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Reiki Master SHINPIDEN Level 3 Training


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Reiki Master or 3rd Level Shinpiden Certified Training


Shinpiden teachings are the 3rd level of the system of Reiki.  Shinpiden means ‘mystery teachings’.  The West calls this Reiki Masters.

Shinpiden focuses on further personal healing and development and gives the student the ability to help heal and attune other students to the 3rd Level.

During the 3rd level teachings, two specific symbols are taught making the entire system of Reiki consisting of 5 symbols altogether.

Shinpiden training consists of:

  1. Learning deeper meditations and integrating further spiritual and mental connections
  2. Receiving one attunment
  3. Learning how to practice all of the attunments of the system of Reiki to attune others
  4. One Mantra and Symbol and a review of the Okuden Mantras and Symbols
  5. Learning how to perform a Reiji
  6. Learning further history and practices of Reiki
  7. Ongoing support and free Reiki practice days at the Sanctuary

Reiju is a ritual initially used and taught by Mikao Usui for:

  1. A sense of reconnection to one’s true self
  2. A clearing of the meridians allowing the student to conduct more energy throughout the body

By the time a student undertakes Shinpiden level, Reiki has become their life and therefore it is a lifelong practice.