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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

The Sanctuary of Tantra September Newsletter

Hi and welcome to another month at the Sanctuary. 

There are so many exciting things happening at the Sanctuary this month that it is hard to know where to begin.  Firstly, in a couple of weeks time we are about to launch Australia's first Tantra Forum which will be known as "The Tantra Lounge".  This will be accessed by members only for a small fee.  The lounge has been designed not only as a chat room on all topics in the field of Tantra and Sexuality but also incorporates a 'meeting place' and or 'dating site' to meet like minded people on a similar path.  There will also be discounts off all Tantra Massages, Workshops and Sessions as well as monthly video downloads on the practices of Tantra.  The lounge will be accessible through the home page of the Sanctuary and an introductory email will be generated at the launch of this exciting event.  I would like to say a huge thank you to Claire, my web builder from Zeta Tech for her amazing talents and hard work building this fabulous forum and to my dear and beautiful friend Alice Chai who will be the Tantra Lounge's Official Moderator.

The Tantra for Couples DVD is just about at the final completion stage with the last day of filming scheduled for the 6th September to include the remaining shots of the magnificent Quiet Cone in Parkerville.  The DVD will be launched worldwide and will be available online at the Sanctuary, Amazon and all major holistic health shops in Perth.  Once again an official email announcement will be generated at the launch of the DVD in late September.

In other news, I am excited to be promoting a brand new workshop, the first of it's kind in Perth called "Do you know what women really want".  This workshop is for men only and is facilitated by myself and Dyane Hart, a beautiful Tantra Goddess that has been training with me for quite some time now.  This workshop is unique in the fact that the workshop contents have been compiled from case studies taken from 1012 private and confidential men's sessions that I have taught over the years.  It also incorporates data from numerous women's private sessions as well as women's workshops to deliver a powerful, and thought provoking workshop for men to truly learn skills and techniques to integrate their healthy masculine and become an extraordinary lover.


"I have been a practicing Holistic Practitioner in the world of Metaphysics, Quantumphysics, Quantum Mechanics, Energy Medicine, Healing, Counseling and Massage for many years.  As a young child people were always drawn to me who needed guidance or healing in one form or another.

Even though I have had many years of training my biggest gift I was born with was the love and passion I have for people. To be able to clear the clutter from people’s lives and then watch them grow from strength to strength with a clear knowing of who they are and what is now possible in their life, is not only an amazing transformation but also a privilege for me to be a part of.


This is where the love of Tantra comes in for me.  I met Cathy some time ago and after just one conversation with her I knew that she was the perfect teacher for me.  Her passion for her work and the love she has for people was outstanding, combine this with her truly extended knowledge of her craft and her experience in the world of Tantra made it easy to choose Cathy as my teacher.


What Tantra has given me is a deeper level of connection not only to myself but also to another human being.  To be able to be present and connected on such an intimate and sacred level goes beyond what I have ever experienced before.  Tantra can and will shift your level of consciousness in so many ways, infiltrating and balancing the fullness of your being". 

Also another new workshop not to be missed is the 'Mother Daughter Workshop' facilitated by myself and Susan.  This is one of the most amazing workshops that we have created and I feel very strongly represents the spirit of the Sacred Feminine.  This workshop celebrates the bond between not only mothers and daughters but aunts, sisters and girlfriends exploring the sacred rites to womanhood through the ancient practices of Tantra for women.

And lastly, there is will be no meditation classes held in Applecross until further notice, however meditation is still continuing on a fortnightly basis in Forrestfield.  Full details are on the web under Meditation.

Until next month.


Om Shanti, Cathy xox 


Do you know what women really want?

'An informative workshop for men including skills and techniques to Master your Sexuality in becoming an Extraordinary Lover'

Every woman has a longing, a  deep desire to be truly loved, understood and sexually satisfied by her lover.  It is the nature of Yin (the feminine energy) to feel, so this workshop has been designed for men to learn, enjoy, have fun and explore what women really want emotionally and sexually in a safe and confidential space.   The content of this workshop has been taken from years and years of research collected from my Women's Tantra Workshops as well as the hundred's of private sessions I have shared with men.  Dyane and myself are really excited about this workshop and looking forward to meeting you and sharing an amazing afternoon that will be sure to not only change your life but help empower you as a man to become an extraordinary lover.

  • WHEN:                       Sunday 12th September 2010
  • TIME:                         12pm to 5.30pm
  • WHERE:                      The Sanctuary, 120 Victoria Road Wattle Grove
  • COST:                         $100 per person (includes lunch and tantra manual)
  • WHAT TO BRING:        Cushion, bottle of water and wear comfortable clothing

Topics covered in this workshop:

  • How Tantra can change your life
  • Skills to Master Erection Strength, Control and Premature Ejaculation
  • Tantric Breathing Techniques to Enhance and Increase Libido
  • The Art of Extended Lovemaking (Techniques to be able to make love for hours)
  • Healthy Feminine/Healthy Masculine Energies
  • Big Draw Orgasm (Full Body Orgasmic Pleasure without Ejaculation)
  • Women's Orgasms - Everything you should know about the 9 levels of a woman's orgasm
  • Women's Ambrosia (Female Ejaculation) and Women's Anatomy
  • Exploring a Woman's body - How a woman wants to be touched
  • The Emotional, Spiritual and Sexual needs of a woman
  • Yoni Massage (vaginal massage)
  • Breast Massage

To register your place, please email [email protected].  All welcome 18 years and over.  Maximum 22 participants per workshop.

Next Workshop Date:  19th September  Please note:  All participants are fully clothed at all times during this workshop.

COMING SOON!  Do you know what men really want?  An informative Workshop for Women Only

Mother Daughter Workshop

SATURDAY 18th September 11.30am to 5.30pm

'A special Workshop to celebrate the essence of the bond between Mother and Daughter through Tantric Sacred Women's Practices'

The bond we share as women:

  • Full body presence, rest into the wisdom of your body
  • Sacred women's practices historical & present
  • The natural rhythm and cycles of your body and how to flow with them
  • Your sexual self and the unique beauty of your body
  • Celebrating womanhood and ways we can love and support one another on our journey
  • Connecting Mother and Daughter into the Sacred Rites Passage of Womanhood
  • Make healthy and conscious decisions to create beautiful relationships 

Join Susan and Cathy at a workshop for women of all ages, with the minimum age of 16 years due to sexual content.  For Mothers or mother figures and Daughters or daughter figures, come and share in all that is nurturing, compassionate and supportive, for yourself and a younger woman in your life that you hold dear.

  • WHEN:    18th September 2010
  • TIME:     11.30am to 5.30pm
  • WHERE:  The Sanctuary of Tantra
  • COST:     $90 per woman.  $45 fully paid deposit required per booking by 10th September.

Lunch and afternoon tea provided as well as a Tantra Manual.  Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a cushion, mat or blanket and a bottle of water.

Please note:  There is no nudity or intrusiveness on any level during this workshop.  Book online

Couples Retreat

30th and 31st October 2010.  The Couples retreat is an experience not to be missed!  Whether you want to re-ignite the passion back into your relationship, learn simple techniques to enhance lovemaking or simply build closer intimacy with your partner then this Retreat is for you.  Treat yourself and your partner and relax in an atmosphere of total indulgence.  SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKERS AT THIS RETREAT - MASTER ALEX LIM will present a powerful and dynamic seminar on Sexual Qi Gong and HELEN FROST, Australia's Leading Nutritional Educator.  

Cost: $795 per couple at The Serpentine Retreat Centre (All inclusive - Workshops, Special Tantra Pack, Special Guest Speakers, All Meals and Accommodation). Book online  

Tantra Goddess Retreat - 'The Art of Sensual Living' 

(To empower women of all ages, single or partnered.  No experience in Tantra required to attend)

26th, 27th and 28th NOVEMBER 2010.   The Goddess Retreat is a two night and three day getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to a place of paradise, surrounded by nature, peace and quiet and the nurturing aspects of the feminine spirit. 

Women everywhere are starting to awaken to the incredible transforming power of their sexual energy.  As women, sexual energy is what permeates our very being.  It is what empowers us, and gives us our life force, healing our body, mind and spirit and helping us form more intimate relationships. 

At the Goddess Retreat you will learn how to connect with your sexual energy as a woman and fully integrate it into your being.  The Retreat will empower you to live the life of your dreams, fully embrace your sacred femininity, form closer bonds with other women and become the extraordinary lover that you've always dreamed of.

Cost:  $547 (all inclusive meals, workshops, guest speakers and tantra gift)  Held at the Serpentine Retreat Centre, Perth  Book Online

" Over the many years on my journey with Tantra, I can honestly say Tantra empowers a woman on all levels; mentally, physically, spiritually and sexually.  Women who practice Tantra become alive, vibrant, vital, orgasmic and powerful!" Cathy Wood

Upcoming Dates for Workshops, Circles and Meditation

Women's Beginners Tantra Workshop:  11th September and 9th October  click here for full details

Women's Intermediate Tantra Workshop:  25th September  click here for full details

Couples Massage Playshop:  26th September  click here for full details

Couple Beginners Tantra Workshop:  16th October  click here for full details

Mother Daughter Workshop:  18th September  click here for full details

Do you know what women really want Workshop:  12th and 19th September  click here for full details

Reiki 2 (Okuden Workshop):  2nd October  click here for full details

Women's Tantric Heart Circle:  17th September  click here for full details

Men's Tantric Heart Circle:  14th and 28th September  click here for full details

Tantra Meditation Forrestfield:  1st and 15th September  click here for full details

The Healing Page

Feng Shui Consultant and Interior Decorator

by : Talitha Marco FLOURISH MAGAZINE December 2009

It has been argued that the most successful businesses have grown from those passionate about what they do.

One passionate woman, Michele Castle, has recently developed her own business, Energize Life Feng Shui that combines elements of Feng Shui and interior design in order to promote wellbeing and balance for her clients within their homes.

Michele stumbled upon the five thousand year old art after having her house analysed by a Feng Shui consultant. She later found that Feng Shui accompanied her original occupation of an interior decorator nicely.

She began to study the art under Feng Shui masters such as Master Raymond Lo and Master Joe Yap.Practicing in her own home and the homes of friends,Michele experienced and learnt the benefits of Feng Shui. She also noticed a huge improvement in her family dynamics and experienced increased amounts of luck.

"I started out as an interior decorator and then I actually just stumbled into Feng Shui because it was my interest.

"So, my interests and passions really are houses, so from doing interior design for my own houses to friends asking me to do things for their houses, I basically went into Feng Shui and it has just grown from there," she says.

Michele basks in the freedom of her business that allows her to combine her passions and interests. She is appreciative of people who utilise her services of design and Feng Shui, as it is often a very personal experience.

"I'm very grateful when somebody asks me to do their house. I find it's quite a privilege to go into somebody's home because it's quite personal what you can get into in a home and houses, and people just fascinate me.

"So every job is like a new excitement or like a new adventure really," Michele says.

Energize Life Feng Shui: 08 9454 9868       and

(Michele has been a life long wonderful friend of mine and I can thoroughly recommend her skills and working ethics.  Cathy

email: [email protected]