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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

Wise Woman Circle

Wise Woman Circle

Calling all powerful and amazing Wise Women 50 and over to join this beautiful and supportive Circle

1st February - 7pm to 9pm $10

Facilitated by our beautiful Practitioner Jackie.

The wise woman's circle is a Temenos (sacred space of knowledge and learning without fear or judgement) for the feminine spirit to come together united in knowledge, wisdom and celebration of the WISE WOMAN.

When a woman has reached menopause naturally and has ceased bleeding for 2 years then she enters the stage of her life known as the wise woman. Her cycles then automatically align with the moon phase.

Temenos is a beautiful space to become empowered and supported by other women to inspire the wise woman to continue to move forward at this time in her life with new found hopes, dreams and the succulent flow of her creative juices.

Temenos invites you to speak from your heart and bond with other women creating support and confidentiality within the circle.

This is where new ideas, beginnings and friendships are born.

Held each month at the Sanctuary (Sanctuary meaning Sacred) we encourage and welcome every woman over 50 to attend, to embrace their sacred feminine and her journey of life with new found meaning, direction, joy and unconditional love.

Please email [email protected]or phone 0404 403 757 for more information or bookings.