Women's Sacred Heart Retreat - The Sanctuary of Ananda
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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

Women's Sacred Heart Retreat

13th and 14th April 2013 Perth, Western Australia

Due to very popular demand we are offerimg Five 5 more places for this exceptional weekend.  Accomodation at the Retreat is now fully booked out, however Serpentine Challets have accomodation available 2 minutes from the Retreat Centre.  This amazing offer has a discount off the total price retreat.  Details upon registration.

The Women's Sacred Heart Retreat is an amazing weekend getaway, empowering all women of all ages to step fully into the heart of the Divine Feminine.  Facilitated by Cathy Wood, The Sanctuary of Tantra and joined by our incredibly beautiful Bali Ubud Practitioner LEAH facilitating HEART YOGA and also joining us from Bali is the dynamic  MISHAAL facilitating SHAKTI DANCE.

This is a one of a kind phenomenal Retreat just for women, so take advantage of our fabulous offer and look forward to seeing everyone there.

OM Shanti


Heart yoga facilitated by Leah

Heart Yoga is beautiful moving meditation with gentle flowing movements.  The eyes can be closed, as you are lead into a journey of self-discovery. Noticing all and very sensation with loving kindness which allows for the deepest relaxation and letting.

 In this way the body, mind and spirit can be free of tension, tightness, and dis ease allowing for gift to just BE in bliss. There is a strong emphasis on the breath, traditional yoga and Feldenkrais techniques that focus an applying minimum movement with maximum release.  In many ways it shares a yin and yoga therapy approach. The wide of open cave of the heart is nourished and opened removing blocks and allowing for the divine.

Chandra Namaskara (moon salutations) the lunar energy of the moon flows within the Ida nadi. It has a cool, relaxing and creative quality. Ida is the introverted feminine which is responsible for consciousness.  As we women honour the moon awe embrace all of that which resides within ourselves as beautiful Shakti.  For those new to yoga, do not fear you don't even need to touch your toes and there will be options.  In this style the focus is on how it feels like rather that how it looks. For those experienced yogi it will be an advanced practice of being as you follow the energy and master the micro movements and sensations of your being.

My hope for us all is that will be a sacred shared energy of love as we flow together from the heart.

Leah is currently employed with Dr Sujatha at the Ayurveda Clinic in Ubud teaching yoga, pranayama, meditation, women's sacred healing practices, and providing reiki.  Also, teaching children's yoga at Pelangi International School.  Along with co-ordinating, facilitating and teaching at retreats in Bali. Periodically returning to Perth teaching yoga for the  "Sanctuary of Tantra", "Charleyoga" and "Yoga 2 Fitness" for both children and adults.


Shakti Dance facilitated by Mishaal

Your Body in Your Temple

Relax Your Mind

Awake Body and Soul

Honor the Sacred Within 

Shakti Dance draws from the mystical roots of bellydance, and temple dance. With awareness of breath, and an inner focus, we use a language of sacred geometry, tracing circles, spirals, serpentine waves, infinity loops, and shimmies throughout our body, awakening and cultivating Shakti flow,  infusing each movement with qualities of earth, air, fire, water, and spirit, as we move through the chakras. Shakti is the divine feminine creative force within us all. We celebrate and honor the sacred within. This practice is a soothing, sensual guided flow, no experience necessary. Dress comfortably, as if you were coming to yoga, or dance class.  

Mishaal (USA) - Dancing and teaching around the world for 25 years, known for her soulful expression and graceful movement, her free spirited style is inspired by her extensive world travel, holistic living, and her life long taste for the deep and mystical. Mishaal is devoted to bringing the healing energy of feminine wisdom, beauty, and love out to our world through dance. She is the founder of Devadasi Dance Studio in Tokyo, Japan, and is a certified Mystical Dance, and Yoga instructor. Currently living in Bali, she leads Sacred Earth Belly Dance retreats, and continues to teach and perform worldwide, spreading the love.