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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

The Sanctuary of Tantra June/July Newsletter

Hello everyone and welcome to the Sanctuary's June/July Newsletter.

Our amazing Practitioners that have been in training are all now fully qualified and throughout the next few months I will start introducing you to them.  I feel incredibly blessed to have such a brilliant team on board who are not only dedicated but also loyal and maintain the integrity and professionalism that the Sanctuary is renowned for.  I would like to congratulate the following people who obtained their Tantra Diploma, Vicki, Gilly, Eli, Ruth Bless, and Liya.  Well done.  You should all be extremely proud and now the journey really begins. 

In other news, our second Couple's Tantra Retreat for 2013 (17 Couple's attended) was held on the 8th and 9th June at the beautiful Serpentine Retreat Centre.  The Centre has recently had an upgrade with new paint and gorgeous gardens.  It is so serene, beautiful and peaceful during the winter months.  Thank you so much to all the fabulous couple's that attended this weekend. We laughed, cried, shared and enjoyed many moments of insight, intimacy, connection and vulnerability together. Thank you for your courage to embrace your Coupleship with so much love and commitment.We hope this weekend has inspired you to continue the journey of Tantra and to create a deeper connection of Sacred Love. Our relationships are a very important part of our lives and often because of busy life styles we pass each other by like ships in a night sea. It is essential to take time out every day and dedicate that time to remind our beloved how much we cherish and honour them. Please don't forget the Candle Ceremony.Thank you so much Dom for helping me facilitate this event, you are as always totally amazing and a massive support to everyone and I just so love your groovy nipple clenchers!!!!  Thank you so much to the very beautiful Vicki and Gilly for your help and support and Gilly for being so brave. Charlie and Sasha love you. Another big thank you goes to Sue Bartoll, Joanne and Sally for the incredible food you prepared for this weekend. One thing was for sure, we never stopped eating!!! and healthy food at that.  Ladies you are totally amazing!!!We have had so much demand lately for these Retreats that it has been decided that one more Couple's Retreat will be scheduled for the 19th and 20th October 2013. Full details are now up on the website under RETREATS.

Couple's Retreat June 2013

Lastly, our beautiful Bali Ubud Practitioner Leah, I and Mishaal are facilitating a sensational Women's Sacred Heart Retreat in Ubud November 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th.  This is going to be one of the most amazing expressions of celebrating the essence of the Divine Feminine and together we will be joined for a special Meditation Ceremony lead by Mahareshi Ida Resi Alit, the High Priestess of Bali.  Ladies don't miss out!!!! Places are limited and full details are below.

Until next time, I wish you all love in your hearts and joy in your soul.

OM Shanti Cathy xox


"Don't knock Masturbation. It's sex with someone I love"(Woody Allen)


The Secrets of Great Intimacy and Connection

(And how to deal with the insanity of the feminine and the madness of the masculine!)

  • DATE:          31st August
  • TIME:          10am to 5pm
  • VENUE:       Vivacious Living, Applecross PERTH
  • COST:          $345 per couple - Early Bird Price: $245 (if paid by the 3rd August)
  •                       $295 Singles - Early Bird Price: $195 (if paid by the 3rd August)
  • BOOKINGS Please email  [email protected]

(Please book in early, as I expect this Workshop to book out very fast and places are limited).

I am really excited to be offering one of the most entertaining and profound workshops that I have created in a long time. It's on the topic that everyone wants to know about, human dynamics between the masculine and feminine and the secret behind building emotional connection and amazing intimacy that we all seek.

I will be facilitating this amazing workshop/seminar with Warren Black. We are both very excited to be working together; this seminar has been 5 years in the making.

Warren is an international and Australian - wide motivational speaker, who teaches people all over the world how to structure their business and build lasting wealth in all areas of their life. Warren has spoken on behalf of major companies including 21st Century Education, the Thrillionaire (Nik Halik, Australia's first astronaut), Streetsmart and many more. He has also shared the stage with Richard Branson and Arnold Schwarzenegger among many others. One of Warren's favourite sayings is "the structure behind building strong business and a good sales process also works in building a strong foundation for a relationship and sizzling emotional connection".

Together we will bring you focus, understanding and clarity, with a touch of humor.  In this workshop we will delve into the deep mysterious world of the Hindu Goddess known as Kali or in layman's terms the "insane feminine force" in every woman. That highly emotionally charged state that wants to destroy everything around her, and makes her vent all her anger and emotions out on those around her when they least expect it and don't we all know it! I'm sure ladies and gents there are a few nodding heads as you read this.

So who is Kali? In the ancient teachings of Tantra, Kali is defined as the symbol of the active cosmic power of eternal time (Kala); she is the embodiment of creation, preservation and annihilation. She also inspires awe and invokes fear and love at the same time.

Just like the metaphor of Shiva (Masculine) and Shakti (Feminine) Kali is not a real person. She merely represents the metaphor of the darkness of our wounded self, our pain body, and our lower personality vehicles. She is in both the masculine and feminine but predominantly found in the feminine, as women are the negative charge (yin - passive, cool, mysterious and receptive). She can be likened to a Tidal Wave appearing out of no where or a Spiders Web, drawing everyone around her into her play and drama which then activates her partner's Kali (or what Warren jokingly calls "Karl"!). She represents the constant movement of the ocean, and just as the ocean can be calm one moment, and stormy the next, so can the emotions of a woman.

In the masculine she is often a more logical and forward guise. In fact, in a man, it can often be the exact opposite. Cool detached, disconnected and ruthless, sometimes even cruel and cutting.

In Tantra, learning to recognize and being willing to embrace all of our Kali aspects is one of the greatest secrets to an incredibly intimate and loving Transcendent Union. That is, a relationship with deep emotional connection (leading to great fulfilling sex). Often in relationships the man finds it difficult and confusing to understand the ever changing emotions of his woman and this creates a cycle of withdrawal, whilst a woman finds it frustrating that her man cannot understand her and holds space in her deepest wounds. She yearns to be seen in all totality from the calmness of the ocean to the raging storm feeling his love, strength and support hold her like the rock in the ocean of life.

And that is what this Workshop is about. In fact, I honestly can say that this Workshop is a MUST for all Couples and Singles to learn how to create a deeper, lasting and fulfilling relationship. The secrets of the dark goddess Kali will reveal a beautiful expanded awareness into the bliss and ecstasy of sacred union with your beloved, from the deep emotional intimacy to the amazing sensual and erotic sexual pleasure.

We really look forward to sharing this with you all.


Introducing Gilly

My first ever memory was from my family home on a hill overlooking the sea, across beautiful green fields at sunrise - something changed that day when the first rays of the sun warmed and touched my body akin to an attunement of love, a universal blessing received. Today I still live overlooking the ocean receiving blessings of love filling again my heart and radiating a golden light, today I know this as the unconditional lo called Tantra. I have a beautiful life, living in the nature's paradise of Perth WA. I was born and remain a free spirit. I have chosen to study ways of positive living and loving from an early age and take as my way, all that I see of good and let go of what does not serve me. My father was a self-taught man of much and found love within and shared this with my amazing mother, they remained married for almost 40 years until the day he passed away it was through them I began my lessons in love.I have travelled to many beautiful places on earth and along the path have been honoured to meet many wise teachers and cultures. One of whom was my ex-husband with whom I shared 27 years of my life, and am blessed that we share care of 2 beautiful children.

I have a natural affinity to surround myself with love and beauty. I LOVE 'chillax time', with many passions including music, candles, oils, friends, my dog, art, Yoga, Reiki and Massage. I am in a state of bliss when they all come together at same time! I am usually found in one of many Yoga studios in Perth, at the local beach or quite simply loving my children, who are my best and most honoured teachers of love.

I would say with wisdom of years through what seems to be a never ending passion for Study, that it is true 'the more I know the less I know' yet so pleased to say with gratitude and grace 'the more I feel the more I love'. I am so humbled by the honour of having Cathy as my teacher and inspiration. My rewards through Tantra are to exude unconditional divine love to touch and heal the soul, being a natural expression of being me.

Introducing Vicki

I have always been spiritual and holistic and looked at alternative treatments of a variety of modalities in my life where ever I could.  In 1989 I obtained my Diploma in Beauty Therapy and commenced my career as a Massage Therapist, where I have used my skills and intuition to work on the human body.

Since 1994 I have been a full time mother to my ten beautiful children; however I have still been able to enjoy working within the holistic health industry. 

I commenced my Tantric journey last year through meditation and many of the workshops that the Sanctuary offers.  It was during this time that I felt drawn to undertake The Sanctuary's An Mo Massage Course.   This was a life changing experience so much so that I went on to complete a Diploma of Tantra. Tantra has changed my life in so many ways and I am looking forward to sharing this knowledge and journey with you.

Introducing Ruth Bless

I saw Cathy talk about the Sanctuary on a local current affair show, and made enquiries for a previous partner and I....I couldn't accept that what I was looking for was at my doorstep, so kept searching the World and gathering as much knowledge about authentic Tantra as I could. I ended up right back at Cathy's door.

I am honoured to be a Practitioner at The Sanctuary of Tantra; I have recently completed my Diploma of Tantra and was blessed to be taught by the amazing Cathy Wood, I have also studied Reiki Level 1 and Level 2. When something great transpires in your life, it is normal to want to share it with others, studying at the Sanctuary has provided me with that opportunity.

To see another's heart opening whilst learning to give and receive love brings me great joy. Learning of self-awareness and the knowledge of Tantra has bought me to that authentic journey I was looking for. My mother was a Masseuse and to see her give so much of herself in turn bringing health and joy to others has inspired me to bring those same beliefs into my life and walk a similar path.




"Celebrating our love, joy and pleasure of the Divine Feminine"

TANTRA with Cathy Wood, (Australia) founder of the Sanctuary of Tantra

Tantra is an ancient art of blending sexuality with spirituality, empowering the body, mind and spirit through the oneness of Divine Love. In the Hindu tradition, women embody the divine feminine energy also known as 'Shakti' - the interplay or static energy of all life. The practice of Tantra awakens the feminine aspect of our true spiritual nature. Authentic Tantra touches the heart of the female Shakti through the center of her Sacred Heart. The heart radiates harmony, love and compassion, allowing divine love to flow freely from the centre of each woman, honoring the wisdom of each heart, knowing its divine perfection, and in this grace the heart is all-powerful. Awakening the Shakti within empowers a woman on all levels: mentally, physically, spiritually and sexually. 

SACRED HEART YOGA with Leah, (New Zealand) founder of Sacred Radiance

Sacred-heart Yoga is a beautiful meditation with gentle flowing movements. The eyes can be closed, as you are lead on a journey of self-discovery. Noticing and allowing every sensation with a loving kindness and compassion that allows for the deepest relaxation and letting go. In this way, the body, mind, and spirit can be free to just BE. It is a gift to ourselves and can be practiced at any given time and in every moment with its soft "less is more" approach. There is a strong emphasis on the breath, traditional yoga and Feldenkrais techniques that focus on minimum movement, maximum release. The cave of the heart is opened wide, expanded, and nurtured, removing blocks and allowing love to flow. As we women honor our heart, we embrace all of that which resides within ourselves as beautiful Shakti. My hope for us all is a sacred experience as we flow in union together from the heart. 

SHAKTI DANCE with Mishaal, (USA) founder of Devadasi Studio, Tokyo, Japan

Shakti Dance is a soothing, relaxing, sensual guided flow of movements, honoring the divine feminine within. Every woman is a unique expression of the divine feminine, through dance we receive insights, and visions, and grace flows through us.  Drawing from the mystical roots of belly dance, and sacred temple dance, with an inner focus, and with awareness of breath, we trace sacred geometry of circles, spirals, serpentine wave, infinity loops and shimmies throughout out body. As we awaken and cultivate our Shakti flow, we connect with the energies of earth, air, fire, water and spirit, while moving through the chakras, in this exquisitely feminine dance of personal transformation.  No experience necessary, dress comfortably as if coming to a yoga or dance class.  

Location: Dragonfly Village, Ubud BALI 

All inclusive retreat participation fees (per person):

Double Room:            2 women $955                      Triple Room:             3 women $925

Quadruple Room:      4 women $899                      Blue Moon Room:     6 women  $880 

Price Includes:

3 nights' accommodations, airport transfers, all vegetarian meals, snacks, drinks, gift pack, meditation with High Priestess, evening of live music, sauna evening and bonfire, traditional Balinese Opening ceremony,  5.5 hours of Yoga 5.5hours of Shakti Dance , 18 hours of Tantra.

Please note:  Price does not include airfare.


  • Women's Level 1 Workshop - SUNDAY 30th JUNE 11am to 5.30pm @ The Sanctuary
  • Meditation - WEDNESDAY 3rd JULY 7pm to 9pm @ The Sanctuary
  • Wise Woman Circle - FRIDAY 5th JULY 7pm (Jackie's Place - Please email for address)
  • Couple's Workshop - SATURDAY 20th JULY 11am to 5.30pm @ The Sanctuary
  • Women's Level 2 Workshop - SATURDAY 27th JULY 9.30am to 5pm @ The Sanctuary
  • Men's Group - WEDNESDAY 26th JUNE 7pm to 9pm around the open fire at the Sanctuary
  • Couple's Retreat - 19th and 20th OCTOBER @ Serpenine Retreat Centre


    Perth Weekend KD Immersion June, 27th, 29th and 30th 


    I'm delighted to host Leyolah Antara- the founder and innovator of Kundalini Dance, for the first time here in Perth, to share her potent ecstatic wisdom and dance medicine with us.

    Leyolah holds a deep space for us to dive into our authentic, real and raw self, to open to love through this potent practice and to feel and move through the obstacles to the deeper intimacy and connection we long for. 

    An invitation for you to come dance, pray, breath out, feel deeply, release what is no longer serving you, commune with divinity and connect with each other from the authentic expression of your soul. 

    The weekends theme is "Inner Union" - An Immersion in the exploration of our relationship to love both human and divine. 

    We will be exploring a rhythmic breathwork through the chakras to reach deeper states of ecstatic trance for personal transformation and emotional clearing. The Kundalini Dance "work" is based in tantric energy practice and will support you to feel lighter, energized and awaken higher states of consciousness. It has been said time and time again this work is life changing. 

    For more information and to book online now at: 

    Perth Workshops June

    The Dance of Love - 
An evening to connect deeply with yourself, others and the divine exploring the practices of Kundalini Dance.

    Thursday 27th June 7-9:30pm

    Venue: North Fremantle Community Centre - 2 Thompson Road North Fremantle

All welcome to come and taste the bliss and treats for your body, heart and soul that is Kundalini Dance with Leyolah. 
Thursday night only - $25/20 prepaid, $30/25 at the door.

    Inner Union ~

    Perth Weekend KD Immersion

    Saturday and Sunday 29th and 30th June; 

Venue @ Sivananda Ashram Beacon Yoga Center - 151 South Street, (cnr Feild St) Beaconsfeild.
Investment; $295 Weekend (includes thursday night) / $160 Sat only

    More information and payments can be made online now at -

    For booking queries contact Bev Harris - [email protected]

    or call 0419 190 970

    Thank you for visiting the Sanctuary of Tantra[email protected]