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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

Online Internationally Certified Tantra Modules 1 and 2

IICT Approved Tantra Training Modules (International Institute for Complementary Therapists)

MODULE 1 - International Certification in Tantra and Esoteric Philosophy

MODULE 2 - International Certification in An Mo Tantric Body Massage

(Both Modules are combined in this Online Training Course and are a prerequist for Module 3)

Tantra is one of the oldest healing practices in the world. It means to “weave” weaving the form (the body) with higher consciousness (the soul). The practice of Tantra is duality to unity which lifts humanity one step up from the animal kingdom, the basic primal desire nature and into the heart of the Divine.

The word “Tantra” has been used with much misunderstanding in society today that many have been misled by the glamour and perception that Tantra is just about physical pleasure based in the lower centres (chakras) when in actual fact the true path of Tantra is Sadhana, a journey of discarding the layers of the lower personality nature through a deep inner soul searching journey that goes way and beyond the confines of just the form (the body - involution).

Tantra is a science of evolution, unlocking and decoding life’s many mysteries and discovering the mystery of self, self-realization, self-knowledge and self-love. When self-love is awakened, we recognize this as unconditional love in others, our community, humanity and the soul.

"True Tantra is a system of duality to unity.  Of liberation from the human kingdom and a passageway into the Divine"

Module 1 is the journey of ‘know thyself’ which dives deeply into Tantra and Esoteric Philosophy and practices.  This module helps you to learn and discern what is your higher self and what is your triad, 'the personality' and how to train the personality to walk and unite with the soul.  There are also practices and meditations as well as reading material and videos.  It is important to remember that every single person will pursue their spiritual journey in their own unique way.  For some, that means ritual and rhythm making sure they have practices to follow each day.  For others, they may follow the path of reading and studying and for some their spiritual progress is when they slow down and learn to be. 

Module 2 teaches the Chakra System in the Esoteric Philosophy, how sexual energy is cultivated and the different ways to cultivate and harness this precious life force, plus a full demonstration of the beautiful healing and energizing Tantric An Mo Massage for you to practice on your friends, family and partner.

Module 3 - Learn how to be a Qualified Tantra Practitioner.

“Remember the journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.  Know thyself and the rest will follow" (Catherine Wood)

Why train with AITT:

  • We have been officially operating since 2006 
  • We are a Platinum Approved Training Provider with IICT (International Institute of Complementary Therapists) and a Silver Ambassador Member with IICT
  • You will be eligible for Insurance through IICT Membership after completing Module 3
  • We can prove and verify 19 years of study and hands on experience teaching in all fields of Tantra right through from Pleasure to Tantric Massage and Esoteric Wisdom
  • We have over 61,000 followers on face book, one of the largest Tantra following's in Australia and New Zealand
  • Our training classes adhere to strict and professional boundaries and AITT's (The Australian Institute of Tantra Training) Training Code of Conduct

What you will learn:

  • The philosophy and a general overview of Eastern and Western Tantra brief description of the meaning of Esoteric Teachings (Mystery teachings of the East)
  • What is soul consciousness and what is the personality nature?
  • The quality of your soul
  • What is glamour on the spiritual path?
  • Esoteric Astrology
  • How to achieve stillness and live a life of Shanti (spiritual peace)
  • Masculine YANG Shiva and Feminine YIN Shakti - meanings, concepts and energy
  • Ritual – Mantra – Mudra
  • The Stages of Psychic Growth
  • Pranayama – Concentration and Meditation
  • What is Sexual Energy and how to cultivate to higher consciousness
  • A brief summary of the Sanskrit Chakra System and their role in Tantra and Healing
  • Communication skills to assist and empower you in every area of your life
  • Yoni and Lingam Sensual Massage Demonstrations on props
  • Tantra Exercises for Men
  • Tantra Exercises for Women
  • Tantric An Mo Massage – Theory and Practical 

The Online Certified Training consists of:

  • 2 x 1.5 hours pre-recorded Tantra Training Webinars
  • 1 private one on one zoom or phone session (1 hour) with Catherine Wood – Founder of AITT
  • One written assignment 
  • Certified Module 1 Manual (147 Pages of Content)
  • Certified Module 2 Manual (15 Pages of Content)
  • Over three hours of in-depth video content – 17 Individual Tantra Exercises, Techniques and Meditations plus step by step instruction on how to perform the An Mo Tantric Massage
  • Massage Chart
  • Five recorded meditation classes
  • Three Tantra Audio Programs for Women and Men including the Tantric Massage
  • Two Internationally Certified Certificates


AUD $697 Module 1 and 2 together (Payment Plans are available with PayPal and Pay it Later)

To register and make payment please visit:

***Study at your own pace.  There is no time limit to finishing this training***


Please note: Modules 1 and 2 are designed for personal and spiritual development only.  To become a Qualified and Certified Tantra Practitioner and to be eligible for business insurance as well as a recognised Tantra Instructor/ Practitioner by AITT’s Affiliation Program and IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists) you have to also study and undertake the Module 3 Tantra Pactitioner training.  This includes both Tantra and the An Mo Massage.

ONLINE CERTIFIED MODULE 3 Tantra Practitioner/Coach commences with LIVE webinars 1.5 hours in duration every second month.

Complete all 3 Modules and receive a discount with the total cost at just AUD $1197.00 (Normally $1694.00)

Module 3 - Tantra Practitioner/Coach Training

Please click here to read our Code of Ethics and Conduct

What you will need:

  • A computer, IPad or Mobile Phone (download
  • Journal and Pen
  • Allocated time to study that is quiet and where you will not be disturbed
  • For the massage component - A partner, friend, family member who you can practice on (due to the Covid-19 recommendations with regards to social-distancing, this ideally would be someone at home).
  • Massage table or you can use a bed or futon on the floor
  • Yoga Mat and Cushion

Testimonials from our recent students:

"I’ve been looking to study Tantra for a couple of years and when I found Cathy’s offerings I didn’t need to question my mind, because my body already knew it was the course for me. Cathy provides such a safe and trusting space of learning. I felt at ease to express myself with full permission, in whatever came up. We were guided through an abundance of tantric and esoteric knowledge, and provided with all the tools we needed to deepen our understanding, including a great reading list and a copy of her wonderful book. I loved how much theory was involved in the modules, it gave me such a strong backbone for my practice and provided me with deep understanding of the history and culture of Tantra. The class was small and intimate, and Cathy’s team made us feel completely at home. Shout out to Ania for holding such a beautiful space for us all.  

I can’t recommend Cathy and The Sanctuary of Ananda enough. The training they provided helped me access parts of me I’d never felt safe to, and going in with the intention of building my holistic toolbox for my coaching clients turned into a deep dive into the union within myself. The most potent way to learn this sacred practice. I learnt so many amazing practices and meditations that have benefited myself and my clients hugely. Learning An Mo Massage and Chakra Balancing Massage was so valuable, and receiving the massages in such a safe container was so potent to experience. Cathy’s wisdom and experience is second to none, combined with her deep and unconditional love for her students and her work, this is THE tantra course to choose in Australia. Her vision is truly magical, and the way she teaches is always from her heart. It was an honour and a pleasure to be initiated into the world of tantra with you, thank you Cathy and Ania! What a beautiful and healing space you have created".  

Rosa 2019

"I attended the Practitioner Training modules between April 2019 and February 2020 and received SO many diverse, rich and unexpected gifts! From the outset, I appreciated that the training focused on the authentic roots of Tantra, as opposed to just sensationalising the sexual teachings which you often see in the West. Cathy presented a smorgasbord of esoteric wisdom and knowledge, tantric practices and meditations and the purity of the heart-based intention transmitted through these teachings penetrated every single cell in my body! Throughout the modules, I experienced deep levels of healing and transformation in the form of increased awareness, emotional release, greater safety and joy in being embodied, increased connection to self, others and the cosmos, and experiencing the use of sacred touch as a portal for entering the present moment, honouring the human body and connecting with another’s Soul.

I walked away with practical tools and techniques, practice in facilitating different session formats, and resources for follow up education. The module days and activities as a whole were beautifully woven together, allowing for a deep dive while simultaneously keeping you grounded and centred in order to confidently move through the course content and integrate the learnings. Cathy held an impressively safe group container, cultivating group cohesion and connection through exploratory but non-invasive sharing and activities. Cathy was approachable, engaging and open in sharing about her own journey, and has a gentle, light-hearted and nurturing nature.

And if you’re lucky enough to attend a module that also includes Cathy’s guest teachers, 'A' and John, then you’re in for a Mack-truck style, multi-dimensional consciousness upgrade!!! Truly - you’d be hard pressed to find this calibre of teaching globally as well as the complimentary nature of their unique gifts and expression of wisdom".

Love and Gratitude, Rachel 2019 -2020

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