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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

The Sanctuary of Tantra February Newsletter

Hello everyone and welcome to another month at the Sanctuary.

The start to the new year has been very busy and it has been wonderful to see so many old and new faces attending meditation classes, workshops and private sessions.  There have been many new clients flying in from all around the world to experience what the Sanctary has to offer and it is our intent to bring in more of the authentic Tantric teachings of Kaula and Mishra into practice and consciousness.

I am continually in awe of the beautiful people that attend the Sanctuary and this year in particularly I have noticed how many people are genuinely seeking peace, clarity and a deeper understanding of self in the great journey we all call life.

It is only through regular practices of Tantra, Pranayama, (Breath Control), Meditation and Yoga that we can delve deeper into the abyss of our shadow side allowing the light, our true nature to shine brightly.  This is the true path of Tantra - The path to Self Realisation.

I have seen so many people particularly this year absolutely saturating themselves in knowledge, workshops and healings.  It is true, we are seekers by nature yet for most of us we seek too much outside ourselves.  The saturation of workshops and spiritual healing will eventually over stimulate the energy centre known as Solar Plexus or Manipura Chakra (energy centre) accentuating old habits, and co-dependent emotions that can date back as early childhood.   This can be one of the reasons that many people continue to create the 'same old same old' being stuck in a pattern of old negative and repetitive patterns.  Seeking knowledge is an integral part of the journey but the key is to keep everything in balance.

Through Tantric practice and especially 'stillness' and JUST BEING in regular practices of meditation, yoga and mindfulness of ourselves in all totality, whilst being the observer of our own play, we learn to assimilate energy from the heart and crown centre which is the direct access point of light or source however you may think of this energy to be.  Light is wisdom and light is unconditional love.  To truly find that place, that oneness within ourselves awakens that light in our beloved creating esoteric experiences of euphoric lovemaking, connection and divine merging.  In other words, 'The unity of Shiva and Shakti'.

 "It is only when knowledge is integrated that it becomes wisdom" (Cathy Wood)

In other news, our last meditation group gathered at South Beach Fremantle at Sunset and it was such a beautiful space to meditate outdoors and be one with nature.  The weather was spectacular and our group certainly caught the eye of some very curious folk.   Many thanks to all who attended and especially to Jason our new practitioner for playing the amazing didgeridoo, Anne-Charlotte for playing the drums and Rachael for playing the Crystal Tibetan Bell.  Sound vibration is so healing and all who attended thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

I am endeavoring to take advantage of the warm weather we are having by facilitating a few more meditation evenings outdoors, the next one being at Point Walter on the 8th February.  Please remember that everyone is welcome and no experience in Tantra is necessary. click here for further details.  We would love to see you there.

"In Tantric ritual techniques of concentration and meditation call for a complete awareness of pranayama (breath control). As soon as the waves have stopped and the lake has become quiet, we see it's bottom. So when the mind and heart are calm, we can see what our own nature is" (Cathy Wood)

Lastly, don't forget Valentine's Day is just around the corner and the Sanctuary is promoting many wonderful specials to spoil, cherish and appreciate yourself and your beloved.  We have some delicious and delightful Lover and Goddess Packs which are absolutely fantastic value, free Lounge Membership and our new practitioners, Dakini Chelsea and Daka Jason and Dom are offering a fabulous special for all clients who book a Tantra Session in the month of February, you will receive the second session half price!  To take advantage of this great offer book online or phone the Sanctuary on 0863112804.  This offer will end on the 2nd March.  (scroll down for further info).

Have a wonderful month everyone and remember the one you love (including yourself) this Valentine's Day.

Om Shanti Cathy xox 

"True Tantra is a Pathway to Universal Knowledge and the Science of Cosmic Reality.  A System from Duality to Unity.  Of liberation from the human kingdom and passage into the divine" (Courtesy of My Master Teacher)


Celebrate Valentine's Day in Tantric Love


Couple's Tantric Massage Workshop

The perfect Valentines Gift for you and your beloved 


When was the last time you and your partner really connected, communicated, shared sacred space and became mesmerized in each other's touch and presence?

This Workshop was created for Couple's to embrace the Gift of Love through Tantric Touch.

Tantric Massage AN MO is an erotic, sensual experience creating pleasure for pleasure's sake and learning to be totally immersed in deep states of relaxation whilst building sexual energy (peaks or waves) through the body. An Mo is a rubbing and pressing technique to open the energy channels of Chi (life force energy), Ching (sexual energy) and Shen (spirit).

Massage and touch is a wonderful tool to bring more pleasure, depth and intimacy into love-making, to be used as part of foreplay or simply as a time-out experience with no expectations other than to be indulged, nurtured and loved unconditionally. When we learn to surrender to pleasure, we also heal and energise and reach new heights of sensitivity to orgasmic energy. Sensual touch is one of the most beautiful experiences of love we can give to our beloved.

This workshop will also focus on the foundation practices of Tantra through breathing practices - to move sexual energy through the body, grounding - to become centred in the moment and strong in your core energy, heart connection- to connect physically, emotionally and spiritually in other words to really MAKE LOVE and move from duality to unity.

  • WHEN:       11th FEBRUARY 2012
  • WHERE:    Vivacious Living, Upper Level, 9A Riseley Square, Applecross
  • TIME:         10am to 5pm
  • COST:         $300 per couple (all inclusive) Normally $395

VALENTINE'S DAY SPECIAL: $300 per couple

Includes lunch consisting of an delicious Aphrodisiac Platter, Tantra Massage Manual, Tantric Massage Oil and Gourmet Chocolates compliments from the Sanctuary.

(Please note: There is no need to have had any prior experience in massage or tantra to participate in this workshop. Discreet screens are placed between each couple for maximum privacy and there is no open nudity in this Workshop).

Maximum 10 people.

To ensure your place please book now by filling out this online form or email [email protected]

Lovers Gift Pack

This Sexy Tantric Lovers Gift Pack consists of:

  • Tantra for Couple's DVD
  • 500ml Tantric Massage Oil
  • Scented Candle
  • Gourmet Cream Filled Chocolates
  • Natural Rose Olive Oil Soaps
  • Sensual Feathers


Goddess Gift Pack

The perfect gift for every Goddess!

  • Jade Egg
  • Tantra Goddess CD
  • Scented Candle
  • Natural Rose Olive Oil Soap
  • Gourmet Cream Filled Chocolates


(Specials are valid until the 2nd March + $5.00 Postage and Handling Within Australia and New Zealand)


Private Session with a Dakini or Daka

Chelsea, Jason and Dom, our amazing, talented and dedicated practitioners will gently guide you within a beautiful Sacred Safe Space of love and connection to embrace the practices of Tantra - A Gift of Love.

Book a 2.5 hour Tantra session and receive your second session half price.  (Tantra Massage or another session at half price).

Private Session $250 - Tantra Massage $125 (Standard Price $250)


Please contact Donna on 0404 403 757 or BOOK ONLINE.

(Please note:  This is a one off special only to celebrate Valentines Day.  Specials can be purchased until the 2nd March and can be used within 6 months from date of purchase.  Offer excludes advanced Tantric Massage Session for Women)

Free Lounge Membership

For the month of February, the Sanctuary is offering a FREE 3 month membership to join our TANTRA LOUNGE and for all our existing members you will automatically receive a bonus 4 months extra free membership.   Click here to join NOW!

Couple's Tantra Retreat

The ultimate weekend getaway for Couple's to re-ignite the passion, enhance deeper intimacy and understand the deeper meaning of true intimacy, heal relationship wounds, spice up the heat in the bedroom and connect sex with spirituality, pleasure with ecstasy!

The Sanctuary's Retreats are renowned for their incredible ability to bring Couple's together to celebrate and rejoice in their "Tantric Coupleship".

  • WHEN: Saturday 10th and Sunday the 11th MARCH 2012
  • TIMES: Saturday 9am to Sunday 5pm
  • WHERE: Serpentine Retreat Centre, Lewis Road, Serpentine WA 6205
  • COST: $695.00 per couple (all inclusive; Workshops, Vegetarian Meals, Accomodation, Guest Speaker, Tantra Gift)
  • Includes Free Voucher for one Private Tantra Session or Workshop and Lounge Membership (both valid for 12 mths)


To register and learn more: Please click on the Couples Tantra Registration Form Email [email protected]

Women's Tantra Retreat

'At the Women's Retreat you will learn how to connect with your sexual energy as a woman and fully integrate it into your being. This Retreat will empower you to live the life of your dreams, fully embrace your sacred feminine, form closer bonds with other women and become the extraordinary lover that you've always dreamed of''.

The Women's Tantra Retreat is a two day getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to a place of paradise, surrounded by nature, peace and quiet and the nurturing aspects of the feminine spirit. This retreat is focused on the ancient secret practices of the Temple Dancers, The White Tigress, Tao and Hindu Principles and Mishra Tantra to find deeper inner SANTI (spiritual peace). These women no matter what size, shape or age exuded "pure Shakti" the beauty of the feminine, experiencing abundant health, beautiful honoring relationships and the power to become "multi orgasmic" to heal body mind and spirit.

  • WHEN: 24th & 25th MARCH 2012
  • TIMES: Saturday 8.30am to Sunday 5pm
  • COST: $450.00 (all inclusive)


  • Leah Ferrarini: Yin Yoga Teacher
  • Elizabeth Bowen: Zumba Fitness
  • Sue Bartoll: Vegetarian Cooking Class
  • Dahlia - Belly Jelly's WA: Belly Dancing
  • Divine Crystals - Jane Fitzgerald
*****SPECIAL: Pay for one and bring a friend for free*****

(PLEASE NOTE: There is no nudity or intrusiveness at any time during this retreat except during Tantric Massage where towels and sarongs are used for privacy).

To register and learn more: Email: [email protected] FOR BOOKINGS PLEASE CLICK ON THE WOMEN'S REGISTRATION PAGE

Women's Sacred Gathering

"If you cannot face directly into your sexuality, you will never discover your true spirituality. Your Earthly Spirit leads to discovering your Heavenly Spirit. Look at what created you to discover what will immortalize (heal) you". White Tigress Manual

The Women's Sacred Gathering is a Temenos (sacred space of knowledge and learning without judgement) for the feminine spirit to connect, love, laugh and cry. A beautiful safe space to practice meditations from the Sanctuary's new audio program for Women and to simply chat and anything else that goes within the safe boundaries. The Sanctuary encourages all women to attend and is open to women of all ages (16 and up). Bring a friend or two, no experience in Tantra is required. Held once a month including monthly Guest Speakers on various practices and healing modalities on topics to empower and educate women.

February Special Guest Speaker - Lisa Freer (Insight and demonstration into the use of the Keeper (Menstrual Cup) followed by any questions)

  • Date: 17th February 2012
  • Time: 7pm to 9pm
  • Where: The Sanctuary
  • Cost: $10.00
  • Bring: Water bottle, cushion and small plate to share

Mandurah Mens Group

  • WHEN: Tuesday 28th January
  • WHERE: Greenfields Community Centre
  • (Corner of Murdock Drive and Waldron Ave Greenfields.)
  • TIME: 7-9 pm
  • COST: $5 pp
  • ENQUIRIES: Dominic Daly 0415 747 485


I decided to establish a men's group as a safe place for men to meet, talk, discuss any issues or topics and also as a place to meet mingle exchange views ideas etc  that is away from work, loved ones family etc.


Meets are self directed which means whatever comes up comes up in discussions. As a facilitator I assist in holding the space and seeing that boundaries are respected and anyone who wants to talk has a space to do so. If there are particular topics of interest then by all means with consensus we can pursue them. Most importantly it's a place where men can support each other.


 I am a single Dad of four wonderful children, who works full time in the holistic field. I have qualifications In Life coaching, Voice Dialogue and Tantra and work professionally from home and as a psychic/medium at the Crystal dolphin in Mandurah.


Find us on face book as well, feel free to post, leave comments etc. Just friend request me Dominic Daly and I can add you to the group.

 Upcoming Workshops

  • Women's Beginners Tantra Workshop: 3rd March click here for full details
  • Tantra Meditation: 8th February click here for full details
  • Couple's Tantra Workshop: 12th May click here for full details
  • Reiki 1 Workshop (Shoden): 18th February click here for full details
  • Reiki 2 Workshop (Okuden): 31st March click here for full details
  • Reiki Masters (Shinpiden): To be advised click here for full details
  • Couple's Massage Workshop: 11th February click here for full details
  • Women's Level 2 Workshop: 17th March click here for full details
  • Men's Workshop - Do you know what women really want?: 3rd June click here for full details
  • Women's Workshop - Do you know what men really want?:  2nd June click here for full details
  • Women's Tantra Circle: 17th February click here for full details

    Thank you for visiting the Sanctuary of Tantra

    We wish you  a beautiful and loving Valentines Day[email protected]