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2022 Calendar Events


Saturday the 18th June 9am to 5pm $230

‘Traditional Japanese Teachings’

Reiki is a Japanese word translated as 'spiritual energy'. The rei meaning 'spiritual' and ki meaning 'energy'.

It is perceived that energy of the conscious mind permeates the entire Universe; therefore Reiki is simply a healing tool for balancing and healing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.

Reiki is a technique for activating, restoring and balancing of natural energy from within, A self-help technique for personal growth and transformation, A non-intrusive technique, Simple, easy, safe and harmless, Energizes your body and mind.

In this Certified Training you will learn:

  • The 5 Reiki Precepts
  • The History and Lineages of Reiki
  • Receiving Attunements
  • Self-Treatment
  • Treating Others
  • An understanding of the Hara Centres
  • Seishin Toitsu – Meditations
  • Nentatsu Ho - Affirmations
  • Shuchu Reiki – Concentrated Spiritual Energy
  • Kenyoku Ho – To purify the body, heart and spirit
  • Joshin Kokyu Ho – Breathing Exercises for greater energy

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Sunday the 26th June 10am to 5pm $497 per couple (all inclusive)

When was the last time you and your partner really connected, communicated, shared sacred space and became mesmerized in each other's touch and presence?

This beautiful Workshop was created for all couples to embrace the Gift of Love through Sacred Touch.

Tantric An Mo Massage is an erotic, sensual experience creating the most intense pleasure, intimacy and heart connection.

Massage and touch is a wonderful tool to bring more pleasure, depth and intimacy into love-making, to be used as part of foreplay or simply as a time-out experience with no expectations other than to be indulged, nurtured and loved unconditionally. When we learn to surrender to pleasure, we also heal and energize to reach new heights of sensitivity to orgasmic energy. Sensual touch is one of the most beautiful experiences of love we can give to our beloved.

This workshop will also focus on the foundation practices of Tantra through breathing practices - to circulate sexual energy through the body and grounding to become centred in the moment and strong in your core energy, heart connection - to connect physically, emotionally and spiritually in other words to really MAKE LOVE.

Your day of bliss together will teach you:

  • The basic foundation and philosophy of Tantra in a professional setting
  • Breathing techniques for vitality, relaxation and cultivation (circulating) sexual energy
  • Creating Sacred Space - Learn how to connect through your heart centres turning sex into making love
  • Foreplay techniques including Love Shiatsu
  • How to give each other a sensual An Mo tantric massage

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Men’s Workshop

Saturday the 9th July 10am to 5pm $197

Do you know what women really want?

As seen on Channel 9 - Do you know what women want?

Every woman has a longing, a deep desire to be truly loved, understood and sexually satisfied by her lover. It is the nature of Yin (the feminine energy) to feel, so this workshop has been designed for you to learn, enjoy, have fun and explore what women really want both on an emotional and sensual level.

Topics covered in this workshop:

  • How Tantra can change your life
  • Learn-Reclaim-Embody your Masculinity
  • Re-defining your purpose and mission as a conscious man
  • Men's sexual health  
  • Breathing and grounding techniques for relaxation and control of thought (Raja Yoga)
  • The art of extended lovemaking 
  • The roles of feminine and masculine "energies"
  • Full body cosmic orgasmic pleasure - cultivation of sexual energy
  • Women's orgasms, ambrosia (female ejaculation) and women's anatomy - everything you need to know ♥
  • The gift of the feminine - how to love a woman, spiritually, physically, emotionally and sexually creating healthy balanced and loving relationships


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Certified Reiki Okuden – Level 2

Sunday the 10th July 9am to 5pm $350

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Certified Reiki Shinpiden Level 3 (Master Level)

Saturday the 30th July 9am to 5pm $497

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Couples Retreat – Celebrating Sacred Love

10th and 11th September $997 per couple

You are invited to join us for a magical breath taking weekend embracing the journey of Sacred Love at one of Western Australia's premier Resorts, Pullman Bunker Bay Dunsborough W.A.

Your relationship is one of the most important gifts in your life, so when was the last time you and your partner really took time out to connect, communicate, share sacred moments and become mesmerised in each other's touch?

Your partner is your ‘mirror’, a mirror to show you more of who you are from your highest best self to your lowest. Authentic intimacy begins with being able to see both these dualities in each other and sharing with loving gentle kindness "the blind spots" that hold you bound to old patterns of behaviour and imprints which can continue to sabotage intimacy and connection. To merge together deeper requires a surrender and willingness to shed away what holds you back from being your true and authentic Self.

So whether you want to re-ignite the passion in your relationship, spend quality time together, and learn techniques to enhance closer intimacy, communication and connection then this Retreat is definitely for you!

We look forward to seeing you there.

Love Catherine, Jodi and Anthony

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