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Last Training for 2023


Perth 28th - 30th October 2023 LAST TRAINING IN PERTH AND ONLY 2 SPOTS LEFT!
Tantra is the journey to 'know thyself'
Module 1 is the journey of ‘know thyself’ which dives deeply into Tantra and Esoteric Philosophy and practices. This module helps you to learn and discern what is your higher self and what is your triad, 'the personality' and how to train the personality to walk and unite with the soul back into UNITY. There are many practices and meditations as well as reading material and videos for homework.
Module 2 teaches the Chakra System in the Esoteric Philosophy, how sexuall energy is cultivated and the different ways to cultivate and harness this precious life force energy, plus a full demonstration of the beautiful healing and energizing Tantric An Mo Massage for you to practice on your friends, family and partner.
Payment plans are available - maximum 10 people