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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

The Sanctuary of Ananda September Newsletter

Namaste and welcome to the Sanctuary of Ananda.

The months are passing by with rapid acceleration and the beautiful season of spring is finally here bringing her warmth and joy into our lives.  Spring always represents a time of awakening and rebirth after coming out of a long stillness, reflection time and hibernation of winter.

It will not be long before Christmas is upon us once again and I am really looking forward to an exciting overseas adventure in India for 7 weeks with a beautiful group of Shakti.    

Our amazing practitioners will be ready to take over bookings and sessions at the Sanctuary whilst I am away and I am really looking forward to introducing our new practitioners to you in upcoming Newsletters.

The highlight for August was the very popular workshop for men;   Do you know what women really want? Many amazing guys attended this great workshop with a desire to seek, learn and further understand the deepest ocean of the feminine.  In Tantra, I liken the masculine SHIVA to the solid rock in the ocean, the feminine SHAKTI to the ocean herself.  Always flowing, always moving, static and kinetic...sometimes calm, sometimes stormy!  That's just the way she is, acceptance and flow are the key and for men this can be an incredible awakening and discovery of the doorway to their own Shiva essence.  Guys in other words you have to learn to be the weather bureau!  Thank you so much to the beautiful Jo Divine and Dominic Daly for all your help and support at this workshop.

Another Sensual Three Week Massage Course is underway with a great group of guys and girls, bonding, sharing and learning within the love of tantric touch.  Thank you so much to Dom for helping me facilitate such a fabulous group of people and for bringing humour, fun and delightful energy into our space.  I also had the pleasure of sharing my love and wisdom of Tantra with a beautiful group of ladies who recently attended the Women's Level 2 Workshop.  I have met some incredible people who have attended the Sanctuary past and present and I am always in awe of the beauty that surrounds my life, even amongst the chaos and challenges, there is nothing more aspiring than seeing people shift, move and fall in love with themselves and all of life.

In other news, the new Tantra Lounge is now fully up and running with over 30 new members joining the lounge weekly.  We are about to further change and update the lounge with our new moderator and lounge Manager Jo Divine who is in the process of revamping and adding extra delights to the lounge for all our Tantra fans.  The Tantra Shop on the Sanctuary's website will also shortly be upgraded with advanced features and software and a brand new domain site to take the Sanctuary's products international.  We are still in the process of designing our Tantra Oracle Cards created to inspire you every day to bring more sacred love into your life.

Lastly, we have some great events coming up including the new Wise Woman Circle for all ladies 50 years and over.  We are also introducing Tantric Weddings as well as a wonderful Single's Tantra Retreat, Workshops and one more Sensual Massage Course for 2012.

Until next month, enjoy the beautiful warm spring weather and a big Happy Fathers Day to all the Shiva's out there.  May your day be filled with sharing love and joy with family and friends.


Cathy xox


"As it was our 34th Wedding Anniversary we decided to enrol for the Couples Retreat for a quiet but special break away.  We'd read a little about "Tantra" many years ago but really had no idea and had received no formal instruction. The weekend was absolutely life-changing for us in our relationship. We believe we've been given a precious gift, enhancing our relationship and bringing us closer together in our coupleship than we ever could have imagined. Cathy and her team presented information to us in such a beautiful, respectful and professional manner.  It was a truly magical experience and we'd recommend the retreat, workshops and indeed everything at the Sanctuary to any couple devoted to enriching their relationship". S & B Perth 


KECHARI MUDRA - Without it you are just going through the motions!

Tantra Pranayama teaches that correct breathing is essential for the release and expansion of full body orgasms.  Gently place the tongue in the centre point of the palette to form the connection of the microcosmic orbit connecting yin (conception front channel) and yang (governing back channel) together.  Breathe in through the nose and out through the nose and allow the flow of chi or prana to circulate around the microcosmic orbit.  Remember when you breathe in through the nose expand the belly out like a balloon and when you exhale through the nose, pull the belly back towards the spine.  Do this exercise for a few minutes as many times a day as you can and especially during sexual arousal.



9th NOVEMBER 2012 - 7pm to 9pm $10

Facilitated by our beautiful new practitioner Jackie

Open to all women 50 years and over, no experience in Tantra is necessary.

The wise woman's circle is a Temenos (sacred space of knowledge and learning without fear or judgement) for the feminine spirit to come together united in knowledge, wisdom and celebration of the WISE WOMAN.

When a woman has reached menopause naturally and has ceased bleeding for 2 years then she enters the stage of her life known as the wise woman.  Her cycles then automatically align with the moon phase.

Temenos is a beautiful space to become empowered and supported by other women to inspire the wise woman to continue to move forward at this time in her life with new found hopes, dreams and the succulent flow of her creative juices.

Temenos invites you to speak from your heart and bond with other women creatign support and confidentiality within the circle.  This is where new ideas, beginnings and friendships are born.

Held each month at the Sanctuary (Sanctuary meaning Sacred) we encourage and welcome every woman over 50 to attend, to embrace their sacred feminine and her journey of life with new found meaning, direction, joy and unconditional love.

Please email [email protected] or phone 0404 403 757 for more information or bookings.



If you are seeking a special celebrant, Belinda will design a unique ceremony to seal your Sacred Love in either Marriage, Vow Renewal or Commitment Ceremonies.

Belinda is an amazing lady, full of warmth and compassion and I can thoroughly recommend her intuitive wisdom to help you create your beautiful unique ceremony.  An experience that will be cherished forever.  For more information please visit 



Now with over 300 members!

The lounge is FREE to join to connect with likeminded people on the path and  discover the world of Tantralizing Tantra!


Tantra Parties for Special Occasions - Perth Western AustraliaWhether you are celebrating a birthday, a hen's night, special event, divorce, or simply a girls night out, the Sanctuary of Tantra has packages designed for you to create a party with a difference. A fun filled night guaranteed to bring out the magic, playfulness, laughter and creative goddess in your hen.Let your hen be pampered in style like the true goddess she is whilst surrounded by the special women in her life. We come to you to create a hen's night with a difference! We set the space of the sacred goddess filled with candles, flowers, aromatherapy oils, sensual fabrics and aphrodisiac finger foods.The cost is $60 per person for a 3 hour party. A minimum booking of five people is required. This includes our gift for the bride to be and a complimentary gift voucher for all her ladies.We come to you within the metropolitan area (e.g. within 1 hour of the Perth CBD). If parties are held outside the metropolitan area, an extra travel fee will be negotiated.

To register your interest and Book Online 



Guys!!! We have heaps of beautiful single ladies attending this retreat and we need more gorgeous guys to balance the flow.  Don't miss out on this fabulous opportunity to meet, mingle and have fun within the joy of Tantra.

This informative and unique Retreat was designed for single men and women to explore Tantra from a personal perspective whilst at the same time taking time out from the day to day fast pace of our busy lives. Held at the magnificent Willow Pond Reception Centre surrounded by beautiful and tranquil Zen Gardens, this is a sacred and fun space to meet, mingle and intergrate with like minded people.

  • When: 23rd September 2012
  • Where: Willow Pond Reception Centre, 459 Nicholson Road Canningvale
  • Time: Sunday 9.00am to 5.30pm
  • Cost: $250.00 BRING A FRIEND FOR FREE!
  • Includes: Morning tea, Gourmet lunch in the beautiful gardens, tantra gift and extensive tantra manual)

To register your interest and Book Online

COUPLE'S RETREAT - Last Retreat for 2012!!!!!!!!

Back by popular demand with new date

The ultimate weekend getaway for Couple's to re-ignite the passion, enhance deeper intimacy and understand the deeper meaning of true intimacy, heal relationship wounds, spice up the heat in the bedroom and connect sex with spirituality, pleasure with ecstasy!

  • When: 17th and 18th NOVEMBER 2012
  • Times: Saturday 9am to Sunday 4.30pm
  • Where: Serpentine Retreat Centre, Lewis Road, Serpentine WA 6205
  • Cost: $495.00 per couple
  • Includes: Workshops, vegetarian meals, accomodation, and Tantra pack

To register your interest and Book Online



Commencing Friday evening the 7th September and runs for FOUR Consecutive Friday's thereafter.

  • Cost:      $150 per couple (4 Week Program)
  • Time:     7pm to 9pm
  • Where:  The Sanctuary

The Couple's Sacred Love Module 1 is an opportunity created by the Sanctuary to encourage and empower all couple's to embrace and explore the deeper aspects of Sacred Love on a spiritual path of connection and intimacy. Coupleship is a very precious and treasured part of ourselves, our partner and our lives, yet many couple's lack quality and intimate time together for many reasons.

Quite often after a couple attends a session, workshop or retreat at the Sanctuary, they are inspired and re-awakened again within the dedication and commitment of their sacred love.  However, for many the old patterning and the routine of a busy and stressful life sets in again, creating frustration and disconnection. 

For four weeks on a Friday evening, the Sanctuary is creating an opportunity for couple's to take time out from the routine of daily life and just BE, spending reflective and quality time together in the rememberance and commitment of their Sacred Love.

Module 1 is for Couple's who have attended either a private session, workshop or retreat at the Sanctuary. Please email [email protected]for bookings.


  • Women's Beginners Tantra Workshop: 10th NOVEMBER click here for full details
  • Tantra Meditation: 12th, 26th SEPTEMBER click here for full details
  • Couple's Tantra Workshop: 3rd NOVEMBER click here for full details
  • Reiki 1 Workshop (Shoden): 27th NOVEMBER click here for full details
  • Men's Tantra Circle: 25th SEPTEMBER click here for full details 
  • Reiki 2 Workshop (Okuden): 24th NOVEMBER click here for full details
  • Sensual Massage Workshop 3 Week Program: 28th OCTOBER click here for full details

    Thank you for visiting the Sanctuary of Ananda

    We wish you love in your hearts and joy in your soul[email protected]