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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

The Sanctuary's Newsletter

Hello and welcome to our Newsletter. 

Well Spring is here once again and like every year that seems to race by so quickly, this one is no exception.  Winter has been much needed but I am, as I am sure you are, so looking forward to enjoying some warmer weather and sun filled blue summer skies.  

Last month I was blessed to be in beautiful Bali where I facilitated my first International Couple’s Retreat in Ubud.  Couple’s who attended this Retreat came from all over the world and it was an honour to teach and share from a tantric perspective the journey of Sacred Love.  

The Resort where we stayed was state of the art, some would say pure indulgence and luxury at its finest with excellent service and delicious food as well as pampering visits at Indonesia’s most prestigious Day Spa. 

One thing was for sure, our couple’s certainly were lavished with style, comfort and lots of love and we had a lot of fun, lots of great laughs and smiles were shared by all.

Thank you so much to everyone who attended this special week including my wonderful co-assistants Jackie and Beck and my partner and family as well as the amazing ladies from SANCTUARY TRAVEL who are the back bone of all of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes looking after the couple’s bookings, accommodation, meals and flight details.  Thank you to you all for your love and support in ensuring this Retreat ran so smoothly and professionally.

A Couple share their story: 

Hi Cathy 

Well we made it, at the end of the holiday and we are in love more so today than ever. Awesome, amazing, fantastic and very loved up. Pete had some minor moments and I just imagined being a lighthouse on a rock. Spoke less, listened more and just held space, and that seemed to work. We made beautiful love from the pool to the bedroom. Pete rode her own scooter to swim in the middle of the ocean. She conquered some fears, and she can swim. Our love just grew and grew. To know we're we were, or where my head space has been, yet you could always see the bigger picture. Thank you thank you soooo much again for all your support over the last 6 odd months. I really could not have done it with out your support, love and compassion. I feel different. Looking forward to talking soon, hopefully not from the village but from the temple.


Now for some really exciting news!!!  Due to the sell out success of the 2016 Couple’s Retreat, the Sanctuary is organising two more fabulous Couple’s Retreats for 2017.  One will be in Perth and the other held in Ubud Bali. 

So if you are a couple in love or a couple that are looking or needing to re-ignite the passion and connection back into your relationship as well as enjoying a wonderful relaxing holiday and getaway from life's day to day routine, then these retreats are definitely for you.   

If you are interested in attending our future Retreats then please register your interest via email to [email protected] as places will fill out fast.  We like to aim for an intimate setting because the energy flows more powerfully in a sacred bond.

Next year is shaping up to be a very busy year with some new Workshops in BYRON BAY and a new Practitioner Training in NSW and UBUD BALI.

 We are pleased to announce our 2017 Itinerary so far: 

  • February 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th – An Mo Accredited Tantric Massage Course PERTH
  • February 5th - White Tigress Jade Egg - PERTH
  • March – Couple’s Retreat PERTH (Details coming soon)
  • April 1st to the 5th – Certificate in Tantric Practitioner Module 1 NSW KANGAROO VALLEY
  • April 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th – An Mo Accredited Tantric Massage Course BYRON BAY
  • April 15th and 16th – Women’s Workshop ‘The Way of the Heart’ BYRON BAY
  • May 14th – The Way of the Heart Women’s Empowerment Course PERTH
  • May 21st - Certificate in Accredited Tantric Practitioner Module 1 - PERTH
  • June – Certificate in Accredited Tantric Practitioner Module 1 – BALI UBUD (Details coming soon).


In other news, we are about to launch a brand new product to add to our range of Tantra DVD’s and CD’s with the fabulous crew from PROCOPY.  “Celebrating Sacred Love” Meditation Audio CD for Couple’s is a fabulous CD created by the Sanctuary for Couple’s to embrace the practices of Tantra in the privacy of their own home. It is always fantastic to learn the practices of Tantra at a session, workshop or retreat but more often than not, the daily routine of life takes over and the practices are either forgotten or no time is put into them.  Tantra is a life long commitment as well as a dedication to self and our beloved so making the time to sit together and BE in Sacred Space is a MUST for any relationship to flourish.  By listening to this audio CD program regularly, it will enhance your intimacy and love creating an abundance of joy, passion and harmony.  Something I am sure every couple on the planet is striving for.   

This is a very special project for me as my awesome 19 year old son Kale Wood has written and composed four of the sound tracks (on his guitar) that will accompany the meditations in this Audio CD program and I can’t wait to share this experience together. 

Finally, another project that is being launched within the next few months (in time for the Christmas stocking) is the launch of my first publication called “The Little Book of Tantra” which is a documented journey of my thirty years experience in Tantra.  I cannot begin to convey the life changes that occur when studying and learning Eastern Tantra and I will be forever grateful that I found this path and that it found me.  My passion, mission and purpose in life as a “Server or Service” is to show others this journey from a safe, beautiful and loving space just like my teachers shared with me.  Tantra and the Principles of Esoteric Spirituality changes lives, one at a time and when you are ready and when you have experience the “awakening” you will know in your heart Santi, that which is inner spiritual joy. 

Until next time, take care and bye for now.


Love and Blessings,

Cathy Wood



Reuniting Sacred Love Workshop for Couple's

The Sanctuary of Ananda is proud to present to you a brand new event just for Couples who have previously attended a private session, workshop and/or retreat at the Sanctuary.  

This refresher course is for Couples that have already learnt some of the practices of Couple’s Tantra and now feel the need to re-immerse themselves in the ongoing journey as well as integrating and learning some new skills and practices to further enhance their intimacy, connection and Sacred Love.  

Your relationship is and should be one of the most important and cherished priorities in your life and when honoured with dedication and commitment, everything flourishes with abundant growth, harmony, contentment and love which then creates prosperity into every area of your life. 

This is a three step program commencing with a guided Tantra workshop facilitated by Cathy Wood which will be held in the stunning atmosphere and tranquillity of Willow Pond in Canning Vale. 

Followed by this is a lavish three course dinner at the award winning Ramon's Restaurant and to finish the night off romancing on the dance floor, chatting with likeminded Couples or just enjoying the intimate company of your beloved. 

This Event is incredible value at just $297 per couple all inclusive.  Places are booking out quickly so don't delay book your place and Reunite your Sacred Love. Intimate Setting.  Click here to book online

THE SANCTUARY OF ANANDA [email protected]