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Holistic Tantra Guidance for Couples

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'Without knowing yourself, you can't really find love.  Without having love, you will never find better sex' - Shri Param Eswaran

'Taking a different approach to relationship harmony'

Is your relationship in need of an upgrade?

Would you like to learn the beautiful sacred intimacy practices of Tantra for couples?

And are you ready to take your relationship from the ordinary to the extraordinary?

Holistic Tantra Guidance Sessions for Couples offers a different outlook at relationship harmony that gets the desired results using a combination of Eastern and Western Philosophies.

In this unique session, I combine both Western and Eastern Philosophies for guidance.  It is an extremely powerful combination that applies both discussion and practical exercises because it is not often just enough to sit and just “talk” to resolve any issues in your relationship, the practice of Tantra helps you to face each other to connect, heal, understand, forgive and let go.  It is a whole new way at looking at yourself and your partner that brings a deeper understanding of communication and sacred love.

Your partner is your "mirror", a mirror to show you more of who you are from your highest point to your lowest.  Real intimacy starts with being able to see both these dualities in each other and sharing with loving gentle kindness "the blind spots" that hold you bound to old patterns and imprints which can continue to sabotage intimacy and deeper connection.  To merge together deeper requires a surrender and willingness to shed away what holds you back from being your true and authentic Self.

It would be nice to think there is such a thing as the 'perfect' relationship but unfortunately there is not, this is because the dynamics of relationships are like a Pandora’s box containing many facets from communication all the way through to touch, intimacy and sexuality.  Relationships have to be continually worked at, nourished with patience and devotion otherwise the years go by and before long stagnation and feelings of not being cherished, appreciated and honoured creep in. 

So what is Tantra?

Tantra is a philosophy that has been around for hundreds of years, it is not a religion in any sense, but more a way of life.  The aspect of sex is primal and instinctual, however Tantra teaches that there is a sacred quality of union and of love that should be in the heart and essence of every relationship, however it is seldom taught or spoken about.

What will happen in your session?

Holistic Guidance – The first part of your session is to discuss why you are seeking a couples tantra guidance session and any issues that you wish to heal or perhaps get clarity on and for some couples, this could mean just learning the teachings of Sacred Love.  I then help you to go deeply into the blind spots of what you are both not seeing in each other and also in yourself and utilizing holistic skills and techniques that will assist you both to navigate your relationship from a completely different perspective.  

This may include discussing:

  • The roles of masculine and feminine energy, what a man needs and what a woman needs in a relationship
  • How to and when to create sacred space and quality time together
  • How to create conscious communication
  • How to forgive the past and be present in the now
  • What are your core wounds and does your partner see them and more importantly understand you and know what to do for you when you are in your wound?
  • Are you both compatible together? Do you have similar desires? We explore techniques and concepts to understand these in each other
  • The five love languages and how they relate to “Intimacy”

Creating Sacred Space – The second half of your session is sitting opposite each other on either chairs or a futon fully clothed.  This is a deep inner process of connection, “wiping the slate clean”, letting go of the past and being receptive to change and seeing each other in a new light. I then guide you through practices and exercises to achieve honest and clear communication, sharing your desires and goals, not only in your relationship but also individually.

As you are guided through these sacred Tantric practices, the room is darkened with beautiful candles and music and I sit at the other end of the room with either closed eyes or looking down so that you and your partner can really feel connected and immersed in your sacred space without the clinical feel approach.

A few of the Tantric practices that may be included in your session are:

  • Creating a Sacred Space
  • What is Sacred Love
  • Skills for inticing sensual foreplay
  • Passionate love making, taking your relationship from the ordinary to the extraordinary
  • Learning all about the big O (Orgasms) why some people are quicker to orgasm and some are slower
  • Sexual Energy for pleasure, healing and vitality
  • Meditation and Breathing exercises for relaxation, healing and vitality
  • Techniques for Erectile Dysfunction and PE
  • Forgiveness, letting go of the past (the past is called the past for that very reason)

*****Each session is tailored to suit your individual needs.

After your session you will receive an email with some recommended practices plus a FREE copy of our popular Couples Tantra Audio Program for you to continue your practice in the comfort of your own home. 

*****All sessions are facilitated in a highly professional setting*****  

 'The art of sacred sex is a beautiful way to connect with your partner on all levels— spiritually, emotionally and physically—to build more intimacy and closeness into your relationship.
Sex and euphoric orgasms are only one component to the teachings of Tantra: it encompasses, love, touch, pleasure, trust, closeness, nurturing, communication, giving and receiving—all the essential ingredients to a lasting and fulfilling relationship'.  Catherine Wood


Every relationship is unique.


Every relationship has its challenges and issues to various degrees.


Every relationship will cycle through good times and bad times.


Every relationship will keep on growing, stagnate or die.


Relationships are complex. They take work, dedication, love, trust and commitment.


Firstly, let’s take into account dispositions and values which can either be compatible or incompatible or a mixture of both. Say for example you have an argument, one partner in the relationship wants to talk about it, fix it and make it all better straight away and the other person needs time to process and may retreat for hours, days, weeks. This is then known as an incompatible disposition because it is bound to trigger further the person wanting to talk about it and heal the argument leading to the 'merry-go-round' scenario.


Personality archetypes. Things like being more disagreeable, agreeable, assertive, conscientious, Do you know each other's?


Then add past wounds (scars). If you don't get to learn pretty fast in your relationship what your partners core wounds are you may accidently keep scratching at them which then leads to bigger scars and potential problems in the relationship.


Astral and Mental dispositions. People can resonate with either or both although many will tend to have a preference. Some people are more heart based and tend to feel sensitively into everything, other people resonate more with mental structure and planning and the 'let's just do it approach'.


Then there is forgiveness and the will power and drive to keep moving forward. If there is no room or willingness to forgiveness from both people (because it does take two to tango) then resentment creeps in and resentment is one of the most difficult of all emotions to heal in a relationship.


Now here comes understanding each other. In relationships couples don't have to necessarily resonate with everything about their partner and what their partner does/likes but they have to understand each other and that also involves getting to know their deepest core wounds. No human is perfect, so if there are tendencies in your partner that you do not like, that do not align with your values or ideals, then know that you may not be able to change them straight away or if at all. If you want to and you choose to keep being in the relationship then that’s on you and you need to understand this.

Communication. The Art of listening and being heard. This is one of the most important aspects in all relationships and learning what to say and when to say it is just as equally important. If you want to resolve a problem in the relationship and you are ready but your partner is tired or upset, angry or unwell then they will not be anywhere as receptive as you need them to be. In fact for some couples this will fuel the fire further and lead them further apart instead of closer together.


Here comes another to the long list......what about sexual chemistry and sexual boundaries. Are you on the same page sexually? Are you and your partner having sex for pleasure, gratification, heart/soul connection or the whole combo? Is there trust and emotional safety in this part of your relationship?


Then we have Ray Types. The 7 Rays tell us how we tick and how our partner ticks through different types of consciousness. Some ray types are actually incompatible which means it is more difficult to understand each other because you both think and see things so completely differently.


Making quality time for each other. Setting aside time on a consistent basis where you get to share sacred space, fun, intimacy............anything that your heart’s desire.


And lastly, do the work!!!! If your relationship is being challenged on any level, get help, don't just give up, break up or bury your head in the sand. If you love each other then you owe this one to each other. There is no point in one person in the relationship working on self, getting counselling or healing and trying to grow whilst the other is completely stagnant or in denial.


Relationships are our beautiful mirrors and can be if we let them, also our greatest teachers.


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