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Couples Winter Retreat

Your relationship is one of the most important gifts in your life, so when was the last time you and your partner really took time out to connect, communicate, share sacred moments and become mesmerised in each other's touch?
Whether you want to re-ignite the passion back into your relationship, spend quality time together, learn techniques to enhance closer intimacy and connection then this Retreat is definitely for you!
Please join us for for a magical weekend embracing the journey of Sacred Love at one of Western Australia's premier venues ROTHWOOD RECEPTION CENTRE (multiple times winner of the Brides Choice Awards).

"These amazing life changing Retreats were created by the Sanctuary for Couples to Celebrate their Sacred Love 

and to learn tools and techniques to embrace the teachings of Tantra as a holistic approach to life counselling"  

Intimacy starts with knowing self first, then getting to know your partner integrating a beautiful, harmonious relationship that connects two people emotionally, physically and spiritually.   

Your relationship with your partner is and should be one of the most important and cherished priorities in your life and when honoured with dedication and commitment, everything flourishes with abundant growth, harmony, contentment and love which then creates prosperity into every area of your life.

By making the conscious and committed time and effort together to sit and just BE in each other’s company, energy and sacred space will definitely help enhance more passion, love and joy into your Unity and let’s face it, that is something every single person who is in a relationship is looking for. The focus is not about the body, it’s about connection and intimacy or in other words we could look at it like emotional connection. When we learn skills and techniques that embody emotional connection the domino effect is passionate and exhilarating physical intimacy. So to enjoy the icing you first have to make the cake which is what this Retreat is all about.

Intimacy, like anything in life has to be learned and what an exciting discovery to behold. After many years of studying and teaching in the field of Tantra that I teach, there are two major ingredients to the act of 'beautiful intimacy' known in Tantric terminology as “Sacred Union” and that is emotional connection and physical connection.

When we concentrate and focus on the exploration of emotional connection first, we integrate all of the principles of friendship, trust, communication, joy, safety and love into our scared union, this builds the core foundation for intimacy. There is no greater liberation than allowing ourselves the freedom to surrender to the deepest abyss of the oceans of our emotions, from our light to our dark. To feel vulnerable present and safe with our beloved, allows our hearts to open and connect deeper into the heart of love.

The practice of Tantra teaches us to become the witness, the observer of the play of life and the roles of the masculine/feminine at play. A woman embodied in her heart, her Shakti will know instinctively how to honour and appreciate her lover. For him, her femininity feeds him nourishment and love and becomes an insatiable thirst to let her go. A man embodied in his Shiva essence, the powerful wise and strong yet gentle and aware masculine will understand how to cherish his woman and saturate her with his love, he will know how to touch her, where to touch her, what to say, when to say it and when to walk away. This is one of the reasons throughout time men were known as “gentlemen”. They knew how to treat and respect a lady. It is only through his Shiva presence that a woman will feel safe, safe to surrender to the power of the flame and passion; she will know in that moment that she represents every woman in the Universe to her beloved.

When couples connection is celebrated in this joyous harmonious dance, we experience the union of duality, spirituality and love through the soul, physical ecstasy through the body and the senses and the spirit comes alive, fully conscious of the unconscious. 

As you experience higher stages of bliss and love, all boundaries dissolve, allowing you to merge with your higher self and spirit as well as the entire Universe as one. These states are indescribable. It is like an endless wave, there is no beginning, no end, a beautiful ocean of eternal bliss, the journey of Tantra.

DATES:                       15th and 16th JUNE 2024           

TIME:                          Saturday 9am to 5pm - Sunday 9.30am to 4pm

VENUE:                       Rothwood Wattle Grove Perth  Voted the 'Brides Choice Awards' multiple times                 

COST:                         $897 (incl GST) per couple (**Please see inclusions and exclusions below**) $797 for returning couples

Your Celebrating Sacred Love Retreat Includes:

  • Two full days of Relationship Seminars - The History, Philosophy and Practices of Tantra for Couples
  • Morning Tea and Lunch
  • Tantric Gift Pack


Accommodation and Breakfast

Accomodation is available at the Retreat Centre at $200 per night

For enquires please email: or Phone: 08 6311 2804


  • The 5 Love Languages
  • Personality Dispositions
  • Breathing techniques for relaxation and to stabilise emotions and thoughts
  • Grounding techniques to create stillness and become present in the 'moment'
  • Meditation for deeper focus, clarity and energy known as "Santi" (to experience inner peace)
  • Stimulation and activation of the 5 senses through taste, touch, sound, sight and smell
  • Creating couples space together
  • The "roles" of the masculine/feminine - the polar opposites of duality to unity
  • Communication - the art of listening and speaking with clarity
  • The healing power of touch
  • Tantra Asanas - Understanding how sexual energy moves, flows, cultivates and more importantly why?
  • The Art of Making Love
  • What makes women and men tick? - Journey into the deepest ocean of the heart of the feminine and masculine and learn to really see, feel, pleasure and understand each other on every level - emotionally, physically and spirituality