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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

Accredited Certificate in Tantric Practitioner Training Intensive - Module 1

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If you are ready to be challenged in a safe way, if you are ready to be awakened from the glamours of the spiritual path and if you are willing to see your true self deeper than ever before then this training program is calling you.



My journey with Tantra has been intensive, both challenging and rewarding to say the least. Before I created the Sanctuary of Tantra nine years ago, I had the privilege of studying the first path of Tantra known as Kaula in India 25 years ago and many years later worked for the Australian School of Tantra as well as partaking in study with Dr Jonn Mumford (Swami Anandakipila) author of Ecstasy through Tantra, Master Alex Lim and now my current teacher.  I honour and respect all of my teachers for their guiding light, wisdom and insight into not only the world of sacred sexuality but spirituality and the deep path of self-realisation. I believe the role of a spiritual teacher is not to 'flower and sugar coat' the glamorous life that the West projects as a Tantrika, Dakini or Tantra Goddess, but rather to open all doorways within the conscious and unconscious mind to the true expansion and expression of what authentic Tantra encompasses.

This training program although designed on one level to teach the physical aspects of Tantra, is also aimed at the spiritual journey within. For it is only when this knowledge is integrated and practised on self that it becomes wisdom.

This course is intense and will both stimulate the higher and lower nature within you, the personality identities known as 'filters'. In the West this is often referred to as shadow, unhealthy feminine, unhealthy masculine. It is impossible to embody more light without first seeing and understanding the darkness, our wounded self. When we first embark on a spiritual path, it is likened to walking into a dark room at night, we cannot see anything but we can feel and have an idea where everything is in that room, however when we turn the light switch on, we can 'see' everything, all dualities and this is the PATH of Tantra.

Sometimes when too much stimulation occurs simultaneously the lower nature personality can be faced with all old addictions, patterns, core beliefs, fears and all of the lower nature behaviour coming to the surface. It is surfacing for the very reason simply to open the doorway of our blind spots and change the course of patterns, wounding and in some cases Karma. Very often I see this energy at play in many clients on a sexual nature. When two partners merge together in the sex act and if one partner has say for example a very open heart chakra and the other partner does not, the energy exchange between the hearts will transfer down into the lower chakra's of the partner whose heart centre is not fully open simply because they are unable at this stage in their soul evolution to assimilate so much light through the heart, this will then lead to excess energy moving and bouncing back down into the lower chakras creating an over amplified solar plexus and base chakra and this in turn becomes DESIRE and enhances more of the 'animalistic sexual nature'. The West is rampant with this type of sexual desire. The authentic path of Tantra is the awakening and unfolding of the higher chakras to assimilate more divine light consciousness into the higher centres; this is the true meaning of 'Sacred Union'.

The Masters teach that there is what is known as "two spiritual crisis points" on a soul's incarnation, when and how this occurs is for many reasons.  As stated above, spiritual stimulation can be one reason and if the person cannot move through the crisis point and truly own their shadow, they will take the path of least resistance instead of the path of steadfastness.  This is a common phenomenon in not only human consciousness but also in those seeking "the light".

This training program is a gift for all seekers of authentic Tantra, not just on a physical sexual sense that has come to be the belief of the West but a deep internal process of healing, loving and integrating all facets and duality of the human nature back into the soul consciousness of the spiritual nature. It is important that each and every aspirant, seeker of the light learn harmlessness during this process to recognise the personality at play and not turn and project this wounded energy outwardly to others deliberately with intent to hurt another, but to work on attaining higher levels of insight, awareness and devotion of love through the heart.

Tantra is an incredible journey, there is no beginning there is no end. For it is eternal. If you are ready to be challenged, if you are ready to be awakened, if you are ready to be willing to see yourself deeper than ever before, then this training could be for you.

I feel blessed and honoured to be able to share my own expansive journey, knowledge and wisdom of Tantra. 


This Intensive Training Program is held over FIVE full days in PERTH and SEVEN full days in BALI UBUD with an added two days of online training.  Please contact the Sanctuary for further details of the training program including price on application.

In 2018 the Sanctuary of Ananda is offering a new and exciting Training Program for those who wish to pursue the path of Tantric Enlightenment and those who wish to share this path with others. The Sanctuary is proud to be an Approved Platinum Training Provider and a Silver Ambassador with IICT International Institute for Complementary Therapists. So grateful to Lawrence and the team at IICT for their dedication and commitment to the holistic healing industry.

The new training structure will consist of a Four Part Module System which will culminate in the student being eligible to eventually receive a Diploma in Tantric Studies.

  1. MODULE 1 Accredited Certificate in Tantra Philosophy (Western and Eastern) Training – 4 Day Training held over two weekends.
  2. MODULE 2 Accredited Certificate in An Mo Tantric Massage and Body Training – 4 Day Training held over two weekends.
  3. MODULE 3 Accredited Certificate in Tantra Practitioner Training – Held over 5 Consecutive Days + 25 Hours Prac required and one supervised private session with your own client
  4. MODULE 4 Diploma in Tantric Studies - Held over 5 Consecutive Days

The Overseas Training will combine all three Modules as part of an intensive program which will be held over 8 days.

The structure of these new Modules is designed to enable students to complete either of the first two Modules as separate training's and at their own pace and for personal growth, not necessarily to become a Tantra Practitioner.

To be eligible to participate in module 3 and 4 and to receive the Accredited Tantra Practitioner Certificate, the student must have first successfully completed Modules 1 and 2.

Dates for 2018 and costs for each Module will be posted soon. 

Module 1 is the instruction and theory on:

  • a) Techniques to instruct and teach a basic private Session for Couple's
  • b) Techniques to instruct and teach a private Session for Women
  • c) Techniques to instruct and teach a Private Session for Men

This Module also consists of:

  • Intermediate Tantric Meditation
  • Intermediate Chakra Balancing Massage
  • Intermediate Pranayama Breath Control
  • Intermediate Chakra understanding and knowledge including the Sanskrit names and pronounciation
  • Philosophy and History of Tantra/Kama Sutra
  • Buddhi Consciousness
  • The Balance of Masculine Feminine Energies
  • Tantric Pranayama - Nabho Mudra (Breathing Techniques to expand and cultivate sexual consciousness)
  • Micro/Macro Cosmic Orbit
  • The Chakra System and their role in lovemaking
  • Mula Bandha 
  • Kali Asana Advanced Kama Sutra Sexual Asanas (Positions)
  • Auparishtaka 
  • Nadhi Shodana Pranayama
  • Santi (Practices of Spiritual Peace)
  • Yoni and Lingam Massage and Sacred Spot Healing as taught in Kaula Tantra. Please note: Practitioners are strictly taught this on props not on each other.  
  • TANTRIC AN MO MASSAGE/Tantric Touch/Chakra Balancing Massage

The Program also includes free Skype/Phone support sessions after completion of the training.

*******Please note:  A phone interview is COMPULSORY before your registration is confirmed.  Please see terms and conditions below*****


Saturday 20th January 2018 (Five Day Intensive) Perth W.A.

Module 2 is a second training that can be undertaken six to twelve months after Module 1. 

Module 2 consists of: 

  1. Acupressure Techniques of the White Tigress for both male and female
  2. Facilitation and Structure of group work and Workshops
  3. Colour Therapy
  4. Advanced Tantra
  5. Sacred Sexuality Ritual – Maithuna Vidhi
  6. Meditations – Samadhi, Brahma Vihara, Amatha, Smriti, Kaya, Vedana
  7. Inner Bliss – Subtle Energy Yoga

MENTORSHIP TRAINING PROGRAM also available - For details click here


My personal experience of the Practitioner Training with the Sanctuary of Ananda. 

I first signed up for the practitioner training during a period when my life was in turmoil. I really wasn’t sure exactly what I was after but I had known Cathy for a couple of years before this, and everything she represented seemed to be a lot more sensible (and a lot calmer) than what I was dealing with at the time. I can’t really tell you why I signed up, except to say that I was drawn to it deeply from within. 

If you had asked me then I would have told you I didn’t have any anger issues or unresolved frustrations. This of course is completely false, as I had just spent the last three months walking around with a storm cloud over my head. And for me, this was one of the greatest gifts in the course; getting in touch with myself. Getting in touch with my feelings and learning to recognise them, and learning to deal with them in a healthy way. Learning to become friends with myself and learning how to have a relationship with even myself. It seems crazy now, but I was so out of touch with my own soul that I was in denial about my own sadness. Of course I still have all these emotions as we all do but I can now work with and resolve them in a way that would have been incomprehensible back then. 

This aspect of the course alone is worth all I paid and then ten times more. The next trick after learning how to communicate and co-operate with yourself is learning how to communicate and co-operate with others. I have always been aware that I have a blunt side to my communication skills. I deal in fact and I “call it how I see it”. In the masculine world this is considered a positive attribute. But it is a very fine line between being frank and honest and being rude or judgemental. Most people I had worked with in the past would describe me as extremely good at what I do, but a very hard person to work with. I lacked people skills. If you don’t love yourself then it is very hard to love anyone else. Once you start on the path of respecting loving and listening to yourself then naturally you start to gain the ability to respect and listen to others. And this allows insight as to how to communicate with people who have a very different perspective from yourself. I now work in a field where I deal with a wide range of people on a daily basis and have the ability to appreciate, communicate and empathise with them all. I use the skills taught in the course daily. 

But the true test of communication is how you communicate with your partner. I have had relationships in the past when I thought I had loved that person, but they would tell you I was cold, standoffish, remote or distracted. I am now in a loving relationship that is like no other I have ever experienced. We both communicate lovingly, honestly, trustingly, completely, without reserve AND WITHOUT HURT. This is something completely new to me. I no longer have to scan my words before speaking to check for triggers. Now I just speak from the heart, and she knows it, and everything said only leads to more love and a stronger relationship. It’s also a much more enjoyable relationship as well!

100% I put this down to the lessons and experiences taught during the Practitioner Training. I no longer believe that people do or don’t make a marriage work through luck or some sort of spiritual/karma magic, nor through just some sort of old fashioned tough it out / stick with it attitude. It’s not about meeting the right person (although you do need to meet the right person for you); it’s about treating that person with love, respect and dignity. It’s about communicating from the heart and soul. It’s about forgiveness (for yourself and others) and trust. It’s about being the better person so that they can be the better person too. It’s about creating an upward spiral of love, rather than getting caught in a downward spiral of jealousy, spite and revenge. This is the true gift of the course; the ability to now create an environment where love can blossom unrestrained into something beyond words. 

Make no mistake; this course is all about love. Love for yourself, love for your partner, and love for the world we live in.

David Todd Remedial Massage - Musculoskeletal, Clinical and Relaxational Body Work


I attended training with Cathy Wood at The Sanctuary of Ananda in January of 2016.  I had actually contacted Cathy late 2014 - hoping to train with her in June of the following year.  Although this didn't eventuate due to my personal circumstances, Cathy's contact was ongoing with both patience and kindness. She was extremely understanding of how much I wanted to attend and her support was instrumental in making it happen at a later date.

Having experienced her training, I now feel empowered.  Cathy facilitates her courses with authenticity, heart and honesty.  she is concise and thorough - ensuring her students are able to digest the content she delivers.  Further to this, she goes above and beyond by making herself available to her students as they leave the proverbial nest, so you move forward feeling supported.

I highly recommend Cathy as both a facilitator and a practitioner.  I personally feel both blessed and changed for the better having experienced learning at The Sanctuary of Ananda. 


Hi Cathy

I just wanted to say again a big thank you, I really enjoyed the whole course. It gave me a few insights or revelations, as well as some great tools to use for myself and others. The complexity of the group was amazing, very diverse in many ways, but we all came together in the journey. Tantra is an amazing journey (even so far) and the way you teach it, with your experience behind you is beautiful. And it is far from the often accepted view of Tantra that it is all about sex. That is why I came to you rather than the East coast schools, and I was not disapointed.


Hi Cathy, 

Thank you again for the emails and information, I found the Practitioners course so rewarding and valuable in terms of lifestyle and peaceful existence in what is a crazy world as evidenced over the last few days as the London terror events have unfolded. 

I very much wanted to again thank you and Dave for being so welcoming and supportive throughout the training; it was a very intensive and emotional 5 days but well worth the undertaking in terms of new learnings and understandings.  Please pass on my kind regards and thanks to Dave when you next see him. 

The positive energy, unity and connectivity of the group overall was truly amazing and an experience that will be long remembered. 

To be honest, it did take me a few days to settle back into the normal day to day activities which was compounded, in my cased, due to some intense working environments, hundreds of emails and back to back meetings the week after the course including an unexpected trip to the Pilbara with a number of international project investors/proponent. 

The leanings from the training certainly helped me maintain my sanity over this period and gave me the inner peace to balance my days’ workplace pressures using the various exercises as well as connecting my inner-self they are fantastic stress reduction tools by centring and grounding on what are the important things in life. 

I am so thankful that I enrolled in the Tantric Practitioners training and I'm looking forward to Module 2 in January next year, so please put my name down!  

For your information, I hope to put into practice very soon the huge amount of learnings from the course (I've been reading to training books over and over) and have my first booking this afternoon.  More importantly, thanks to you I hope to be able to help others find their own spiritual pathway through Tantra to a journey full of enlightenment, peace and tranquillity to make their earthly existence a way to a better life in the next rebirth. 


Dear Cathy,

I may take a while to write this, so apologies in advance if it is scattered. Firstly, I want to say a HUGE big thank you for sharing yourself, your journey and your knowledge.

As you know for over 20 years this has been my journey (although I had been stalled at the intersection). Not now! I cannot begin to explain what I have obtained from my recent course in Bali.

The confidence, the knowing and the drive to want to learn, help and share is sitting in my stomach at the moment, just waiting for the “right time” to be released. It’s like the huge ball of energy in my stomach that I get leading into a full moon. It is a beautiful energy that is so excited and wanting to be released but I know I need to hold back until I have myself in the right place personally and emotionally, along with work balance.

My mind races with the knowledge I have started to pick up on this path and I know this is only very early in its stage. When I try to explain to people what Tantra is, my heart gets so excited and full of love but the mouth can’t quite keep up with a sensible explanation.

I have a strong desire to want to help women (and couples) in their journey relating to Breast Cancer. Whenever I think about this path I get “Goosebumps” from the top of my head down. I know this is part of my path, and it will give me so much joy in the giving and support I can provide in allowing women and partners to connect with themselves and each other, especially in such demanding circumstances.  I know it is all about “timing” and everything happens when it is supposed to. My foundations are getting stronger every day on an overall level (emotionally, personally, financially and time).

I think often of different conversations and times at Bali and the retreat and I cannot begin to express how grateful I am at how you presented the course, asked us to challenge you and listened to us at every stage. I think you did an AMAZING job! People are so quick to criticise and not so to give credit. I felt the way you conducted the class, explained, challenged yourself, held space, and worked with many varied personalities is to be congratulated. At every point, I felt like a “kid in a candy shop” and in awe of what we were learning and the stories you shared. So many conversations resonated in one way or another and your explanations were relatable, and gave me many “ahhh haaaa’ moments. It made so many things fall into place that didn’t quite fit previously.

This is what my soul has been searching for, for so many years. I have never been angry or disappointed, but sad at what I have not enjoyed for the last 20 plus years. I can’t change that, but can definitely learn going forward and not allow myself to be “conformed” to other people’s expectations of me. They may not like it, but I know in being true to myself, I will like it.

I have followed you for a few years now and am so glad I finally took the leap out of the box and got on that plane to Bali. Thank you for your encouragement and support. It has given me the confidence and the knowing that I am strong enough to do this and anything I put my mind to. You will be seeing me again and some. 😊

Again, I am forever grateful to you and this journey I have started to embrace, rather than hide from. Look out world!
Much love and admiration to you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, to my highest self and beyond.

Tereasa Xox