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Exciting News

Hello everyone,


I am thrilled to announce that I will be representing Australia as a Guest Speaker at the FREE Online World Wide TANTRA Festival: From Zero To Tantric Hero, which will run from the 11th to the 13th of March and I will be sharing my knowledge on Sacred Love for Couples and Esoteric Tantra, Sunday the 13th March 6am to 7.30am WST.

From Zero To Tantric Hero is created for the tantric community to unite and expand – to connect across the Globe. As the name implies, From Zero To Tantric Hero, is not only for experienced tantric practitioners, but an entry-level-friendly festival, designed to give newcomers an easy access to information about tantra and its many facets. Classical tantra, neo-tantra, and tantra yoga, the art of penetration, do and don'ts when performing a yoni massage - these are just a few of the subjects that will be worked with during the festival. I know you would like to know more about these subjects, and if you have someone in your life, who would like to be introduced to tantra. This is the place.

Sign up for the festival at: and follow it on Instagram: fromzerototantrichero!


Introducing: Certified Meditation Teacher Training ONLINE

“Finding Joy in your Heart and Love in your Soul”


In this Module 1 training the focus is on meditating to cultivate awareness which is sometimes difficult to achieve in such a fast paced stressful and busy world.

Meditation based on awareness is essential for positive mental health.

Meditation based on awareness calms the mind and encourages one to seek an alternative world.  This “alternative” world is said by many Spiritual Leaders to actually be the “real world”.

When we are able to practice awareness any time and in any place, we become the observer of our lower nature which some call “the monkey mind” or “the unreal world” noticing how quickly it moves from one thought to another which affects both the breath and the body and can therefore cause symptoms of anxiety and stress. 

The intent of this module is to first learn awareness as the pathway to calming the monkey mind and becoming more centered in the peace of the Soul.

In this first Module you will learn:

  • What is awareness yoga
  • Learn the four primary keys to recognizing awareness
  • Meditation Posture
  • Body scan and relaxation meditations
  • The benefits of meditation in your daily life

There are no pre-requisites to register for this training except a desire to learn meditation and for those who are interested in eventually teaching meditation to others.

There are four modules in the total training commencing with Module 1.  You can register for each module as they are released and there are no criteria to finish all four modules.

Module 1 - $97.00 AUD

Click here to register


Reiki Master Shinpiden Training - click here to register

Saturday the 26th March

Couples Sensual Massage Workshop - click here to register

Saturday the 2nd April 

Certified Tantra Practitioner/Coach Training

Discounted Price for all 3 Modules

The Sanctuary of Ananda