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Online Courses

  • Certified Tantra Training Module 2

    Internationally Certified Tantric An Mo Massage

    Module 2 teaches the Chakra System in the Esoteric Philosophy, how sexual energy is cultivated and the different ways to … more

  • Certified Tantra Practitioner Module 3

    Qualified and Internationally Certified Tantra Practitioner/Coach – LIVE ONLINE TRAINING

    IICT Approved Training Provider

    To explain the Philosophy of Tantra, I often share … more

  • Couples Sensual Tantric Massage

    Learn how to give your partner Tantric An Mo Massage

    Hello and welcome to the Couples Online Sensual Tantric An Mo Massage Course. This is a beautiful course for you and your … more

  • Mini Tantra Course for Women

    When a woman embodies Shakti, her Goddess Wisdom, she steps into her full feminine power and radiates out into the world her unique quality; confidence, grace, nourishment, sensuality and … more

  • Spiritual Business Training

    Discover your Spiritual Purpose, Spiritual Service and Spiritual Quality

    Are you thinking of starting a holistic healing business?

    Do you already have a holistic healing business?

    Are … more