techniques on how to facilitate and teach a standard private session for Men
  • Tantra Asana – Ritual of Union 
  • Advanced Tantra Meditations for Couples, Men and Women
  • Purification and Cleansing Techniques for the physical, etheric and astral body
  • How to establish strong and congruent client boundaries as well as exploring boundaries in all your relationships
  • Trauma Informed and Awareness
  • How to set up a Tantra Business – Tools to get you started; Website Applications, Accreditation, Insurance, Disclaimers and Client Protocol
  • Revision of Module 1 and 2

INCLUDES: Written and Practical Exam PLUS 20 hours essential documented practice including one supervised session which is a criteria to pass this level and to obtain the Certified Tantra Practitioner Certificate with The Australian Institute of Tantra Training.

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