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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

The Sanctuary of Tantra March Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the Sanctuary.

It's hard to believe that March is here already and the Sanctuary is preparing for a very big and exciting month!

The Couple's Retreat scheduled for the 10th and 11th March is a complete sellout and we are now regretably turning couple's away.  For those that missed out on the March retreat, please don't despair as I have decided to facilitate one more retreat for July this year.  The Couple's weekend is such an amazing space to not only connect to your partner on a deeper and more intimate level but to also uncover the deep emotional beliefs that unconsciously block relationships from truly being fulfilled.

The Sanctuary is also delighted to be facilitating the Women's Tantra Retreat scheduled for the 24th and 25th March which promises to be another fabulous weekend of connection within the bond and nurturing aspect of the Goddess.  There are still places left so ladies bring your girlfriend and be part of this life changing weekend.  Please see full information below.

Our very exciting Sydney/Melbourne Tour scheduled for the 19th April through to the 24th is well underway in preparation with all the private sessions being completely booked out in Melbourne.  However, there are still a few places available for private sessions in Sydney as well as Workshops. We will be facilitating this beautiful event at The Awareness Institute in Crows Nest Sydney and Moonee Ponds in Melbourne.  Please see full information below.

Recently, I have taken advantage of this very barmy and hot weather by hosting the last 3 meditation evenings at the very beautiful Point Walter and the atmosphere has been absolutely superb with a large group of nearly 30 people attending.  Last week we had a dolphin surprise and delight us all by making a grand entrance right up to the shore where we were sitting and preceded to play as dolphins do around the bay.  Beautiful enlightened beings that are here to remind us all to bring more joy and play into our life.    There will be one more meditation evening at Point Walter on the 7th March and then the following fortnight returning back to the Sanctuary. 


In other news, my lovely friend Jane Fitzgerald from Witchy Poo's Creations is hosting a very special event on the 16th, 17th, and 18th March called "Sparkles of Light Gathering".  This amazing weekend will be facilitated by not only Jane herself but joined by 12 other fabulous Guest Speakers in the arts of different healing modalities.  I am really looking forward to this great weekend and honoured to be a speaker to share with all my passion and joy of Tantra.  This event will be held in Chidlow on 85 of acres of magnificent sacred land. An incredible event not to be missed! (Please see flyer below).

And lastly, I wanted to share with you an article that I wrote for the Lounge recently on the topic of betrayal.  Although this subject may seem like doom and gloom to some it is actually very prevalent in its nature as so many people are constantly facing betrayal in many guises.

"Recently in my practice I have seen an alarmingly increase in 'betrayal' within relationships, friendships and within business partnerships so much so that I felt compelled to write something on this topic as the consequences of betrayal can cause devastation on every level if not understood.

The first thing to understand and recognise is that if you or someone you know have experienced  betrayal  in whatever form please know that it has nothing to do with you.  As crazy as that might sound it is normal for us to point the finger within and question 'what have I done wrong'.  Whilst in a very few cases this is relevant, in the majority it is not.  My Master Disciple teaches that wisdom will enable you to understand the limitations of others and thus not take their inadequacies personally.  It is the beginning of what is known in the spiritual path as 'detachment'.

Everything consists of energy, our thoughts, emotions, sexuality etc and when a partner goes and has an affair behind another partners back or a friend has lied, belittled or back stabbed you then they are simply not only filling a void or need within but living in the illusion of the ego.  True love is unconditional, it comes from within first and radiates out.  If we truly loved and accepted all of us shadow and light, then we would never betray anyone as it would be like betraying ourselves.

Tantra is a path of exploring deep within, being mindful of our actions, our thoughts and being aware and present of the observer of our own play.  We all have shadow aspects of the personality and quite often people live their life permanently in their wounds or shadow side, always seeking gratification from somewhere else not within because we are not taught to go within.  To go within creates vunerability.

Tantra also teaches that we must find the 'off' switch. We must get off the merry-go-round. That we must see the bigger picture and we must be accountable for our actions and not only forgive ourselves but those around us.  There is absolutely no judgement on the path of Tantra, only blessings behind the lessons.

Betrayal in a sexual relationship in the form of an affair for example is never ever about sex or gratification although it may seem like that at the time.  It is a deep lack of knowing SELF and a deep void that is not being acknowledged and this can in some instances arise from as early as childhood.  Not being real and authentic within who you are is living in a world of distorted glamour.  Through the practice of Tantra we learn to take the masks off, the veil of illusion and be REAL.  Learn to be vulnerable and real and watch the incredible healing that can then take place in every avenue of your life.

All Masters teach vulnerability is our greatest POWER.  When two people are vulnerable there is no room for the ego to play and communication from the heart space is where the real connection, intimacy and healing takes place.

 Remember LOVE is the only path to enlightenment"

Have a wonderful month everyone and I look forward to meeting you at all the exciting events this month.

Om Shakit Cathy xox


 The Sanctuary of Tantra - Presents:

'A Gift of Love'

Sydney Melbourne Tour 19th April - 25th April 2012

Awareness Institute - Suite 1/20 Clarke Street,  Crows Nest Sydney

Moonee Ponds - Melbourne

Contrary to popular belief by the Western world, Tantra isn't purely just about sex.  It is a pathway to self-knowledge and liberated joy, a system of duality to unity and passage into the divine.  Tantra focuses on the emotional, spiritual and physical aspects merging heart connection with sexual energy.  


  •  19th - FREE SEMINAR  - Tantra A Gift of Love Myths and Facts 7pm to 9pm
  •  19th & 20th - Private 2 Hour Sessions for Men $300, Women $200 and Couple's $300
  • 21st Women's Tantra Workshop and the Famous Jade Egg 9am to 1pm $150
  • 21st Men's Tantra Workshop "Do you know what women really want" 2pm to 6pm $150
  • 22nd Couple's Tantra Workshop 10am to 5pm $350


  • 23rd - 25th Private Sessions for Men $300, Women $200 and Couple's $300

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL!  Fore more info please CLICK HERE or phone 0404 403 757/086311 2804


'At the Women's Retreat you will learn how to connect with your sexual energy as a woman and fully integrate it into your being. This Retreat will empower you to live the life of your dreams, fully embrace your sacred feminine, form closer bonds with other women and become the extraordinary lover that you've always dreamed of''.

The Women's Tantra Retreat is a two day getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to a place of paradise, surrounded by nature, peace and quiet and the nurturing aspects of the feminine spirit. This retreat is focused on the ancient secret practices of the Temple Dancers, The White Tigress, Tao and Hindu Principles and Mishra Tantra to find deeper inner SANTI (spiritual peace). These women no matter what size, shape or age exuded "pure Shakti" the beauty of the feminine, experiencing abundant health, beautiful honoring relationships and the power to become "multi orgasmic" to heal body mind and spirit.

  • WHEN: 24th & 25th MARCH 2012
  • TIMES: Saturday 8.30am to Sunday 5pm
  • COST: $450.00 (all inclusive)


  • Leah Ferrarini: Yin Yoga Teacher
  • Sue Bartoll: Vegetarian Cooking Class
  • Dahlia - Belly Jelly's WA: Belly Dancing
  • Divine Crystals - Jane Fitzgerald
*****SPECIAL: Pay for one and bring a friend for free*****

(PLEASE NOTE: There is no nudity or intrusiveness at any time during this retreat except during Tantric Massage where towels and sarongs are used for privacy).

To register and learn more: Email: [email protected] FOR BOOKINGS PLEASE CLICK ON THE WOMEN'S REGISTRATION PAGE



  • Women's Beginners Tantra Workshop: 5th May click here for full details
  • Tantra Meditation: 7th March click here for full details
  • Couple's Tantra Workshop: 12th May and 8th June click here for full details
  • Reiki 1 Workshop (Shoden): 14th July click here for full details
  • Reiki 2 Workshop (Okuden): 13th May click here for full details
  • Reiki Masters (Shinpiden): To be advised click here for full details
  • Couple's Massage Workshop: 4th August click here for full details
  • Women's Level 2 Workshop: To be advised click here for full details
  • Men's Workshop - Do you know what women really want?: 3rd June click here for full details
  • Women's Workshop - Do you know what men really want?: 2nd June click here for full details
  • Women's Sacred Gathering: 13th April click here for full details 
  • Sensual Massage Workshop:  12th May, 19th May and 26th May 

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