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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

The White Tigress and the Jade Egg Workshop


Do you want to know the secrets of how to manifest abundant creative flow and expansion, passion and joy into your life? 

Most women will take an active interest in their health and nutrition, exercise, choosing clothes and makeup that make her feel beautiful, hairstyles and clothes that flatter her best features, however these are all aspects of the physical self.  The journey of the White Tigress is to fuse the spiritual with the physical and it all begins in her heart, the centre of the soul and the light of unconditional love creating expansion of joy and passion. 

If the physical life is honoured, so must the spiritual life. The pathway of self-realisation and "know thyself" (Cathy Wood Founder of the Sanctuary of Ananda)

The White Tigress practices and the use of the Jade Egg is an incredible tool that has been used for thousands of years by the Master Taoists to expand consciousness.  When we as powerful women take an active role in our sexual health, physical health and spiritual health we will create a life of "Santi" that which is inner spiritual peace. 

There has been an increase in the popularity of the Jade Egg in the Western world with the main aim of the practice focused on sexual liberation and orgasmic joy and pleasure which the Masters call the path of INVOLUTION, focusing on the physical body only or in other words "the form".  This is not what the original use of the Jade Egg was intended for.  The Jade Egg is a tool for transcendence from the physical plane to the spiritual plane.  Many women don't properly understand how to use and prepare the egg correctly which also includes excessive and over use of the exercises.  When this occurs, the energy that is used to focus on the lower chakra's (genital area) overstimulates, thus creating imbalance in the endrocrine glands and within the chakra system itself which can bring to the surface emotions of fear, self-worth, abuse and shadow wounding in excess. Energy needs the flow of correct distribution and the journey with the Jade Egg focuses on DIVINITY using the body as a stepping stone to the life force of the soul.  That which is known as EVOLUTION.  So it is absolutely vital that correct understanding of the Jade Egg be understood both physically and spiritually to achieve self-realisation and self-love.

Benefits you will learn and discover in this workshop: 

  • THE JADE EGG - the correct procedures and why it is used
  • THE THREE SACRED TREASURES – to obtain youthfulness and abundant health
  • WHITE JADE TRANSFORMATION - mastery of Refined Sexual Energy for Succulence, Vitality and Beauty
  • HEALING TIGRESS – restorative qigong exercise to firm the breasts and lessen menstrual flow
  • ROUSING THE DRAGON – the oral and hand techniques of the White Tigress


Jade eggs are an ancient goddess secret dating back thousands of years.

The best quality Jade is Serpentine known as (Imperial Jade) and is the most valuable Gemstone on earth and the most highly regarded for the manufacture of fine Jade Jewellery. The Jade Egg practice is also recommended by Daoist Female Masters of the White Tigress lineage.  

Serpentine gets its name from the word 'serpent' because it resembles the skin of a snake.  Serpentine makes an excellent meditation stone that brings about a state of Santi (inner spiritual peace).  Serpentine Jade can aid in the healing of the kidney's (which is a composite of female ejaculation) as well as menstrual issues and women who are unable reach orgasm due to stress and tension.

Jade is believed to have healing powers and the Empress in the Imperial Court of ancient China used Jade for her jewellery and healing of her sexual organs.  These beautiful women believe that the health and beauty of a woman resides in her breasts and vagina referred to as a "Jade Gate".  Some of the incredible benefits of their wisdom and practices enable women to reclaim their sexual vitality, sexual power, libido, orgasmic bliss, restore youthfulness, strengthen chi, experience fullness in the breasts, sensitivity in the nipples, and more sexual secretions.  By practicing the Jade Egg techniques women can defer menopause and have less bleeding and cramping. 

Green Jade means "I love life and it flows through me in greater abundance".  In Tantra and the White Tigress practice, the vagina is referred to as the "symbol of life" therefore practice with the eggs also increases sexual sensitivity and awareness leading to heightened states of experiencing electrifying and multiple orgasms.  As the Jade Gate symbolises the negative (cool) sexual pole of a woman (Yin Centre) and her breasts her positive (warm) sexual pole (Yang Centre), balancing the two poles through practice with the egg opens the power of the Shakti (The Goddess).

The practice is also brilliant for incontinence and other female pelvic and genital conditions by strengthening the pelvic floor.

Having experienced natural child birth myself and practicing with the Jade Egg for many years, I cannot advocate strongly enough how important the practices of the Tigress and the Jade Egg are for every woman on this planet and how much they will change your life on every level, physically, emotionally and spiritually by reclaiming your succulence, sensuality and creative flow.

Using the Jade Egg will help you embody the highest form of all feminine energy known as unconditional love. This energy often referred to in Hindu Tantra as Shakti is the aspect of light which is nourishment, nurturance and love in all its purest form. When this energy is flowing as an open conduit we step onto the path of self-love and the awakening of self-realisation.

The egg is made of pure authentic green Serpentine Jade and comes in a beautiful pouch.

It is drilled for easier insertion by threading string or dental floss.  The eggs are handmade and come in one standard size (43mm length and 33mm in width) that can be safely used by all women.  This is the recommended size that the Sanctuary endorses. 


"If you cannot directly face your sexuality, you will never discover your true spirituality" White Tigress Manual

The White Tigress were founded in China many thousands of years ago by the Western Royal Mother (His Wangmu the matriarch of Taoism circa 5,000 B.C.). Legend says that Western Mother gained immortality through using sexual energy from 1,000 men, not for pleasure but for sexual restoration/cultivation with the intent to achieve immortality and youthfulness. The teachings are so ancient that the Tigress believe Western Mother is now an ‘immortaless’ in which she has attained the three treasures to experience full consciousness at death and can then direct her spirit to wherever she chooses. 

A White Tigress represents the feminine energy of all YIN and the Green Dragon represents the masculine aspects of all YANG. In these teachings the feminine is referred to as white and the masculine is green bringing the balance of Tao. White Tigress indicates ‘male semen’ and Green Dragon indicates ‘female secretions’. 

There are many aspects and dimensions to the White Tigress practices including the care and maintenance of the breasts, waist and Jade Gate (vagina).  The sexual cultivation exercise of the Tigress is to transfer the hot yang ching from a male and absorb, congeal and refine this energy into the hara (cauldron) to create the spiritual child, immortality. When an egg and sperm unite, it creates the physical child. Thus the Tigress draws on this precious energy for abundant health, vitality, and spirituality known as "THE THREE TREASURES".