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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

The Sanctuary of Tantra July Newsletter

Hi and welcome to another month at the Sanctuary.

Winter is now upon us and the rain is a welcoming gift for our dry land.  There is something special about the rain, I always feel it is a 'cleansing' similar to tears and I absolutely love working in the Sanctuary hearing the rain tumbling down on the tin roof is so soothing.  My favourite time of the year!

Another wonderful and busy month has passed us by and June was blessed with the presence of Andrew Barnes from Awakening Within.  Andrew facilitated a workshop on 'Women's Ejaculation' which included an amazing live demonstration with a very brave and gutsy lady who happens to also be one of my best friends.  It was fantastic to watch so many women come together to embrace not only their femininity but also learning and having a deeper understanding of their genitals.  We had some good laughs too mainly at the fact that nearly every part of the female gentilia is named after a man!  Then there was the Cuddle Party which many people came out of curiosity and cautiousness myself included but I have to say exceeded all my expectations.  It was a really fun, nurturing loving night and like Andrew said many people find it a difficult concept to find pleasure in non sexual nurturing touch as we as a society today are more exposed to fear, violence and sex.  It makes me wonder about the future our next generation is moving into.  The 'Energy Orgasmic' workshop was facilitated at the Sanctuary and was one of the most amazing and healing experiences of my life and I am sure all who attended had the same outcome. 

Many thanks to all the people who attended these fantastic events.  It was wonderful to see you again and meet some new faces too.  Andrew's passion, integrity and dedication to his profession are a gift to us all.  His work is encouraging the feminine to come out of its shadow, her place of hiding to connect with the beauty and wonder of the essence of  her femininity.  The Sanctuary is currently in talks to bring Andrew back to Perth next year for a 5 day live in retreat and we will keep you posted with further information.

Andrew Barnes and the Sanctuary of Tantra


Last weekend I had the honour of attending the "Energy Orgasmic" Workshop run by Andrew Barnes.

Having the opportunity of watching Andrew work with energy and the body was inspiring; having the opportunity to be shown and try the techniques myself was exciting; having the others in the class 'practice' on me was life changing.

Two other attendees were so inspired halfway through the first day that they booked into the five day retreat Andrew was running in Byron Bay the following Tuesday.

The Energy Orgasmic is about so much more than sexual gratification.  The experience is different for everyone and everytime.  For me this time it has provided me with healing and a desire to be more.  It is nothing less than a gateway to the soul.  I have just begun my journey.

I would like to convey my deepest thanks to Andrew for sharing his years of learning, experience and gifted teaching and I hope to attend a retreat later in the year.

I would also like to thank Cathy for inviting Andrew to Perth.  Without you Cathy I would not have had this amazing experience and opportunity for growth.  I know how hard you have worked at building the Sanctuary into something special and in bringing an awareness of Tantra to Perth.  I wish you a long and safe journey.  May the joys of Tantra brighten your life.

Nicholas Broadbent

In other news, many people have been contacting me lately to ask what exactly 'Authentic Tantra' is.  Like anything it is in the eye of the beholder and as the saying goes 'different horses for different courses'.  For me personally Tantra is about unconditional LOVE.  I call it 'The Gift of Love'.  Our sexuality and genitals are just stepping stones, tools to use to help us connect fully into this presence of divine love.   I have noticed for sometime now how many of us myself included tend to analyze, judge and dissect just about everyone we know.  We say things like "this person needs to cultivate their healthy masculine,"this person needs to be more yin", "this person  lives in their head", "this person is wounded", "this person is working on their stuff" the list goes on.  Whilst this is validated and relevant, lately I have sat in long solitary reflected mediations and it occurred to me how much the new age consciousness is still fixated on "working through our stuff "and doing it some what aggressively getting the 'instant healing fix' now and at all costs and by attending every workshop out there.  For me right or wrong Tantra is also about BEING, BEING in the perfection of our own uniqueness that is similar to the symbol of the Tao yin and yang/light and shadow, moving out of our head space (which I call the gold fish bowl with the millions of gold fish swimming around) to a special place in our heart of knowing the divine perfection in each and every one of us, honoring our own unique journey, embracing our wounding with love and understanding and supporting each other on their journey.  How simple and beautiful is that?   As quoted by Andrew  " it is time to leave behind the old way, and move into a new age consciousness of healing with love and gentleness".  A beautiful saying that sums up the above perfectly is from my favourite book  PTAH THE GIFT by Jani King.

Who you are is unlimited potential.

Who you are is a powerhouse, NOW.  Everything that has been in your past is who you are NOW.

It is alright.  YOU are ALRIGHT.

You are everything you can possibly be at this moment.

You are glorious, and when you can accept that you are, think of the tomorrow's you will create!

Some Tantra communities teach clients to masturbate under sarongs in group settings.  Whilst this is validated it is only a tool a stepping stone, people are missing and lacking the true essence of Tantra and are only concentrating on the tools and the pleasure the tools bring.  Tantra is everywhere, it lives in every cell, every cell in your body is orgasmic from the top of your head to the tips of your of your fingers to the tips of your toes.  Tantra is recognizing that your entire BEING is orgasmic and sexual not just your genitals.  Tantra is feeling the breeze on your neck and allowing that feeling of oneness to become Omni orgasmic and allowing that feeling to permeate your very being.  When I was in India, I was taught how to orgasm without touching myself or getting undressed, it is and continues to be the most amazing experience of my life to heal body mind and spirit.  Orgasmic energy heals after all it created you.  My body and mind are now so trained and tuned orgasmically that after 20 years the smell of a rose, the warm touch on my skin, the awe of a beautiful sunset creates  waves of orgasmic bliss.  For me life is one gigantic orgasm!  Tantra lives in us and through us - Tantra lives in your MIND! Think about it :-).  This is the power of LOVE!

In other news, credit card facilities are now available on the site and payments for products and services including retreats can now be accessed through our SHOP.  We can also take credit card payments over the phone.

My new CD Audio Program has just been released and I am absolutely thrilled to be offering such a unique and beautiful program for women.  I would like to thank the magical Mark Whitehouse from Procopy, Sam Blight and my beautiful fellow Dakini and best friend Dyane Hart who have been inspirational in the creation of this audio program.  Also the Sanctuary's DVD for Couple's will be stocked in Perth's adult sex shops in the next few months.

Lastly, it has come to my attention that some people are having difficulties sending through emails and phone messages.  I have no idea what the world of technical cyberspace is doing lately but if you have recently sent me an email or left a phone message with our receptionists and I have not responded, please send me a text marked URGENT.  Currently I am incredibly busy so I ask for your patience and understanding in this matter and please know I will endeavour to respond to you within that same working day. 

Until next month stay warm.

Warmest Tantra, Cathy xox



Free Chocolates and Soaps

Chocolates & soaps

We are now stocking our own range of cream filled gourmet chocolates and organic olive oil fragranced soaps for all our clients, international clients and customers to enjoy and feel spoilt as our way of saying thank you for attending and supporting the Sanctuary.

The Seduction of Cleopatra

One of the most mind blowing, seductive and erotic Tantra sessions currently being offered in Australia.

The Seduction of Cleopatra is a collection of secret sexual pleasures directly passed down from the  Yellow Emperor of China to his consorts and the WhiteTigress.  This session is only for the brave and bold Shiva's who are willing to walk into the unknown world of mystery, intrigue, pure erotica and  the extreme thrill and pleasure of seducing two goddesses at the same time.

Be prepared for anything and everything and surrender to the heart and bliss of the golden goddess Cleopatra. 

The contents of this session will remain an enticing mixture of mystery and intrigue!

Cost: $500 Duration: 2 Hours (Evening Sessions Only)

(Please note:  The Sanctuary's lawyers are currently in the process of obtaining a Licenced Trade Mark on all Cleopatra Sessions)

New Release C D

RRP $24.99

I am delighted to announce the release of my new audio program "Women's Sacred Tantra Practices" for Vitality and Beauty.  This CD comprises of practices and exercises that I practice daily and some of which I have never shared or taught to the public before.  Tantra for women whether single or in a relationship awakens the feminine goddess known as Shakti.  If you truly want to embrace and embody your Shakti, enhance and clear deeper healing from past wounds, increase vitality and creative energy, experience 'omni orgasmic joy' and reveal your inner and outer beauty then this audio program is for YOU!

Pilbara Tantra Tour

29th August

The Sanctuary of Tantra will be visiting Kalgoorlie, Karratha, Tom Price and Port Hedland  to facilitate private sessions and workshops.  Details will be posted on the web soon and any enquiries please contact Cathy [email protected].

Sanctuary Practitioners

Introducing our gorgeous Dakini's and Daka

          Dyane                        Leah                             Bev                          Kris

The Sanctuary would love to introduce you to our Tantra family. 

Dyane facilitates the Cleopatra Sessions and Men's Workshop .  Leah is facilitating women's and couple's sessions, Tantra yoga as well as Goddess Parties and Retreats, Kris will be facilitating women's private sessions including women's and couple's massage and lastly our beautiful new member of our family Bev will be facilitating couples, women, same sex couples sessions and Goddess Parties.  You can read more about our amazing practitioners by clicking on this link


Bali Tantra Retreat with Cathy Wood and Master Alex Lim - March 2012

This special retreat is in the final process of planning and further information will be posted in upcoming newsletters. So stay tuned!


Couple's Tantra Retreat

16th and 17th JULY at the Serpentine Retreat Centre


The ultimate weekend getaway for Couple's to re-ignite the passion, enhance deeper intimacy and understand the deeper meaning of true intimacy, heal relationship wounds, spice up the heat in the bedroom and connect sex with spirituality, pleasure with ecstasy!

The Sanctuary's Retreats are renowned for their incredible ability to bring Couple's together to celebrate their "Coupleship"

Open to couple's of all ages, no previous experience in Tantra is required.


Cost: $895 per couple (All inclusive; accomodation, vegetarian meals, tantra workshops, special guest speaker and tantra gift pack)

Book online

Women's Tantra Retreat 


11th, 12th and 13th NOVEMBER

The Goddess Retreat is a two night and three day getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to a place of paradise, surrounded by nature, peace and quiet and the nurturing aspects of the feminine spirit. 

Women everywhere are starting to awaken to the incredible transforming power of their sexual energy.  As women, sexual energy is what permeates our very being.  It is what empowers us, and gives us our life force, healing our body, mind and spirit and helping us form more intimate relationships. 

At the Goddess Retreat you will learn how to connect with your sexual energy as a woman and fully integrate it into your being.  The Retreat will empower you to live the life of your dreams, fully embrace your sacred femininity, form closer bonds with other women and become the extraordinary lover that you've always dreamed of.

Special Guest Speakers:

  • Leah Ferrarini - Yoga Health
  • Helen Frost - Australia's Leading Educator Nutritionist
  • Verissima House - Natural Skin Care
  • Dahlia's Belly Dancing

Cost:  $495 (all inclusive; meals (vegetarian), workshops, guest speakers and tantra pack)  Held at the beautiful and peaceful Serpentine Retreat Centre, Perth.

Book online 

Single's Tantra Retreat

17th and 18th September at the Serpentine Retreat Centre

This informative and unique Retreat was designed for men and women, single or in a relationship, to explore Tantra from a personal perspective whilst at the same time taking time out from the day to day fast pace of our busy lives.  Meet and intergrate with like minded people in 20 acres of magnificient bushland.


Cost: $495 per person (All inclusive; accomodation, vegetarian meals, tantra workshops, special guest speaker and tantra gift pack)

Book online 


Join us in Celebrating Tantra - The Gift of Love

5th August 2011 - 7pm Barrack Street Jetty

The Cruise is OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC and is suitable for couple's and singles to mingle and jingle.  Come on your own, bring your partner or a friend or two.  Donate a door prize and join the platform to advertise your business on the evening! 

This event is all about good old fashioned fun that seems to be so lacking in our busy lifestyles these days.  Filled with entertainment galore including fantastic door prizes every half hour not to mention cruising the beautiful Swan River, unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks, cocktail foods, belly dancers, exotic dancers and Miss Australia Burlesque!

We would love for you to join us at this spectacular event so what are you waiting for?  Book online today!

Book online

Women's Beginners Tantra Workshop

8th July

Sexual energy is the consciousness that permeates our very being, our vital life force, energising, empowering and healing body, mind and spirit. This workshop is a MUST for any woman who is on the path to spiritual awakening, encouraging every woman to live their life as Sensual, Succulent and Powerful Women!

Cost $100 Duration 12pm to 5pm at The Sanctuary of Tantra

Includes Afternoon Tea and Tantra Manual 

Men's Tantra Group

26th July

The men's tantra circle resumes again Tuesday evening the 26th July and is open to all men 16 years and over.

This circle is a fantastic opportunity to connect back to the deep masculine  spirit and talk and learn about men's sacred sexuality. 

Ancient primal cultures were aware of the importance of rites of passage marking a crossing into manhood and for men to become deeply centred in their healthy masculine and healthy feminine energy.

Facilitated by Kris (Sanctuary of Tantra Practitioner)  Please call Kris on 0408900823 for more information.

Cost:  $20  Time:  7pm to 9pm

Fire Blessing Ceremony

22nd July

The Sanctuary invites you to join us in a beautiful fire blessing meditation ceremony performed by Master Shamans and Master Lim.  Experience the amazing ambience of the Sanctuary's giant bonfire and the healing flames of the fire.

Please wear warm clothing, bring a blanket and a small plate of nibbles to share.  Tea and coffee is provided.

RSVP [email protected].

Cost:  $10   Time:  7.15pm until late


  • Reiki 2 (Okuden Level) - 23rd July
  • Men's Workshop - Do you know what women really want? - 30th July
  • Reiki 1 (Shoden Level) - 6th August
  • Couple's Workshop - 13th August
  • Reiki Mastership - 20th August
  • Women's Sacred Heart Tantra Circle - 29th July