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Certified Meditation Teacher Training Online


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ONLINE Certified Meditation Teacher Training

'If you are ready to let go of what you think you know and if you are ready to experience something different, then we warmly welcome you to journey with into Shanti'

Shanti means peace, which is brought about by the inner study of oneself and is a reflection of our true nature, the soul. Through the process of becoming more aware of not only who we are as a duality, both on the physical and spiritual plains but also connecting into all things universal exactly as they are is the aim of this training.

By practicing daily meditation, we seek to help cultivate a stillness in oneself that will not only rejuvenate you from the stresses and worries in your daily life but will enable you to withstand the tides of the lower nature (the lower personality) and therefore live a life in awareness with more understanding, wisdom and peace.

  • Week 1 - Awareness Yoga (Meditation Asana’s and Body Scans)
  • Week 2 - Journey into the Soul through stillness
  • Week 3 - Astral and Mental Focus
  • Week 4 - Sound Healing/ Mantras
  • Week 5 - Overview and Exams

Meditation based on awareness calms the mind and encourages one to seek an alternative world.  This “alternative” world is said by many Spiritual Leaders to actually be the “real world”. 

There are no pre-requisites to register for this training except a desire to learn meditation and for those who are interested in eventually teaching meditation to others.

Please note:  This training will also be recorded for those that are unable to make the set times in person.

"What is Consciousness?  To know the nature of all things" (Catherine Wood)