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"We have been together for over 20 years and wanted to reinvigorate our relationship, so we looked into Tantra on the web and read various books.

We found Sanctuary of Tantra and after talking with Cathy on the phone, we decided to go along for a session.

Cathy immediately put us both at ease and during the session guided us through the various facets of making connections not only with each other but also with our inner selves. The awareness of our own energy and that of each other was amazing for us. We came out refreshed and confident to explore Tantra together.

We now connect with each other more intimately and have discovered new heights in emotional and spiritual sexuality.

Thanks Cathy."

Rob and Mary, Perth

"......before I found Tantra I had no idea what making love and connecting with my wife was all about. Our love life consisted of a fast and furious race to bring each other to orgasm. It was exhausting and most times one or both of us were disappointed and frustrated. We both made excuses not to have sex and we would do it maybe once a week at best !!!!

"I suggested many things that I thought would put a spark back into our relationship including, porn movies and books, hinting at going to Swingers Parties and even Bondage and Discipline. All this did was to alienate my wife and make her feel inadequate. This put more pressure on our relationship, and our ability to talk openly, not only about sex but everything else going on in our lives.

Then I discovered 'The Sanctuary of Tantra' website. I didn't feel as though I could discuss this at home but decided to give Cathy a call to find out more. This was the best decision I could have made.

Cathy explained what would happen during the sessions and while I was very nervous I decided to make a booking.

The sessions with Cathy have transformed my life and revitalised my marriage.

I have learnt simple techniques that have taught me to stay aroused for much longer and to enjoy far stronger and more intense orgasms. More importantly I have been taught to appreciate the importance of intimacy and love in a relationship and as a result my wife and I are both looking for opportunities to instigate intimacy and now truly 'make love' at least four times a week without any rush or expectation.

The real bonus is that we not only discuss and plan sex more often, but we now communicate far more freely about all the other day to day issues going on in our lives.

Cathy is a true 'Tantric Goddess' and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to save or strengthen their relationship."

Brad, 39

"The course offered by the Sanctuary of Tantra was a fascinating and inspiring day. I learned about many new cultural, sensual, spiritual and sexual practices in a friendly and warm space.

Cathy is so knowledgable and passionate about Tantra, that the experience ends up encouraging you to know more about this ancient and sacred practice. The day gave me so much; I felt energised, excited and very honoured to have met and been taught by Cathy.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone; single or in a relationship who wants to connect the sensual with the spiritual."


Spending a couple of hours with Cathy is one of Perths best kept secrets.

To let your body be pampered by one of her sensational massages is nothing short of pure bliss...
Her magical hands will give you an incredible experience that you wont forget and leave you feeling so good you won't believe it.

She has a truly remarkable talent and is a very special lady.


Unexpectantly I found Tantra from a book.  When I thought I could not find someone to teach me about Tantra in Perth, I found Cathy.  As a single guy with failed relationships in the past, I always wanted to find ways to be a better lover and deepen a relationship and make it last for a lifetime.  I strongly believe Tantra provides the answer for that.

Cathy is a very patient teacher and very passionate about what she is teaching.  She emphasized the side on the deepening of love and not just the sexual side which was what impressed me.

I was shown the path of self-awareness, how to connect and open my heart to a woman which I believe will benefit my future relationship and partner.  It was a very amazing journey which will bring much happiness to my life.


Dear Cathy

Just a few words to thank you! Normally while I wait in the car when picking up the children from school, I read.  I always carry a book.  But yesterday I couldn't do it; I was in a state of bliss and didn't want to spoil it by reading.  This state remained all afternoon, all night, and all day today.  So I asked myself this question....can "one" Tantra session do this to a person?  The answer I got is "NO".  The answer I got is that I was very lucky to come across an incredible person like you, you touch people in more ways than probably even you realise.  My body, mind and spirit wish to thank you for that.


Hi Cathy

I just wanted to say thanks.  You are a wonderful person and of the many, many people that I have had the pleasure of meeting you will always be someone very special to me.  While I may have found Tantra elsewhere it is the aura that you project and the way that you made it all so natural that will leave a lasting impression.  I can't think of another person who I can talk with as openly and without any inhibitions as you.  Who knows what the future may hold but I know that people like you deserve the very best that life has to offer.


I CHARLES would recommend Cathy's MAGICAL tantra session to anyone who is open to learning with an open heart and spirit and mind to what is possible in such a heart nurturing way which lifts your spirit to such a beautiful and higher level, I JUST LOVE IT, and I am so very GRATEFUL to such a WONDERFUL teacher in sensuality/sexuality with SPIRITUALITY.  Just do yourself life's biggest favour and try it.  Do not deny yourself and more.  Just do it!


Hi, my name is Terry, I am a 47 yr male diagnosed with multiple sclerosis some 8 years ago and get about mainly in a wheelchair.

I first met Cathy some 10 months back after inquiring if Tantra would help me.

After my first session I felt as though my Heart had been unlocked. I felt incredibly refreshed and alive to the moment, "the now". I was seeing life in a beautiful way, a way I had not seen in many years.

Cathy really has made me aware of the benefits of Tantra. Specifically being in touch and open to Give and Receive Love as only it can be.

I have since met Cathy a number of times and now find myself on an amazing Mind/Body connection journey which daily opens for me many doors.

I still use a wheelchair, but slowly, being kind to myself and taking the time, I take myself for a walk.

The spiritual and emotional healing is truly amazing. And that's just the beginning.

Cathy is an Amazing Lady, One of Life's Beautiful people.

So be ready for a journey!


My name is Ms Monika Koblenz and for 2 years I was Director of a small business named "Creative Connections".  I was in the business of human relations. The service provided was executed in a personal and professional manner.  I brought together successful like-minded aware singles to help build personal relationships as well as co-ordinating a variety or interesting and stylish events including a Tantra presentation by Cathy Wood.

I first met Cathy, when I was a guest at a Tantra presentation organised by Angel Events, a business support network.  I was immediately captivated and impressed by her charismatic presentation of the sensitive theme of sexuality; she held her audience and her dignity!  Cathy balanced the sometimes weird & wacky, with the wonderful.  My sexual paradigm was expanding; I was "turned on!" The history of Tantra, male & female physiology, energy flow, meditation, communication, timing, foreplay, touch, techniques, games, needs of males, needs of females etc were included.  I knew more people needed to hear Cathy's message.  I was convinced that the cost should be covered by Medi-care in the interests of the health of the country.

I quickly spoke to Cathy to organise a presentation; I knew this topic would be popular with my single's group!  Men and women quickly signed up.  We had a full house.  Sex is still a hot topic!  Working with Cathy was a breeze.  Cathy was consistent and again her presentation was excellent.  And then came the feedback:

  • "I wish I had this information when I was younger.  I would not have blamed my wife and we may still be together."
  • "I want my children to know about this.  When are you organising the next Tantra event?"
  • "I was mesmerised by Cathy.  She is so beautiful.  I can't wait to try it all out.  Anyone interested?"
  • "I want to make Tantric Sex a priority in my life?"

Meeting Cathy has changed my thinking around sex in so many ways and I love it.

Thanks Cathy

Do yourself a favour and make Tantra a part of your  life.



Hi Cathy, Just wanted to thank you for the fantastic weekend! Andy and I got so much from it and it has given us new found enthusiasm to continue with our tantric practices. We were so blessed to have you as our teacher, your grace and beauty are evident in everything that you do, and you give so many people hope with your work and teachings.


Hi Cathy

Firstly thank you soooooooo much for a great weekend.

For Sue and I you created such a safe and fun “container” to investigate, understand and expand our sexual knowledge, not only for our relationship but individually as well, amazing is the word that comes to mind.  One of the great things we learnt is how to ask for and give what we want and need in a loving and expanding way.

You are truly a fantastic teacher and goddess.

As a man I thank you for the gentleness and strength with which you teach, I reacquainted myself with my soft, nurturing, strong, vulnerable and loving sexual male energy. Thank you.


Oh, tis such bliss to be a Goddess!

It is a beautiful feeling to feel treasured for being a woman.

By allowing ourselves to embrace our own sexual energy, we are more passionate about life, more respectful and confident of our own body.

It was a spiritual journey where Shakti energy was full and overflowing.

The Retreat was a place I felt peaceful and at one with nature.

I was hypnotised by Cathy's beautiful voice and her spirituality.

I met other beautiful Goddesses and shared their journey.

The whole Retreat was a sheer delight!

Jan WA

I truly enjoyed the wonderful, warm, and exciting environment which Cathy provided at the Goddess Retreat. This event turned out to be a luminescent gathering of beautiful women led by Cathy on a tantric journey of delights.  We shared, we laughed, we bonded, and we created magnificent Shakti energy that when we departed, we had discovered a bit of the goddess in each of us.

What a magical weekend was had by all! 


WOW...........What can I say!!    What an amazing experience !!     I have never felt so nurtured safe an loved in my life.

The experience of having two beautiful Goddess's lovingly energizing my mind body and soul with their truly breath taking Tantric Touch was more than I could have ever dreamed.

It was  the most  mystical ,relaxing and  euphoric  healing experience of a life time, I highly recommend this  to every man and woman who is ready to be embraced by the true Cleopatra touch.

Phil (Cleopatra Session)

Hi Cathy

An event that might interest you.

Remember I came for your meditation at the park.

You taught us the tantric breathing. (the one with the toungue at the roof and focus on the hara. I have been Practising it since. 

Interesting thing is this...  "I have a prob with ADD.  So i take dexamphatmines and valium and anti depresentants...  After a while after practicing your meditation, I felt like laying of dex.  Now i totally off dex and valium,.."  , 

I cannot find any other reason than your meditation that made me feel like not wanting dex..

Thanks a billion. Law of attraction works.  A wish answered by a Shakti called Cathy

Tulasi W.A.

Well my darling what a retreat. I don't know where to start.

I suppose the most impressionable aspect for me was the changes in you. Reminded me of the first time I saw you in action at the goddess retreat nearly 3 years ago, yet even better as you were more relaxed and clearer.

You had the gentleness about you again that I love, yet at the same time were more powerful. Your heart was open and love, peace and connection oozed.

For me as your student, I was most touched watching you in awe of the couples love for each at the very end. When you said to me "you get it" I felt so moved at your sincerity, your genuine passion and appreciation for what you do by helping those beautiful souls in our midst.

It really touched me.  I needed to see you connect again with what you do like that, as your student, my mentor. It made me feel again that I was with the right teacher on the right path. Confirmation!!

The other aspect that for me was really important was that you didn't use people's name when discussing examples and even used the pretend name Joe. I have always struggled with that issue of using  peoples names publicly and openly in group because Perth is so small and my previous work as a Youth counsellor taught me otherwise. So thanks for that Cath, it gives us far more integrity and professionalism. Between me and you I feel is fine but it's such personal information that people devulge to you so I think it's very important to protect their privacy and  others also mistake it as gossip.

So thank you!! Your ability to build rapport, clearly communicate, have fun, create a loving space, nurture all of us was right on target and inspirational!!!!!. What a phenomenal woman you are!!!!!!!!!!

Leah (Sanctuary Practitioner)

Have just completed the couples retreat and wanted to thank you so much for a truly wonderful weekend. We have been married for 25 years, have a wonderful relationship and always looking to evolve and grow together. Didn't know what to expect from the weekend but found it to be truly relaxing, spiritually connecting and very practical. Absolutely loved the food, which just added to the nurturing environment and have kept up with the Qi Gong classes also. Friends and clients have been saying how good we both look. Would thoroughly recommend this course to any couple looking to just connect and spend some quality time with each other and remind yourselves what's important. Cathy, you have a lovely gentle way about you and it made it such a pleasure learning from you and your team.

Sue C South Perth

I would like to thank Cathy, Leah and Dyane for organising such a beautiful weekend. It was the perfect retreat for the stage of life Im in now. Based in such quiet and tranquil surrounds, its the perfect place to get out of your head and into your heart.  After meeting such wonderful women and spending 2 days with them I feel more connected to my Yin side :)

At first I thought this may be quite a weird and wacky weekend but by the end of it I am wondering why on earth there isn't more of women who get together and just be.  No judgement, no expectations, no harsh opinions. I've walked away back into my normal daily life and realising that I was losing the person I wanted to be.  Now Im looking at everyone with more acceptance and love and feel more calm and accepting of myself.  Its a bit of a clique but other than thinking that everyone has faults Im looking at myself like its not a fault its beautiful that way.

Loved it! loved it! loved it! and Im now trying to talk everyone into it! 

Andrea, 26


I did not know what to expect from the weekend, I did hope for healing but not to the level that has happened to me.
Thank you Cathy for so much and more. Your guidance, support and above all your love.

Your love holds no boundaries. You amaze me and inspire me. You have held us all by the hand this weekend and carefully and tenderly guided us deep within ourselves to find our hidden fears and anxieties. To see them and recognise them. I saw my inner pain this weekend for the first time, my yearning to love and be loved. Through Tantra I have found my hurt and through Tantra I can now heal this pain. Through love.

To me that is the heart of Tantra to give and receive love with an open heart. Love in all its forms, through Tantra touch, through Tantra meditations, through Tantra yoga and through Tantra sensuality and sexuality.

I feel a part of my journey has ended and I am at the beginning of a new journey.   A journey with Tantra. I know in my heart now that it is through the love of Tantra that I will be able to heal. I feel that it is through this that I will learn to open my heart unconditionally without fear, without pain. To embrace respect and above all truly love my Shakti.

I thank you Cathy for having the courage to follow what is true in your heart and to embrace this truth and use it to help others. You are such a brave woman!!!  Thank you for bringing Tantra out of the darkness and into my world.

May golden light shine on you and continue to light your path so that others may follow. 

Always Lisa x

Today I was blown away!  What a treat, I was in Heaven!

Two beautiful Goddesses working as one, I really couldn't tell if it was one or two massaging me so I had to ask.  If you haven't tried Cleopatra fellas then save your pennies and do it, you wont be disappointed.

Tony of Hocking

I came to Tantra via Cleopatra hoping for a way to reconnect to my partner, whose trust I had lost through my own selfishness and who I had hurt deeply.  My fault entirely.  My mother had also just died, (Dad died when I was a child.)  I felt unloved and slightly alone.

I'd heard many things and some wild claims about the power of Tantra, much was misinformation.  Fortunately, I'd come to the conclusion Tantra offered something more, despite it's questionable press.

I turned up, somewhat nervously.  Luckily, the Sanctuary is situation at the end of a cul-de-sac, otherwise I might have been tempted to listen to the little voice in my head saying drive on by!  I was warmly greeted and quickly put at ease by Dyane and Cathy.  The session began with a brief introudction to Tantra and instruction in basic breathing techniques followed by a quite incredible bath, unlike any bath I'd ever experienced before.  With eyes closed I was hand fed delicious treats, gently bathed with warm pitchers of water, washed, pampered and sponged, my senses came alive.  After being gently toweled off, I next experienced the amazing SNAKE massage.  At times my senses where so overloaded I did not know which sensual hands running over my body belonged to whom! Surreal.  Wow, it was pleasurable beyond imagination, but also warm, safe and loving.  For me it was a deeply moving experience, unexpectedly so!  I felt an incredible close connection to my two Goddesses and a peace that left me glowing warmly for days afterwards.  The best thing I did was resolve to be open and true to the whole experience.

Since then, I have started a wonderful journey of discovery which is enriching my life daily and has opened me to a whole new world that I was passing by.  I am discovering that Tantra is based on ancient principles of self respect, respect of others, person integrity and a pure love.  I am learning to like myself again.  For me the healing has begun, I am happier and people tell me a nicer person - though I hope I wasn't that bad before!  My hope is that I can help my partner find herself and rebuild a happier, healthier life.

If you want to enjoy the most amazing out of this world massage, you will not do better.  But be warned, you might just find you get into something bigger than you bargained for.  I hope for your sake that you do.  That's what I got an extraordinary and unexpected bonus!


"As it was our 34th Wedding Anniversary we decided to enrol for the Couples Retreat for a quiet but special break away. We'd read a little about "Tantra" many years ago but really had no idea and had received no formal instruction. The weekend was absolutely life-changing for us in our relationship. We believe we've been given a precious gift, enhancing our relationship and bringing us closer together in our coupleship than we ever could have imagined. Cathy and her team presented information to us in such a beautiful, respectful and professional manner. It was a truly magical experience and we'd recommend the retreat, workshops and indeed everything at the Sanctuary to any couple devoted to enriching their relationship".

S & B (Perth)

What a day!!!
Just Cathy's, Jo's and Dom's presence was a guarantee for a fantastic and memorable time.
Cathy's Magic (CM) brought us all to our individual best to share with such beautiful and worthy people.
I felt HUGE inside, inviting, accommodating, warm, "cotton-ed", accepting, understanding, nurturing... it's (Tantrically) endless.
Still settling un/conscious impressions and discoveries of own (and others') emotions, awareness, understanding, Love.
And I asked myself: "What with am I entering the journey of Tantra, what am I giving into it ...?"
Two words came ......
Telling my "Sunday" experiences to an "enlightened" friend he described my "deployment" with the EXACTLY the same two words:
What a beautiful living.
Thank you all.
Thank you CM

Peter 2012

I suppose it was a natural 'progression for me' having first of all participated in the beginners women's half day workshop, the singles weekend retreat, and attending the meditation classes held every second Wednesday for the past year. In this time I have got to know Cathy personally. Cathy is a wonderful person and a wonderful 'teacher' I am always left feeling so 'inspired' by her way of teaching.

So knowledgeable and compassionate, and a way of imparting the information on a level that anyone can understand. My personal quest I suppose was to graduate from just 'having sex' to making love through the heart centre as a tantric practice. I feel that this is possible now, and it is simply up to me to put into practice what Cathy has taught me. I believe that 'sexual energy' is a huge part of our natural makeup and to learn how to utilise that energy for forms of healing and wellbeing has been profound.

I do indeed recommend Cathy's courses, workshops and retreats. The recent couples retreat was such a perfect weekend, ideal for new couples or those in need of revamping their sexual energy together. Not many teachers could teach tantra in the natural, loving way that Cathy does, everyone feels totally at ease with her lovely accepting way.

Julie Gilbert

Hi Cathy, we just wanted to say again, thanks for an awesome weekend.  The whole weekend was magical, went like clockwork, was both challenging and inspiring and much more than we expected it to be.