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Online Certified Tantra Module 3

Qualified and Certified Tantra Practitioner/Instructor 


Commencing the 13th November 2021

IICT Approved Training Provider

To explain the Philosophy of Tantra, I often share that it is somewhat like mathematics, where you get introduced to numbers in first grade, arithmetic in second and third, then fractions, percentages, etc. in higher primary school, and eventually algebra, calculus and trigonometry in high school. It goes all the way up to advanced theoretical mathematics used in quantum physics and dimensional abstractions, so the range of "math" is actually enormous.

And so it is with the journey of Tantra, like a never ending story and we are all theoretically life time students of Tantra. The Module 3 Tantra Practitioner Training is recommended for students who wish to further their studies and practices in intermediate Tantra and Esotericism Wisdom.  This training has also been designed for those that wish to teach others the ‘foundation’ practices of this beautiful healing Philosophy or to add Tantra to their already existing business.

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