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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

The Sanctuary of Tantra June Newsetter

Hello and Welcome to the Sanctuary of Ananda, formerly The Sanctuary of Tantra.

My apologies for the late newsletter.  We have been inundated with so much happening at the Sanctuary at the moment, however everything is in perfect flow.

Our exciting news this month is the Sanctuary has been blessed with a silent Eastern States sponsor who has kindly and generously created a foundation in which Ananda can evolve and blossom.  A small piece of land has been purchased in the foothills of Perth, construction and drawings are underway for a massive and exclusive Retreat and Holistic Healing Centre.

Our vision for Ananda is to expand the teachings of all healing modalities to merge and embrace Tantra and Sacred Sexuality as a complete Holistic Lifestyle.  This has been a long time dream, passion and vision created through divine manifestation and I am absolutely ecstatic, delighted and excited to watch this  fruition come into play.  I truly believe that when we tap into our sexual essence we connect to the ebb and flow, the pulsating heart beat of the entire Universe to CREATE all that is.  This will be a 12 month project in the making with a lot of hard work and no doubt challenges ahead, but those of you that know me well, know that I am up for any challenge!

I would like to thank everyone for your support and encouragement in the continued growth and evolution of the Sanctuary.  It is my desire to expand Ananda Australia wide and to share in the heart, joy, knowledge, wisdom and unconditional love with all.

In other news, we had another extremely busy month at the Sanctuary with lots of wonderful workshops and modules on the go.  A fabulous three week Sensual Massage Course was attended by a fantastic group of people who bonded within a sacred, safe and loving space, creating special friendships along the way and experiencing the power of touch, healing and unconditional love through Tantric Touch.  Many thanks to everyone who attended this course and especially for your thoughtful and beautiful gift of the lingam/yoni flower arrangement and a big thank you to Dom for helping facilitate this wonderful space.

Beautiful Yoni/Lingam Flowers

"What an amazing experience! A life changing journey :) so much learnt and yet so much more to learn....Thank you to everyone :) An awesome group of people"!  Sarah

Speaking of Massage, I am absolutely thrilled to announce the new release of the Sanctuary's Sensational Sensual Massage Audio Program comprising of all the sensual, sexy and erotic tips on how to give a juicy, loving and flowing Tantric Massage. A huge thank you to Lisa who is tireless in her dedication to the Sanctuary, Tantra, and her own journey of personal transformation.  To John, for volunteering with such bravery in a cold and open recording studio for Lisa to perform the massage on whilst I did the voice over.    To Mark from Procopy Morley, who as always, produces excellent quality and professional work. 

The very first Women's Sacred Healing Practices Module 1 Course was attended by a great group of beautiful and courageous ladies.  This 6 week program was designed to go into the very heart, the very core of the feminine in all her deepest aspects.  Thank you so much ladies for taking the time to embrace your journey with love and courage to re-awaken the wisdom and heart of the Divine Feminine. 

Another wonderful day was the "Do you know what MEN really want" workshop which was again attended by a large group of gorgeous ladies and we had so much fun.  It was a great day together exploring the Divine Masculine and I have no doubt there will be many happy and content Shiva's, being appreciated, loved, cherished, honoured and pleasured by their Beautiful Shakti!  A big thank you to another John (yes I know lots of John's!) who visited our space to demonstrate with me the purity of Sacred Love within safe and professional boundaries at the Sanctuary.

Wow! Yet another amazing and motivational workshop on Saturday at the safe, nurturing and empowering space that is The Sanctuary - - The "Do you know what MEN really want" workshop I was so lucky to share with an incredible group of joyful, open-hearted, powerful and inspirational Soul Sisters, each one of us on a journey deep into the Heart of Tantra and its wisdom...... and thank you of course to... beautiful Cathy who once again generously gave of herSelf, her teachings, her deep and profound wisdom and her laughter.......... showering us all with unconditional Love and acceptance. Special gratitude and admiration to John, who showed us all a glimpse of how Shiva energy can embrace both strength, AND vulnerability, power AND gentleness........... Namaste JD XX 

Lastly, the first Men's Group was held last month and was facilitated by myself for a small part and Dominic Daly for the most.  Thank you so much to the men who attended and to Dom for dedicating his time and passion to build this group and share his knowledge and wisdom.  There is another Men's Group scheduled for the 27th June so hope you can make it!

The Sanctuary has some really great Workshops not to mention the last Couple's and Women's Retreats for 2012 coming up, so stay tuned for further info in our newsletter.   

Finally, just a reminder that we do not answer calls made from private numbers due to a serial phone stalker.  We ask that you kindly text or email your number so we can call you back.  Thank you so much for your understanding and patience in this matter and we hope this issue will be resolved soon.

Have a wonderful month everyone, stay warm and cozy!

Om Shanti.

Cathy xox

ps....we are looking for anyone (Couple's, Women and Men) to experience a FREE Tantra session with our new Practitioners as part of their training.  Please contact me as soon as possible, many thanks.

  • There must be a sense of security between them, so their hearts are tranquil.
  • There must be a harmony of minds between them, so there will be no conflict.
  • The chamber must not be too cold or too warm, and their stomachs neither too full nor too empty.
  • Stopping only when she is completely satisfied and when he is not yet exhausted.  White Tigress - His Lai 

TANTRA TIP OF THE MONTH!  Always keep your tongue on the roof of your mouth when moving, cultivating and restoring sexual energy.  This practice is called Kechari Mudra, Mudra meaning seal.  The connection of the tongue on the roof of the mouth creates the 'microcosmic orbit' to allow the chi energy to flow in natural rhythm around the body.  This is a great practice to use during orgasm to expand the ecstasy around the entire body. This intensifies pleasure and rejuvenation! Enjoy :-)


NEW RELEASE!  Sensual, Erotic Tantra Massage CD (Audio Program)

A sensational step by step guided instructional Audio Program has just been released by the Sanctuary.  This Program was designed to give you guided tools, moves and techniques on how to give a sensual, healing or erotic Tantric Massage. Ideal to download onto an ipod to follow the simple instructions at hand.

RRP $29.99

Couple's Sacred Love - Module 1

Commencing Friday evening the 7th September and runs for four Consecutive Friday's thereafter.

  • Cost:      $170 per couple (4 Week Program)
  • Time:     7pm to 9pm
  • Where:  The Sanctuary

The Couple's Sacred Love Module 1 is an opportunity created by the Sanctuary to encourage and empower all couple's to embrace and explore the deeper aspects of Sacred Love on a spiritual path of connection and intimacy.  Coupleship is a very precious and treasured part of ourselves, our partner and our lives, yet many couple's lack quality and intimate time together for many reasons.  For four weeks on a Friday evening, you will have the opportunity to take time out from the routine of daily life and just BE together to spend reflective time in rememberance of how important and special your beloved is.

Ideal for Couple's who have attended either a private session, workshop or retreat at the Sanctuary.  Please email [email protected]for bookings.


Couple's Tantra Retreat

7th and 8th JULY at the Serpentine Retreat Centre


The ultimate weekend getaway for Couple's to re-ignite the passion, enhance deeper intimacy and understand the deeper meaning of true intimacy, heal relationship wounds, spice up the heat in the bedroom and connect sex with spirituality, pleasure with ecstasy! 


Women's Tantra Retreat

27th and 28th JULY



The Women's Tantra Retreat is a weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to a place of paradise, surrounded by nature, peace and quiet and the nurturing aspects of the feminine spirit.

This is a beautiful nurturing space created by the Sanctuary for all women to explore, awaken, and heal the deepest aspects of the Divine Feminine.  The word 'Divine Feminine' is constantly used and misunderstood, yet many women have never touched on the heart of this powerful, wise and loving energy.  The entire Universe pulsates to the interplay of the Goddess Shakti.  She is a static energy comprising of our body, senses, personality, nadis and kundalini.  Within the static is the fixed, the strength, oneness and stillness of the masculine Shiva.  Tantra is knowing both simultaneously.

This Retreat is an incredible awakening to the deepest heart of the truth of what Tantra really is for women.  Now is the time to fully step into all that you can be; fully embrace your sacred feminine, tap into the source of the creative power of Shakti and manifest your greatest dreams, form closer bonds with other women, heal past sexual and relationship wounds within the shadow play and learn erotic, sexy and sensual tips to become an amazing and extraordinary Shakti (Goddess).

Special Guest Speakers:

  • Lisa  - Sensual/Meditive Dance
  • Verissima House - Natural Skin Care
  • Yoga

Cost: $495 (all inclusive; meals (vegetarian), workshops, guest speakers and tantra gift) Held at the beautiful and peaceful Serpentine Retreat Centre, Perth.

Book online

Three Week Intensive Sensual Tantric Massage Course

  • Saturday 18th August 9am to 3pm
  • Saturday 25th August 9am to 3pm
  • Saturday 1st September 9am to 3pm
  • VENUE: The Sanctuary

Cost:$550 per person (Men and Women, Single or Partnered. Includes Tantric Massage Manual, Massage Oil and Lunch)

The art of Tantric touch is a gift of healing through sensual touch and pleasure. This three week course will introduce you to the foundation practices of Tantra through Sensual and Erotic touch. Contains nudity within safe and contained boundaries.

*****Internationally recognised Certificate issued upon completition of course*****

To register your interest and Book Online 


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FREE to Now Join The Tantra Lounge Forum and Chat with other members.

FREE Sensual Massage CD for every member who upgrades to the $12.95  private membership with profile pic. (valid until 1st August). 

The Lounge offers members a unique opportunityto privately meet like minded people interested in following the path of Sacred Sexuality/Tantra and Kama Sutra, as well as an open forum discussion on all topics related to Tantric Sex.

Please feel free to advertise your business on the networking forum and promote workshops, products etc.

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  • Women's Beginners Tantra Workshop: 30th June click here for full details
  • Tantra Meditation: 20th June click here for full details
  • Couple's Tantra Workshop: 23rd June click here for full details
  • Reiki 1 Workshop (Shoden): 14th July click here for full details
  • Couple's Massage Workshop: 4th August click here for full details
  • Women's Level 2 Workshop: 11 August click here for full details
  • Sensual Massage Workshop 3 Week Program: 18th August click here for full details   


      Thank you for visiting the Sanctuary of Tantra

    We wish you a love in your hearts and joy in your soul[email protected]