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Holistic Tantra Guidance for Men

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If you have any issues or problems in your life where you are seeking clarity and understanding then this session is perfect for you. This will include exploring what are your ‘blind spots’ and unconscious patterning and programing that is blocking or sabotaging you from living life to your full potential.

There are times in our life when we need guidance from the emotional storms that come and go from time to time.  When we are stuck in a lower emotion, we will see things only from our clouded reality.  In this Holistic Tantra session, you will learn the power of the mind, discernment of emotions and how to see the nature of things the way they are without the emotional attachment.  When we use these powerful skills, the answers and directions we seek will be easy to navigate providing us with truth, direction and peace of mind.

Some of the topics we can explore are:

  • Relationship Issues
  • Relationship Breakups
  • Conscious Communication
  • Career Choices
  • Sexual Health
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Grief and Trauma
  • Stress Relief
  • Meditation and Relaxation Practices
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Understanding a Woman
  • How to pleasure a Woman
  • The Philosophy of Tantra, Kama Sutra and Couples Connection

*****Each session is tailored to suit your individual needs.

After your session you will receive an email with some recommended practices plus a FREE copy of our Men's Tantra Audio Program for you to practice in the comfort of your own home. (Please see below).

*****All sessions are facilitated in a highly professional setting*****  

I look forward to meeting you.

With much love,

Catherine Wood

Tantra Audio Program for Men

The Learn, Reclaim, Embody programme is specifically aimed at men who want to improve their understanding of their own masculinity for their own sense of well being and to improve their relationships and understanding of the complex relationships with their partners.

16 Profound tracks to guide you on the journey of Tantra for Men. 

1/ The Introduction 

Will give you a broad understanding of the principles of Tantra while dispelling some of the common misconceptions.

Throughout this programme you will learn practical lessons in breathing exercises, simple meditations, erection strength and other thought provoking topics.  

2/ Tantra for Men

This chapter provides you with an understanding of "Masculine Energy" and how you can improve your relationships by evolving the higher self through regular Tantric practice. 

3/ What is your vision as a man?

Measuring progress is important in many areas of life. Journaling key questions in Tantra helps as a reminder to the progress you are making in your goals and aspirations.

4/ Masculine & Feminine Energy

What drives masculine energy? And how does this balance with the Feminine ocean?  

5/ The Complete Breath exercise

Many Tantric practices require you to be in the right frame of mind to contemplate and absorb information. 

This simple breathing exercise explains the body's energy meridians and will enable you to relax and focus in the moment, it will help you ignore the stresses of everyday life 

and progress to other exercises in a more relaxed state. 

6/ Grounding for relaxation & clarity of mind

In this programme you will learn the reasons of the term "grounding" and why being connected to the Earth is essential to spiritual practice. 

7/ Pelvic Floor Exercises

Where is the PC muscle?  and how this practice of PC squeezes will help your libido and prolong and dramatically improve the quality of your lovemaking and orgasms.  

8/ Cultivating Sexual Energy

Understand where sexual energy is located, what it is and how this breathing exercise will help extend orgasm and improve ejaculatory control. 

 9/ Men's Sexual Health

As part of the progress in your journey to understanding your masculinity, Sexual health becomes a more important factor for learning about 

the higher self and understanding all aspects of life. 

10/ Testicular Breathing

A simple yet powerful exercise that helps you recognise when sexual energy is hot and cold and how correct breathing and awareness of the body 

will help improve ejaculation control and orgasmic intensity. 

11/ Lingam Heart Meditation

The meditation brings more consciousness to your heart and sexual organ and you'll learn what women crave. 

12/ The Male White Dear

Performing this simple Male White Dear technique 3-5 times a week will improve premature ejaculation, impotence and deeper and more fulfilling orgasms. 

13/ How to Navigate the Oceans of a Woman

Understanding lower and higher emotions so that you can reach the centre of her heart. 

14/ How to Cherish a Woman 

Questions to help you understand her emotions and how warming a woman's heart will lead to amazing sex. 

15/ How to Pleasure a Woman

Understand the many ways to pleasure a woman and how it improves with greater communication. 

16/ Learn, Reclaim and Embody your Masculinity Meditation

This final meditation enables you to contemplate your masculinity, how to provide support and fulfil your partners needs and how to live with dedication, steadfastness and love. 

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Men's Tantra Audio Program is also available at The Ananda Shop