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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

Tantra Workshop for Men

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"Tantra - The Art of Sensual Living"

An Introduction to Tantric Practices for Men

'An informative workshop which includes skills and techniques to master your Sexuality in becoming an Extraordinary Lover'

This Tantric Workshop is for men to discover their essential nature, purpose and life mission. It sets the stage for all men to be of greater service to humanity by beginning to know themselves intimately. It is an acknowledgement and understanding of manhood both primal and raw, emotional and spiritual. Through this journey comes motivation, compassion and the strength of the spiritual warrior that allows each man to return to friends, family and partners a more empowered and awakened man.

The philosophy and practices of Tantra once embraced, act as a catalyst for change, growth and initiation into the deeper aspects of masculinity, sacred sexuality and conscious relationships

What this Workshop will explore:

  • Tantra Philosophy both the Western and Eastern Approach
  • The Roles of Masculine/Feminine
  • Re-defining your purpose and mission as a conscious man
  • How to handle and understand pressures in your life including regulation of anger, frustration and depression
  • Men's Sexual Health - Techniques to master erection strength, control and premature ejaculation
  • Cultivation of Sexual Energy
  • The Art of Extended Lovemaking
  • The Gift of the Feminine - how to love a woman, spiritually, physically, emotionally and sexually creating healthy balanced and loving relationships

All welcome 18 years and over. Maximum 20 participants.