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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

About the Sanctuary of Ananda

“The practice of true Tantra is a pathway to universal knowledge and the science of cosmic reality.  

A system from DUALITY to UNITY, of liberation from the human kingdom and passage way into the Divine”


Catherine Wood 

What is Tantra?

In addition to the primal instinctual aspect of sex, and the scientific study of it, there is a sacred quality of union and of love that should be in the heart and essence of sex, however it is seldom taught or spoken about.

Eastern Tantra is a Philosophy that teaches and emphasizes this sacred love and how it can improve, enrich and perfect your sex life, your relationship and your Self. 

About Catherine Wood

Catherine Wood is the founder of the Sanctuary of Ananda – (formerly the Sanctuary of Tantra) which focuses on Tantric and Esoteric Philosophies. Her passions lay in teaching humanity the core principles of sacred love which branches out into the fields of Tantric Sexuality, Kama Sutra and Relationship Counselling.

Catherine is the author of “The Way of the Heart” Tantra Empowerment for women and has been featured on Channel 9 'Do you know what women want', The Couch TV, and is a co-author in ExtraOrdinary Business Women 2017. In 2018 Catherine won Soulful Communicator at the Perth Convention Centre presented by Better Life Book Stores.

She holds a wealth of experience and knowledge that spans over 30 years in the fields of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality.  Her credentials also include a Diploma in Counselling, Reflexology, Pranic Healing, Piano teacher and Reiki Master/Teacher.

Hi and welcome to the Sanctuary of Ananda.

I first foundered the original Sanctuary (the Sanctuary of Tantra) in 2006 and later in 2013 changed the name to the Sanctuary of Ananda (Ananda is a Sanskrit word for "bliss" and "love").

I believe that the word "Tantra" has been used so "loosely" and with much misinformation in society that many have been fooled by the glamour and the perception that Tantra is just about good sex and the pleasure of an orgasmic rush. The true path of Tantra is Sadhana, an inner soul searching journey that goes way and beyond the confines of the form (the body) it is an unlocking and decoding of life’s many mysteries and the mystery of discovering self as a soul and self as a personality.

Tantra is in the air we breathe, the food we eat, the beauty we appreciate, the love we share, the ecstasy of touch, the awakening of the senses, the pleasure of orgasmic rush, the sharing (conveying) of energy and the joy of being totally present in all that is in the NOW. Tantra is all of LIFE and shows the path to UNITY and a oneness with all things. 

I have studied and worked extensively in the holistic field for many years completing a Reiki Master’s Degree in 2000 with The International House of Reiki in Sydney.  As well as teaching Reiki for many years in my own private practice. I also worked as a voluntary Reiki Practitioner with 'Balya' Cancer Self Help and Wellness Centre. I then went on to complete a Diploma in Reflexology, Counselling, Aromatherapy and Pranic Healing and studied many alternative healing therapies including Raja Yoga Meditation with the Brahma Kumaris.  I am also very proud to be a Silver Ambassador With IICT (International Institute for Complimentary Therapies).   At present, I am studying esoteric practices of Santi (Spiritual Peace) Tao and Self-Knowledge. 

In my other life I taught Piano Tuition and had the pleasure of teaching children including working with the year 1 student’s at my own children's primary school.  To be able to express creativity through sound and vibration is such a wonderful gift.  In Tantra we call sound vibration 'Tantra Mantra'.  I have also worked as a Beauty Therapist as well as a Secretary and Home Loans Officer. 

I was first introduced to Tantra in 1988 by Dr Chowdhury who later became a spiritual mentor. His knowledge of Sacred Tantric teachings and wisdom opened an incredible journey for me to seek further understanding of this divine essence and sacred ancient art. 

My Tantra training began shortly after meeting Dr Chowdhury and I embarked on a fascinating journey into the heart of India in 1989 where I spent 9 months studying the practices and philosophy of Sadhana. In 2006 I completed the Tantra Goddess Training Program with The Australian School of Tantra and 'Om Kara Kriya Tantra' with Dr Jonn Mumford and Author of Ecstasy through Tantra and A Chakra and Kundalini Workbook.  Dr Mumford is an amazing teacher with a wonderful sense of humour and I highly recommend all his books and online courses.  They are so full of authentic Tantric wisdom.   I would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank my teacher in QiGong and  Sexual QiGong (Tao) Master Alex Lim  Master Lim's teachings have opened me to a whole new awareness, wisdom and dedication to practicing the art 'live by what you preach'.  

In 2010 I received TAO in a beautiful honouring TAO ceremony performed by Master Kao.  Lastly, another highlight for me in 2010 was meeting and studying 'Live Your Bliss' with the beautiful and amazing Saida Desilets, founder of the institute and author of 'Emergence of the Sensual Woman'.  Saida totally embodies the balanced feminine and is a pioneer in the field of conscious sexuality for women.   

I feel very blessed and honoured that my teachers have shared their knowledge, wisdom and love and especially for encouraging me to teach and inspire others. 

Along the journey there have been many highlights, one of which was being interviewed by Channel 9 in a documentary called “Awakening the Goddess within” as well as appearances on The Couch TV and creating a Couple’s Sacred Love DVD and many other Tantric CD’s with Mark Whitehouse from Procopy Perth. 

Another highlight was the time I spent working in cancer retreats where I discovered a deep realization and appreciation of how precious and sacred life is and how our relationships with ourselves, our partner, friends and family can play such a major role in our lives and wellbeing. The journey of Tantra is “know thyself” it is only by truly knowing self that we can be open to really know another. 

The importance of having a secure loving and supportive partner, family and friends, has such a huge impact on our lives, more so than we realise. To know that we are supported through hard times and illness can play such a major role in our healing and general wellbeing. Practising Tantra brings a deeper understanding, respect and love for all our relationships and brings balance and equilibrium back into our lives. 

In regards to sexuality, I like many of us grew up in a society where sex was taboo. You knew it was there but it was not the ‘in’ thing to talk to anyone about. Finding someone to talk to about sexuality on a deep level especially when I was young was like finding a needle in a haystack, hence I grew up with limited sexual knowledge and gained what I could mainly through ‘Where did I come from?’ books in the school library. I definitely did not really know who I was as a person, as a woman and as a partner because society does not “define” these roles and we learn from such a young age the patterns and imprints of our parents and their parents, taking with us certain traits that we have been exposed to.  Discovering Tantra changed all that. It reaches deep inside your whole being to a deeper understanding that it is your birthright to experience a beautiful, healthy and loving relationship with self and with a beloved on a journey of Sacred Beauty and Divine Intimacy. 

I am dedicated and so unbelievably passionate about what I teach and share and I like many are still on the journey of growth and self-realization. I strongly believe that to be a good teacher you have to embody what you live, in other words “you have to walk the talk”. 

My other interests and passions are supporting the White Lions of Timbavati in South Africa.  These beautiful animals are nearly all in 'farms' used for 'canned trophy hunting'.  There is only one pride left in the world in its natural habitat and this piece of heaven is looked after by the incredible White Lion Global Protection Trust.  I also the proud mum of two gorgeous boys 19 and 22 who are both studying in Perth in Accounting and Finance and Sports Science. I am also an avid animal lover and own a very vibrant dog called Zeus who is a Kelpie cross and a constant reminder of radiated joy and unconditional love. 

The Sanctuary of Ananda is proud to be a Platinium Approved Training Provider as well as a Silver Ambassador with IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists) and my story of Tantra was recently featured in the Extra.Ordinary Business Women Australia 2017 composed by Carmen Jenner and Clare McAlaney with forewood by Janine Allis - Founder of Boost Juice and Investor on Shark Tank (Channel 10).

Tantra has transformed my life in such a dynamic and profound way. To feel connected to the Goddess Shakti energy, my own sexuality, the light within my heart and my soul, increased energy and my ability to love more deeply has enriched my life in so many wonderful ways.  

I have been teaching and practicing Tantra for many years now and I have dedicated my life to sharing the joy and love that Tantra brings.  It is my pleasure to invite you to experience all this and more with me as you learn the Sacred Secrets of an ancient art called Tantra.

Love and Blessings,



Founder of the Sanctuary of Ananda
Relationship and Sexuality Educator - Author, Co-Author and Silver Ambassador with IICT (International Institute of Complementary Therapists)