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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

Four Week Meditation Course

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This is a 4-week introductory meditation course, entailing weekly two hour theoretical and practical meditation discussions. It will be situated on Tuesday nights between 7.00-9.00pm and is located at Ananda.

This Course is introductory, it aims to enable students to understand the differing nature between astral (emotional and relaxation) and mental meditations. In a small connotation;

·         Astral meditation refers to all those meditations that are based upon and promote feeling. Whether that feeling is one of relaxation or love. In reality they are emotional meditations.

·         Mental meditation refers to those meditations based upon the use of the mind, the process of thought which does not discriminate through emotions. It is the way in which individuals can understand divinity                      rather than just feel it.

Why do we focus on two differing types? because everything you do should be your own choice and not by the influence of teachers or those you surround yourself with. It is why we feel we’re in a unique position to offer this introductory course.  Kale and Catherine teach very differently at times, the energy we use to teach is different due to the ray types we are governed by, and along with the many other differing attributes, put us in a unique position to offer more than one perspective on meditation. Those perspectives being astral and mental. To me this is what every aspiring student should look for, the opportunity to see two sides of the coin simultaneously so they themselves can decide their own way forward.

This course will enable you to actually choose the direction you want your meditation work to proceed and therefore the direction you as an individual want to grow towards. This is much more important than just taking meditations home to practice, meditation is much more than this. Meditation can and should be incorporated into every moment and thought in your life, it is why we outline in the course the nature of man, the vehicle’s he is made up of, the planes we work in and the location of the soul. Then the true importance of meditation can be understood and is one of the key elements of this course.

This course is held through the month of July, with the following dates:

  • 3rd of July
  • 10th of July
  • 17th of July
  • 24th of July.