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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

Upcoming Events at the Sanctuary

MEN'S TANTRA GROUP - THURSDAY 3rd April 7pm to 9pm

What is your vision for yourself as a man?

What is it that you want to achieve?What is your own measure of success?What is your mission and purpose and how will you make this a reality?The action orientated masculine is primarily driven by a desire to do, act, provide solutions, protection, and positive outcomes for himself and his family. This is an innate trait for many men. Most of us spend our lives striving to attain external goals as a measure of our success. I have a nice car, house, a good career and job, happy partners, happy kids, financial abundance rank high as measures of success for most men. Life is mysterious at times and not always to plan and throws us curves balls and challenges we did not see coming. We begin to question things internally but a lot of the time still remain silent unable to communicate effectively or in a manner that is based around not causing harm by words or action. In other words our conversations are external and we project our wounds, hurts and shadows onto others which does not serve us or the person we are projecting upon.So what happens when we are challenged, when our body says to us something is wrong, I'm not happy!! What do we do as men about this? For many men we move into survival mode we just keep on doing, work harder and miss the opportunity to balance ourselves our internal feminine and masculine.The greatest gift as men we can offer humanity is to move into our hearts, into greater consciousness, and allow ourselves to be vulnerable amongst other men, without judgement, but with support and emotional safety. This makes us more masculine more grounded and ultimately its serves women in society to see a man do this. Not because he wants to control her, own her or possess her as an item but because he wants for her to be fully in her feminine and her emotions and most importantly she begins to feel safe and cherished again. The modern man is more and more wanting to move into this space, his heart centre while still maintaining his masculine strength. Hence the terms lion heart, the spiritual warrior and so on. He has the ability to feel and express in a healthy way his feminine wisdom, and becomes a magnet for all men and women throw his radiating heart. This heart has felt its depth of despair, its darkness and it is that experience that makes him a space holder for other men and women. A men's circle offers this for all men its ripple effect expands way beyond his immediate circle of friends and family as he energetically transforms every cell in his body through his intent and compassion. Is does not necessarily mean that he won't make mistakes but he will take responsibility when he has to, he will understand and see pain in others and the projection of their wounds and step forth to help them when called upon, not for reward or gratification but because that is just what he does!!!"Think of a men's group as an invitation by the king to come and sit with him in counsel, he wants to hear what you have to say. In this respect we are king's men amongst men with vulnerability to share, expression and wisdom to offer. In each man there is an aspect of all of us speaking with tongues and tone that belong to all men present. The dialogue and duality that is expressed by one man may exist in another and it is this awareness that we come to honour, appreciate and heal with."Thursday the 3rd April 7pm to 9pm at The Sanctuary of Ananda PERTH Cost $10


Hi ladies, only a few weeks to go and only a few places left for the Women's Sacred Heart Retreat in Perth. A once in a life time opportunity to join myself and our Practitioners to take you on a journey of discovering your Divine Feminine and the true meaning of Shakti. I have decided this will be the very last Women's Retreat I facilitate for 2014. So don't miss out, embrace this weekend as gift to you for the time has come to put yourself first and nourish and nurture your soul.