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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

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The Way of the Heart - Tantra Empowerment for women and connecting with your soul

I am so happy to announce the launch of my first published book "The Way of the Heart".

As women, we are constantly giving and nourishing outwardly to everything and everyone around us.  We sometimes forget the most important person we need to nourish first is ourselves.  The Way of the Heart gently and lovingly guides you on a journey to "know thyself" to integrate self-love, self-knowledge and self-realisation.

When we live from the heart we will find the essence to all things and from that essence we will discover peace, unconditional love, empowerment and the ability to weave all things in consciousness.

This is a beautifully presented work book for all women to explore the spiritual foundations of Tantra and the perfect gift to treat yourself or that special lady in your life.

Featuring chapters on:

  • The soul and the personality
  • Breathing and grounding techniques
  • Masculine and feminine roles and energy
  • Your orgasmic potential
  • Breast care
  • Womb care
  • Your sacred sexuality

To purchase your copy please visit AUD $24.99 includes postage and handling within Australia

"Discover how to empower yourself as a woman on every level; physically, emotionally, spiritually and sexually"

Volunteers Required

We are seeking men who would be willing to volunteer a couple of hours of their time to help our new Practitioners in Training further their skills, knowledge and confidence in basic Tantra principles and An Mo Tantric Massage.

These sessions are FREE, held at the Sanctuary of Ananda Perth and the duration is approx 2 hours.

The times required are:

Monday the 21st May 10am

Tuesday the 22nd May 10am

Wednesday the 23rd May 10am

Held in a safe, professional and supportive space.

If you are interested and would like to volunteer, please email our Admin Team at [email protected]

Thanking you.

Full Moon Meditation

If anyone is interested, the Sanctuary is holding a fire Meditation at the next full moon to Celebrate the Festival of WESAK. Please rsvp to [email protected].

Latest Newsletter at the Sanctuary

Hello and welcome to our latest Newsletter.

There have been so many delights to the start of this fabulous year; firstly I have had the pleasure of visiting the lovely town of Esperance in Western Australia teaching my workshops and private sessions for six days.  A favourite highlight was teaching a workshop to a group of young ladies aged 18 – 21 to help them become empowered in every facet of being a woman.  I also had a small window of opportunity to explore some sightseeing and visited Lucky Bay, Hellfire Bay and Frenchmans Peak and the scenery was absolutely spectacular.  Crystal clear waters and pure white beach sand that squeaked under your feet and I also got to witness a magnificent lightning storm across the ocean. 

Secondly, the first Module 1 and 2 training for the year has recently finished and a big Congratulations to the students who have just completed their training. I am so proud of you all for stepping into this journey and I look forward to doing it all again with you in a few months’ time in the Module 3 Practitioner Training. In the meantime, just take your time to process and integrate all of the information and as I always say "it is only when knowledge is integrated that it becomes wisdom". Thank you to Diana and Inca for assisting me, Donna for taking care of the Administration side of things and to my son Kale for teaching Mindfulness and Meditation.

And last but not least in some exciting news at hand, my new book is going to print next week so an update will be posted when it is due for release.

Until next time stay well and safe,

Catherine xox




  • Dates:          3rd July, 10th July, 17th July & 24th July
  • Cost:            $120 (Four Week Course)
  • Times:          7pm to 9pm
  • Venue:         The Sanctuary of Ananda PERTH
  • Facilitators:   Catherine and Kale Wood
  • Click here to book online

This course is introductory, it aims to enable students to understand the differing nature between astral (emotional and relaxation) and mental meditations. In a small connotation;

Astral meditation refers to all those meditations that are based upon and promote feeling whether that feeling is one of relaxation or love. In reality they are emotional meditations.

Mental meditation refers to those meditations based upon the use of the mind, the process of thought which does not discriminate through emotions. It is the way in which individuals can understand divinity rather than just feel it.

Why do we focus on two differing types? Because everything you do should be your own choice and not by the influence of teachers or those you surround yourself with. It is why we feel we’re in a unique position to offer this introductory course.  Kale and Catherine teach very differently at times, the energy we use to teach is different due to the ray types we are governed by, and along with the many other differing attributes, put us in a unique position to offer more than one perspective on meditation. Those perspectives being astral and mental.  This is what every aspiring student should look for, the opportunity to see two sides of the coin simultaneously so they themselves can decide their own way forward.

This course will enable you to actually choose the direction you want your meditation work to proceed and therefore the direction you as an individual want to grow towards. This is much more important than just taking meditations home to practice, meditation is much more than this. Meditation can and should be incorporated into every moment and thought in your life, it is why we outline in the course the nature of man, the vehicle’s he is made up of, the planes we work in and the location of the soul. Then the true importance of meditation can be understood and is one of the key elements of this course.


NSW - 21st April ***BOOKED OUT***

UBUD BALI – 6th June (7 Day Intensive) FOUR PLACES LEFT! Click here for all the info

PERTH Module 1 and 2 – 14th July (5 Day Intensive) click here for all the info

PERTH Module 3 – 13th October (5 Day Intensive) click here for all the info

PERTH Module 4 – 24th November (5 Day Intensive)


Menstruation – 11th August click here to book online

Menopause – 12th August click here to book online


Reiki 1 Shoden – 2nd June click here to book online

Reiki 2 Okuden – 8th July click here to book online


Couples Workshop (Celebrating Sacred Love) – 30th June click here to book online

Couples Retreat – Bunker Bay Dunsborough – 21st – 23rd September ONLY TWO PLACES LEFT! click here to book online 


"Couples Retreat Pullman's Bunker Bay Resort Dunsborough 21st - 23rd September 2018"


What is Divine Feminine ENERGY?

So much has been written on subjects related to the Divine Feminine but what exactly does if refer to in esoteric teachings.

The feminine can be explored in a few different concepts:

Firstly, Feminine Energy on the Physical Plane: Includes the female form (body), breasts, the yoni (genitals) and menstruation.

Secondly, Feminine Energy on the Astral Plane: Includes passive cycles, emotionality, hormonal, the ability to share the openness of unity. Women are instinctively inclined to unity because they are receptive by nature.

The Qualities of Masculine and Feminine Energy:



So what is Divine Feminine Energy?

The Divine Feminine is Absolute Reality; it is the Duality of Masculine/Feminine in a Divine Manifestation. Matter or Form is Feminine and Spirit is Masculine. 

True Masculine energy supports, protects, gives and is active and doesn’t need anything in return. True Feminine energy is passive, receptive, and gentle, absorbs light and beautifies the world.

So because we are talking about energy it is really important to understand that feminine energy is not necessarily that of a woman’s form, (body) as some women will have more masculine traits and some women will have more feminine traits. No one is 100% masculine or 100% feminine, we are a blend of these energies and some women can be more dominant in their masculine energy just like some men can be more dominant in their feminine energy and again I am not referring to a man or a woman in physical form, but the traits of the energy themselves.

People should know how masculine or feminine they are but they should also know how masculine or feminine they should be but remember either is ok, more masculine is ok, more feminine is ok because they are BOTH considered divine, either way it is about embodying THEIR own unique energy. It is so important in this new age to be what you are, not what people say you should be.

There is a trend of female empowerment or girl power; both of these are energetically masculine. The problem with the Western World is that girly girls are encouraged to not be girly, women have to be seen as strong women, career women etc. however the truth is women (or men for that matter) should have the right to be what they want to be and allow this flow of manifestation to be a natural expression of their Divine Self.

(Copyright The Sanctuary of Ananda 2018)

Upcoming Book Launch

They say that all good things come to those that wait and finally that time is just about here. I am so happy to share and also super excited to announce that one of my books is a week away from publication. After so many years of teaching in the field of Tantra I am nearly a published author 

I would like to acknowledge and thank Clare McAlaney and Carmen Jenner from Creatavision Publishing, especially Clare for all of her time and expertise in helping my book come alive. It has been particularly profound having an amazing female publisher that actually gets you and the work you do. Many thanks to Stef King for the awesome pic and Tamzan for the makeup, lastly to all the amazing women in my life who have helped, loved and supported me along the way (yes you are all mentioned in the book). It has been one of my biggest projects to date and what did I learn the most from it? Patience and Gratitude.

I will be sending out details as soon as the book is finalized with details where and how to purchase.

Much love,


First time Workshops coming to Perth

The Sanctuary is delighted to be bringing to Perth for the very first time, Jane Bennett who will be presenting two very important and powerful Workshops just for women. 

Only a few places remain so don't miss out!!!!!

Menstruation 2018 

What you will learn at this Workshop:

  • Keys to menstrual wellbeing
  • Self-awareness and empowerment through consciously cycling
  • Fertility: optimum conception 
    Fertility: effective contraception
    Spirituality and menstruation: connection, meaning and service
    Creating a positive introduction to menstruation for girls
    Creating a positive menstrual culture: socially, politically, economically
    Ritual and celebration: acknowledge and transform
    Preparing for a positive menopausal transition 

(16 years and over)

  • Date:     10th February 2018
  • Time:     10am to 5pm
  • Cost:      $197 (includes lunch) $65 NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED TO SECURE YOUR PLACE
  • Venue:    The Sanctuary of Ananda

The day will also include time in the beautiful and womanly art form of circle; sharing, telling stories, connecting, learning, laughing and may include a healing cry too.


Menopause 2018

What you will learn in this Workshop:

  •  Preparing for a positive menopausal transition
  •  Contraception during peri-menopause
  •  Keys to menopausal wellbeing
  •  Identity: Who am I now?
  •  Creativity, drive and focus: What do I do now?
  •  Sexuality, intimacy and menopause: Hot or not?
  •  Creating a positive menopausal culture: socially, politically, economically
  •  Spirituality and the menopausal transition: What is my purpose?
  •  Ritual and celebration: acknowledging this important threshold
  • Date:     11th February 2018
  • Time:     10am to 5pm
  • Cost:      $197 (includes lunch) $65 NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED TO SECURE YOUR PLACE
  • Venue:    The Sanctuary of Ananda

The day will also include time in the beautiful and womanly art form of circle: sharing, telling stories, learning, connecting, laughing and may include a healing cry too. 



Jane Bennett is a social worker with over 36 years experience as a facilitator, counsellor and educator. Jane created A Celebration Day for Girls , Cool on the Inside and Fathers Celebrating Daughters and now trains facilitators Internationally to present these popular programs. She was also featured in the movie "The Moon Inside You" which focuses on Global Menstruation for Women. 

Jane is one of the co-founders of Mense-Ed an exceptional training program which provides practical and engaging menstrual education workshops for teachers and school staff to support the creation of a positive menstrual culture in their school. 

Jane co-created The Rite Journey girls' year 9 program and continues her long-standing educational role with Natural Fertility Management. She is the author of A Blessing Not a Curse and Girltopia: a world of real conversations for real girls, and co-author of The Natural Fertility Management Kits for Contraception and Conception and The Pill: Are You Sure It's For You?

For all enquiries please email [email protected] or Phone: 6311 2804. 

Christmas Newsletter

Hi everyone,

Welcome to our last Newsletter for 2017.

The silly season is here and for many people 2017 has been a challenging and revealing year which if we choose to look at it from a positive perspective, leads us that little bit further along the path of self-realization.  As this year comes to a close, it is important to reflect on this as the month of December can be very hectic and astrally stimulating especially whilst making preparations for the Christmas break.  It is the end of the year and people are tired, people are overwhelmed, so it is important to notice this and take time out and nurture you more than ever this month to avoid over doing it and then perhaps finding yourself in debt, over eating, over indulging and being triggered by family dynamics.  Balance is the key and mindfulness, to relax, slow down, enjoy the festive celebrations and not get caught up in unnecessary stress.

As this year comes to an end, I would like to thank all of our clients, students, practitioners and associates for all of your love and support.  It is and continues to be a joy dedicating my life to this philosophy, so much so that I am looking forward to another wonderful action packed 2018 (It will be 15 years since the Sanctuary was first founded) in the spirit of giving and sharing the gift of Tantra and Sacred Love. 

Next year we have some fantastic Workshops, Trainings and New Retreats on offer.  So please be sure to check out our yearly timetable below to take advantage of our EARLY BIRD SPECIALS.

In other news I am very close to launching two books that have taken me what feels like eons to complete. The wonderful Clare from the publishing company Creatavision has been working long and tirelessly on my Women's Book. Here is a sneak preview of the other one.

Last but not least I would like to wish everyone a joyful, safe, loving and relaxing Christmas and a Spiritually Prosperous New Year.

In Tantric Love, Catherine xox

Christmas Trading Hours

We will be closed Christmas and Boxing Day and open throughout the Christmas and New Year holiday period.

Christmas Specials

Gifts for the Goddess

A beautiful gift idea that will be sure to make any Goddess smile. 

  • 2018 Moon Cycle Calendar
  • 2018 Moon Diary (Not too small and not too big, perfect to carry with you in your handbag)
  • Moon Goddess Book Marker
  • Women's Serpentine Jade Egg
  • Rose Geranium Olive Oil Soap
  • Chocolate

AUD $71.99  Free Express Postage within Australia (VALUED AT OVER $100)

Gifts for Lovers

A beautiful gift pack for lovers to enjoy the sensuality of sacred touch. 

  • 500ml pure fractionated massage coconut oil 
  • Tantric Gold Audio CD - Music for lovemaking and sensual massage 
  • Instructional Sensual Tantric Massage Audio CD 
  • 2 soaps and 2 Olive Oil fragrant soaps 

AUD $40.99 Free Express Post within Australia (VALUED AT $60)

What’s New in 2018

Couples Retreat - "Celebrating Sacred Love"

21st - 23rd September 2018 (3 Day Luxury Retreat)

Held at the magnificent Bunker Bay Resort in Dunsborough, an award winning world class hotel located in the superb South West of Western Australia and nestled alongside the crystal clear waters of beautiful Bunker Bay in the world renowned Margaret River Wine Region.

  • Embrace Closer Intimacy
    Enhance Deeper Communication and Connection
    Experience the Joy of Sacred Love

Your relationship is one of the most important gifts in your life, so when was the last time you and your partner really took quality time out to connect, communicate, share sacred moments and became mesmerised in each other's touch and presence?

AUD $997 per couple (please see booking conditions)  Three places have gone already so book and pay your deposit of just $197 to secure your place today.

Book Now


Timetable for 2018


13th – Okuden Reiki 2 Level Workshop 

20th – 5 Day Intensive Diploma in Tantric Studies Advanced Training (Module 2) Please email [email protected] for further info.


3rd – Shoden Reiki 1 Level Workshop

10th – Menstruation 2018 Workshop PERTH

11th – Menopause 2018 Workshop PERTH

17th – Couples Workshop PERTH Valentines Day Special

24th Five Days Full Time Training – Accredited Certificate in Tantra Philosophy and An Mo Massage (Modules 1 and 2) PERTH


3rd Part time Training – Accredited Certificate in Tantra Philosophy and An Mo Massage (Modules 1 and 2) PERTH


6th – 3 Day Shanti Meditation and Mindfulness Retreat PERTH

20th – 7 Day Intensive Accredited Certificate in Tantra Practitioner Training (Modules 1-3) NSW


5th – The Way of the Heart Workshop for women PERTH

19th – Five Days Full Time Training – Accredited Certificate in Tantra Practitioner Training (Module 3) PERTH


8th – 7 Day Intensive Accredited Certificate in Tantra Practitioner Training (Modules 1-3) BALI UBUD


18th - Five Days Full Time Training - Accredited Certificate in Tantra Philosophy and An Mo Massage (Modules 1 and 2) PERTH


21st – Couples Retreat “Celebrating Sacred Love” Dunsborough Western Australia

A little story about Stone Soup

This is a story about Stone Soup, there are many variations on the story of stone soup, but they all involve a traveller coming into a town beset by famine.

The inhabitants try to discourage the traveller from staying, fearing he wants them to give him food. They tell him in no uncertain terms that there is no food anywhere to be found. The traveller explains that he doesn't need any food and that, in fact, he was planning to make a soup to share with all of them.

The villagers watched suspiciously as he builds a fire and fills a cauldron with water. With great ceremony, he pulls a stone from a bag, dropping the stone into the pot of water. He sniffs the brew extravagantly and exclaims how delicious stone soup is. As the villagers begin to show interest, he mentions how good the soup would be with just a little cabbage in it. A villager brings out a cabbage to share. This episode repeats itself until the soup has cabbage, carrots, onions and beets, indeed a substantial soup that feeds everyone in the village.

This story addresses the human tendency to hoard in times of deprivation. When resources are scarce, we pull back and put all of our energy into self-preservation. We isolate ourselves and shut out others.

As the story of stone soup reveals, in doing so, we often deprive ourselves and everyone else of a feast. This metaphor plays out beyond the realm of food. We hoard ideas, love and energy thinking we will be richer if we keep them to ourselves, when in truth we make the world, ourselves, poorer whenever we greedily stockpile our reserves.

The traveller was able to see that the villagers were holding back and he had the genius to draw them out and inspire them to give, thus creating a spread that none of them could have created alone.

Are you like one of the villagers, holding back? If you come forward and share your gifts you will inspire others to do the same. The reward is a banquet that can nourish many. 

November news

It has been a big week with the final Tantra Training and I wanted to say congratulations to all the students who recently attended the Accredited Tantra Practitioner Training and received their well-earned and recognized Certification. Quite a few people came from all over Australia and many drove long distances to participate in this life changing journey. Thank you to everyone for having the courage to step into this training with steadfastness and a willingness to see yourself deeper than ever before. I sincerely hope the training has brought you much growth, insight, learning and as always questioning of the glamour’s on the spiritual path.

Thank you to Dave for holding space for everyone, my son Kale for teaching Mindfulness, to Ruth and Donna and to all of the wonderful people who volunteered their time.

The training's at the Sanctuary are held within small groups (maximum of 10) people. A few people have questioned this lately and my response is so that I can give individualized and personal attention to each student which I believe is an absolute necessity in the teachings and sacredness of Tantra.

In 2018 there will be a new Module Structure to the Tantra Training and the dates are as follows:

  • Module 1 and 2 PERTH - 24th - 28th February (FULL TIME) and the 3rd, March (PART TIME)
  • Module 1, 2 and 3 NSW - 21st - 27th April (FULL TIME)
  • Module 1, 2 and 3 BALI - 8th - 15th June (FULL TIME)

I am also offering private one to one Tantra Training which includes accommodation and meals if required.

Numbers are nearly full for the Perth training's so if you are interested please contact me at the Sanctuary[email protected] to take advantage of our early bird offer.

Below is a testimony from a student who recently attended the training.

What is Tantra for me?

Tantra for me is Cathy. You are the personification of Tantra: a beautiful human being - with all the imperfect, real, raw, painful, joyful astral emotions and experiences, striving to expand higher, and to be soul. Striving to bring light to the world.

You are one of the most genuine and caring people I have met.

As a woman, you taught me something invaluable: that it is possible to give love and beauty and care without throwing oneself away.

You are the proof for me that sex is not the way of seeking for that love. Love is within.

(Alessia November 2017)

Last Workshops for 2017

White Tigress Jade Egg Empowerment Workshop for Women

This is the very last Workshop that I will be teaching on the White Tigress so don’t miss out!  We have only 2 places left for this extraordinary journey.

Famous for their red lips and nails, the Secrets of the White Tigress for achieving eternal youth will be revealed in this exclusive workshop. Learn how the Tigress use energy to restore your mind and body to a state of youthful vitality and how to transcend to higher spiritual states through their unique practices.

18th November 2017 10am to 5pm $247 ($197 if you already have a Jade Egg)

Accredited Certificate in An Mo Tantra Massage Training

The Art of An Mo Massage is a gift of healing through sensual and loving touch and the awakening of the Indriyas (senses).  This is training is based on the principles of White Tigress An Mo Massage including Chakra Balancing Massage. 

Thursday 30th November, Friday 1st , Thursday 7th and Friday the 8th December 10am to 4pm $697


Give the Gift of Tantric Love this Christmas with our New Sensational Christmas Gift Packs

Please visit our shop to discover all of our Christmas Goodies

Last Minute Training


I am teaching an Accredited Intensive Tantra Training (Modules 1-3) in Perth commencing on Saturday the 4th November for five full consecutive days. 

This training has been booked out for sometime now so it has not been advertised, however we have had a last minute cancellation so there is one place available for this Training. 

This is the last Intensive Training (Modules 1-3) that I will be teaching in Perth. 

I am also seeking volunteers to experience An Mo Tantric Massage on Wednesday the 8th November 10am to 12.30pm in Lesmurdie W.A.  

So if anyone is interested in the training or to be a volunteer please give me a call on 08 6311 2804 or email me [email protected] 

Training Dates for 2018: 

  • Accredited Certificate in Tantra Philosophy and An Mo Tantric Massage - Modules 1 and 2 - PERTH 24th - 28th February Full Time Training 
  • Accredited Certificate in Tantra Philosophy and An Mo Tantric Massage - Modules 1 and 2 - PERTH 3rd & 4th March and 9th, 10th & 11th March Part time Training 
  • Accredited Certificate in Tantra Practitioner Training - Module 3 PERTH 19th - 23rd May Full Time Training
  • Accredited Certificate in Tantra Practitioner Training - Modules 1-3 Intensive NSW 21st - 27th April
  • Accredited Certificate in Tantra Practitioner Training - Modules 1-3 Intensive BALI 8th - 15th June

Please click on this link for further information or to book online