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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

The Sanctuary of Tantra November Newsletter

Hello and welcome to another month at the Sanctuary.

It's hard to believe that we are now in the beautiful month of November and Christmas is just around the corner.  Speaking of which the Sanctuary is busy organising a fantastic festive feast for you all to help celebrate 2010 with lots of love, laughter and of course for those that are game enough Tantric fun filled games! 

Recently, the last Couples Tantra Retreat for 2010 was held at the magnificient Serpentine Retreat Centre and what a wonderful and inspiring weekend was enjoyed by all.  I am continually in awe of the beautiful people Tantra attracts and this group was certainly no exception.  It is always a joy to see couples embracing their 'Coupleship' with the intent to deepen their connection with each other on all levels.  I think a few couples who attended and had never heard of Tantra before, were very 'relieved' to realise that the retreat was not a 'sexual deviant boot camp' as one man called it but an honouring place of connecting and learning in a safe and sacred space of Tantric love.

This wonderful weekend could not have been possible without the help of my dear friend and Tantra Practitioner, Leah and her gorgeous friend Narelle.  Narelle is currently studying Physiotherapy and Disabled Studies and is planning on taking Tantra into the disabled community.  Well done Narelle and I am sure your passion and dedication for this work will help so many people.  Thanks also goes to Sue Bartoll, our fabulous and famous cook who works tirelessly in a hot kitchen from dawn to dusk.  Everything Sue cooks is made at the retreat including bread and biscuits so everything is fresh and healthy.  Many thanks also goes to Master Alex Lim who not only presented a dynamic and powerful talk but did it with no sleep as Master Lim had just arrived off the plane in the early hours from Bali and lastly, to Helen Frost for her amazing and informative seminar on the power and importance of Nutrition. 

The Couples Tantra Retreats are truly an experience to grow and awaken and the Sanctuary is busy planning a brand new retreat for April 2011 at the magnificient Bunker Bay Resort in Dunsborough.  Full details below.

In other news, Saida and Sol, internationally acclaimed Sacred Sexual educators, will be arriving in Perth in a few weeks and if you have not already booked for their workshops or are considering attending, I really encourage you to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to study and learn with Sacred Sexual Masters.  There will be a special meditation evening on the 17th November in which Saida and Sol will be attending.  So please come along and support their very first visit to Perth as they are so excited to be arriving in our special little part of the world.

Lastly, I wanted to share with you some wonderful healing techniques that I believe has helped my family and especially my eldest son in recovering from his depression.  Over the many years of working in this field, I have come to the realization that a lot of people find it difficult to communicate and the art of communication and listening is an integral part to the teachings of Tantra, infact it really is all about creating balance and awareness and living totally in the moment.  When I am with a client or an audience, I am totally present with them, communicating and listening.  A lot of people find they are not being 'listened' to, let alone have the correct skills for healthy communication.  Infact the Buddha always repeated his teachings to his disciples 3 times.  When they asked why he simply explained "the first time you say something no one is listening, the second time, they are starting to listen, the third time they are listening". 

I believe there are many causes for depression but one in particular that stands out for me personally is a feeling of 'loss of identity'.  Part of that loss is not being 'heard' and not feeling 'safe' enough to communicate your truth.  Recently, I decided to use some of the tantric skills that I am working with on my family.  It was a Friday evening and my family members sat down around the kitchen table and one by one we were given a safe space to speak without being interrupted or judged or yelled out by other family members and to speak from our heart about any feelings or problems etc.  My youngest son went first, followed by myself and then my ex husband which took approximately 5 minutes each.  Then when it was my eldest son's turn to speak he ended up speaking for nearly an hour!  It was like he need to 'purge' everything out and we sat and really 'listened' and honoured him for having the courage to speak up.  It was painful in parts, particularly when he said things that I didn't believe were correct or perhaps I didn't want to 'hear'.  But the actual truth is, every single person has their own truth whatever that may be and accepting, understanding and listening, 3 simple concepts that creates a powerful intent of healing.  There were lots of tears that evening, but life has never been the same since.  Everyone is now in harmony, happy and my eldest son has been the best I have ever seen him, infact he even asked to attend Robert Coleman's talk for men the other evening and told me 'mum Robert was brilliant, I am so glad I went'.  Robert talked alot about the feminine and masculine energy and the 'kali', in other words the wounded feminine and how to intergrate beautiful, loving and trusting relationships.  I thought to myself my son is only 16 and I'm sure everybody would agree with me that if we thought about what our lives and all our past relationships what would our life be like now if we had had this type of knowledge starting out on our journey at such a tender young age.  Oh well, you know how the saying goes, 'it's never too late to learn'.

For centuries places like sweat lodges and sacred circles to name a few were gathering places for people to not only have the opportunity to communicate and to be listened to but they were sacred temenos to learn and be heard without judgement.  Life has become so incredibly fast paced and I often wonder if as a society we have lost the most simplistic of simple life tools and that is to really listen and speak our truth, to be heard and to be honoured for the magnificent human beings we are. 

Until next month.


Tantric Blessings, Cathy xox

What's New!

2011 Couples Tantra Retreat - Bunker Bay Resort Dunsborough

A weekend of Couples Tantric Luxury!

Bunker Bay Resort is nestled on the stunning, secluded north-facing beach of Bunker Bay in the world of the renowned Margaret River Wine Region.  Located just 3 hours dive south of Perth with Dunsborough it's closest town.  This is a stunning luxurious 5 star resort, bordering Cape Naturaliste National Park on the edge of the Indian Ocean.

Tantra Workshops will be held in the Resort, including advanced Tantra skills so this retreat is definitely suitable for couples who have attended previous Tantra Retreats.  All meals are at the award winning 'Other Side of the Moon' Restaurant.  This Retreat will include the new 'Aqua Tantra' as well as whale watching and pampering at the famous Mii Day Spa at the Resort.

The cost for this special retreat is $995.00 per couple.

(Inclusive all Workshops, Meals, Day Spa Massage and the Sanctuary's new Couples Tantra DVD).

  • WHEN:          15th, 16th and 17th April
  • TIME:            6pm Friday 15th to 3pm Sunday 17th 

Please note:  The cost does not include accommodation.  Accomodation is set out below if you wish to stay at the Resort.  However, should you not wish to stay at the Resort, alternative accommodation including bed and breakfasts are available in local Dunsborough and Margaret River.  Twin Villas are also another option to share with another couple to keep costs to a minimum.

Bookings at the Resort are limited so it is essential to book early to ensure your accommodation.

Please click on the link below to view the Resort 

Room Type

Day 2


Day 3






Studio Villa (Single Share)





Studio Villa (Twin Share)





2 Bedroom Villa (Twin Share)










Please note:

  • Rates are inclusive of Full Buffet Breakfast in The Other Side of The Moon Restaurant
  • Please add $25.00 per additional guest in each room to include breakfast
  • Rates are nett/non-commissionable
  • Rates do not apply to Public Holidays, School Holidays or Special Event periods
  • Rollaways are an additional $50.00 per room, per guest

Internationally Acclaimed Sacred Sexual Healers Coming to Perth!

The Sanctuary is proud to be sponsoring Sol from Alchemy of Man "Reclaiming our true erotic power and wisdom" and Saida Desilets from The Jade Goddess Institue "Live Your Bliss"

  • WHEN:           19th - 21st November
  • TIMES:           Friday 6.30pm to 9pm, Sat and Sun 10.00am to 5pm
  • WHERE:         Alchemy of Man Workshop - A Place to Be Fremantle, Live Your Bliss Workshop - The Sanctuary Wattle Grove
  • COST:            Alchemy of Man - $350 per person or 10% off for bookings of two or more people $315 each
  •                       Live Your Bliss - $350 per person or 10% off for bookings of two or more people $315 each
  •                       Payment required before the 17th November

Places are filling fast - many people from across Australia are attending these exceptional workshops.

For enquiries please email [email protected]  Booking Form - Click here 

Alchemy of Man Seminar:

The Alchemy of Man was founded by Sol Sebastian, a radical pioneer on the forefront of conscious sexuality for men. This program is ideal for all men, of all ages and experience.

Here is a message directly from Sol Sebastian.

There is a new revolution for men, happening quietly all over the world.  It is a time when he is starting to catch up on the women's movement.  He is beginning to remember what it is to live from the authentic and essential masculine spirit.  How he defines himself, his body, his sexuality, his energy is starting to shift.  How he regards women, their bodies, sexuality, energy and power is also shifting.  The old paradigms are beginning to waver.  There has been such an excess of debate, socialization and domestication of how man should be in the world.  So much so that he has no alternative other than to look deep within for his own primordial truth, his own essential nature, and to let that be expressed in the world with power and beauty.

Hence the birth of 'The Alchemy of Man'.  The 'Alchemy of Man' deals directly with the essential, creative, spiritual and sexual nature of man in all of its manifestations.  The training is direct and potent.  The outcome is empowering and liberating.  The themes and practices are based on deep traditions, yet delivered in a way that any guy in todays world will be able to understand and assimilate.  Alliances are formed, deep trust is established and confidence is held in high regard with all the men in each group.  It is a journey where a man gets to his core truth around sexuality and personal power.  He is able to really understand what is driving him, what is enriching him and what is holding him back.

The Alchemy of Man believes in the 'gnosis' of experience rather than just throwing abstract concepts and notions at you.  The learning must be deeply assimilated and embodied in the training.  This is what makes the work so effective and inspirational.

I hope you can join me on this journey and take home something that will greatly enrich your life, and the lives of all close to you. 

To your strength and freedom,

Sol Sebastian


Live Your Bliss Seminar:

Saida Désilets, Ph.D. is the Founder of The Désilets Method and the author of The Emergence of the Sensual Woman. She is sought out world-wide for her expertise in the field of conscious sexual energy cultivation. She brings an innovative approach to the ancient wisdom of Taoist energy cultivation practices in a fun, simple, and practical method.

To Experience Bliss We Must First Be Bliss."

Bliss is your birthright and through our simple, fun and practical methods we assist you to connect more deeply with this energy for greater health, well-being and vitality.Our sexuality and sensuality are with us from birth. Together, they are the animating force that allows us to experience the world around us.

We cannot live without our vital life force, our sexual energy. We cannot perceive the world without our senses, our sensuality.

Through developing awareness of your own birth nature, you can cultivate your sexual energy and your sensuality. We call this cultivation of awareness "Radiant Living."

"Live Your Bliss!"

Christmas Party at the Sanctuary

You are invited to a night of Tantric fun!

Come and be merry and party at the Sanctuary, celebrating 2010 with lots of fun, laughter, live music, food and of course Tantralising Tantra Games!

Friday 10th December 7pm until late.

Please bring a plate to share and BYO.  Dips, Finger Foods and Soft Drinks Provided.

Please advise Donna of attendence for catering purposes [email protected]


Welcome to the Tantra Lounge, Australia's first Tantra Forum/Meeting and Dating Site

The Lounge offers members a unique opportunity to privately meet like minded people interested in following the path of Sacred Sexuality/Tantra and Kama Sutra as well as an open forum discussion on all topics related to Tantric Sex.

The Lounge has something different to offer everyone, whether you are single and seeking to meet that special someone in your life, already in a relationship and wish to gain more experience and knowledge in Tantric Practice and Sacred Sex, or as a couple to meet other couples for friendship following a similar path.

Choose from 1 month ($19.95) or 3 months at the special price of ($49.95).

Membership entitles you to the following:

  • Live on line Tantra chat room
  • Tantra Forum - Everything you ever wanted to know about Sex but were too afraid to ask!
  • Send private messages to other members
  • Meet spiritually conscious people following the Tantric Path
  • 10% off all Sessions, Workshops and Retreats at The Sanctuary (valid for the term of membership - excludes products)
  • Bio Monthly downloaded videos on the practices of Tantra. E.G. Monthly videos posted demonstrating techniques to master ejaculation control, experience brain illumination (orgasms), tantric breathing and different couples who have taken the path to enjoying a more fulfilling relationship and sexual experience, explain why they did it and demonstrate some of their own personal approaches and techniques. Witness how these different people have changed their lives and learn some wonderful ways of tantalising your partner to unbelievable heights of awareness and sensuality.

Click here to JOIN NOW and as an added BONUS you will also receive the Sanctuary's Tantra Meditation Track 'Wisdom of The Rain Forest" absolutely free!

THAT'S FANTASTIC VALUE! so what are you waiting for?  Start Tantralising your life today!

Women's Sacred Heart Tantra Circle

SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER - Internationally Acclaimed Psychotherapist Mr Robert Coleman B.A., M.F.A. (USA)

After the amazing success of Robert's informative and dynamic talk at the recent Men's Tantra Circle, The Sanctuary is proud to present Robert again for another powerful two hour presentation for women only on the archetypes of the healthy masculine and healthy feminine related to Tantric practice.

Robert is an international speaker, spiritual psychotherapist and intuitive healer who has lived and trained for the last 30 years in India and South America with MAYAN SHAMANS and Indian mystics to revolutionize a new form of healing called Transformational Therapy.

I have been working with Robert for the last 2 years on my own personal journey and seriously believe this man is one of the most amazing healers in Perth.  Robert is one of the very few people in my life who I can honestly say I not only admire and look up to, but have the upmost respect for.  He is a brilliant teacher and I encourage every woman to attend this powerful presentation.


  • WHEN:                                   Friday the 12th November
  • TIME:                                    7pm to 9pm
  • WHERE:                                The Sanctuary, 120 Victoria Road, Wattle Grove
  • COST:                                   $20 per person

    Limited seating.  Please ring Donna on 6311 2804 or email [email protected] for booking attendance.  Tea and coffee supplied. 

    Usui Reiki Ryoho

    Okuden Reiki 2 Workshop - 13th November 10.00am to 5.00pm at the Sanctuary (last one for 2010)

    Cost: $300 (Includes Reiki Manual, Certificate, Authentic Reiki Lineage, Morning Tea and Lunch)

    Reiki Masters Workshop - 4th December 9.00am to 5.00pm at the Sanctuary

    Cost: $600 (Includes Reiki Master Manual, Certificate, Authentic Reiki Lineage, Morning Tea and Lunch)

    Tantra Meditation

    • Wednesday 17th November 7.15pm to 9.00pm (Fortnightly) Refreshments provided
    • The Sanctuary, 120 Victoria Road, Wattle Grove (off Crystal Brook Road and 5 minutes from the International Airport)
    • Cost: $10 per person
    • Please note:  There will be no meditation on Wednesday the 27th as it is my birthday!

    All welcome, no previous experience in Tantric practice is required.  

    Please bring a pillow or cushion, a yoga mat and water.

    Why Tantric Meditation is a Profound and Beneficial Practice:   It dissolves Stress It dissolves Fear It dissolves energy blocks   It promotes Love It promotes Balanced and Healthy Chakras It promotes Peace and and Calmness It promotes Balanced Sexual Energy Cathy Wood

    Upcoming Workshops and Circles

    Women's Beginners Tantra Workshop:  6th November  click here for full details

    Do You Know What Women Really Want Workshop:   11 December Perth and 30th January Dunsborough click here for full details

    Women's Tantric Heart Circle:  12th November  click here for full details

    Men's Tantric Heart Circle:  16th November  click here for full details

    Beginners Couples Tantra Workshop:  18th December  click here for full details

    Interesting Sites

    I recently had the pleasure of meeting this amazing man with my wonderful and special friend Bev.  What an amazing human being who is creating consciousness and awareness of Sacred Activism across the world.  Andrew is also very good friends with Linda Tucker, CEO of the White Lion Protection Global Trust and is an avid protector and supporter of these precious and sacred animals.  The Sanctuary of Tantra supports and sponsors the amazing work of the White Lion Global Protection Trust in Timbavati, South Africa.

    Here is Andrew's message to the world titled "THE VISION"

    The journey of my work and of my inner understanding has led me to the vision that will now occupy the rest of my life: That of Sacred Activism. I have founded the Institute for Sacred Activism to implement this vision and we are in the process of co-creating a global curriculum which will be disseminated in various forms through the mass media. I invite you to join me in creating a new world founded in universal compassion and sacred passion for all life. Everyone whose eyes are open knows the world is in a terrifying crisis. As many of us as possible need to undergo a massive transformation of consciousness and to find the sacred passion to act from this consciousness in every arena and on every level of reality. It is my deepest belief that only Sacred Activism – the fusion of the deepest mystical knowledge, peace, strength, and stamina with calm focused and radical action – can possibly be of use now. A mysticism that is only private and self-absorbed leaves the evils of the world in tact and does little to halt the suicidal juggernaut of history; an activism that is not purified by profound spiritual and psychological self-awareness and rooted in divine truth, wisdom, and compassion will only perpetuate the problem it is trying to solve, whatever it’s righteous intentions. When, however, the deepest and most grounded mystical vision is married to a practical and pragmatic drive to transform all existing political, economic, and social institutions, a holy force and power of wisdom in action is born, a force and power that can re-fashion all things in and under God, and bring humanity, even at this late desperate hour, into harmony with its self and original nature. This force of Sacred Activism I believe will be the source of the birthing power that humanity will need to create a new world from the smoking ashes of the one that is now passing away. Hildegard of Bingen, a great Sacred Activist of her time, wrote; “Humanity, full of creative possibilities, is God’s work. Humanity is called upon to assist God. Humanity is called to co-create with God.” These words by the great 12th century Christian woman saint challenge us all, whatever our religious or spiritual belief, to do three linked things: to uncover our own divine nature through prayer and meditation, to attune our hearts and will to the will of God for the transformation of the earth, and to devote and pour out all our God-given life energies in creativity, service, and justice-making so that divine reality can be increasingly embodied in the world. And let all of us who see the seriousness of our contemporary situation, and also the extraordinary possibilities of a new order join together as Sacred Activists to do all we can with all we are and have to transform the crisis and the world.

    Many years ago, I had the honour of training with Reiki Master Mari Hall.  Mari's passion for life and sharing her wisdom is a credit to humanity.  A wonderful teacher that has guided me in the path of learning how to intergrate knowledge.  Mari said to me one day "it is only when knowledge is intergrated that it becomes wisdom".  Something for us all to ponder!

    Mari is the co-founder/facilitator of the yearly 21-day Virtual Usui Retreat.  She was one of the first Masters of Reiki to bring Reiki to the UK, and the first to teach Reiki in Norway and Czechoslovakia. She has taught Reiki to over 45,000 people worldwide. Mari is a highly respected figure in the wider Reiki community.

    She is the Founding Director of the International Association of Reiki (est.1989), who has influenced the development of professional Reiki practice and the standards for teaching; Mari has actively worked with the International Board of Complementary medicine for the standardizing of teaching and professional practice of Reiki within the European Union.

    Coming Soon!

    Zumba at the Sanctuary with Elizabeth!  Information and details coming soon.