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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

The Sanctuary of Ananda's January 2014 Newsletter


Hello everyone,


Wishing you all a wonderful, exciting and Posperous 2014!

The Sanctuary of Tantra has now officially changed our name to the Sanctuary of Ananda (Ananda meaning Bliss and Ecstasy of Love), you will also notice our new Logo on our website and Face Book page.  I am so excited and delighted at the continual growth and expansion of the Sanctuary including the opening of our new Retreat Centre, Online Courses, World Wide Shop and much more.  My goal and commitment is to continue sharing and teaching the way of the heart through Sacred Love and Sacred Sexuality.

Approximately two years ago, I felt compelled to change the name of the Sanctuary of Tantra to the Sanctuary of Ananda as I feel and believe from a personal and professional perspective and as well as an observation that Western Tantra has become very tainted and commercialized concentrating more on the sexual aspect not the spiritual.  Authentic Tantra is so much more than just sex; its true origins teach the ultimate spiritual journey of Unity within the personality nature and that of the eternal light of the soul.  It is a journey to explore thyself 'intimately' the dark and the light, the love and the fear.  It is a blending and a merging with the Masculine/Feminine principles and the path is of evolution, not involution. 

When I meditated on the Divine energy of the Sanskrit name Ananda, I had a revelation that my life purpose is to take the teachings of Tantra to reach out and share, shine and heal humanity within the consciousness of compassion, love and giving through the heart.

I am really looking forward to this new journey, being the observer of the unfolding and humble and grateful for all that is.

Coming up in the next couple of months we have some fabulous Workshops, Retreats and Training Modules so please have a read through the newsletter and check out the information below.  

Looking forward to seeing you soon. 

Please note:  Our new email address is [email protected], please be sure to join us on Face Bookfacebook

In Love and Joy,

Cathy xox


THE WAY OF THE HEART - Women's Level 1 Tantra Workshop

  • Date:      8th February 2014
  • Time:     11am to 5pm
  • Venue:   The Sanctuary of Ananda
  • Cost:       $150 (Includes Manual, Gift and Delicious Healthy Lunch) 

A lifetime ago I was fortunate enough to meet an amazing man who not only studied advanced Tantra and Tao but was also a doctor of Western medicine. Together, we embarked on a wonderful pilgrimage to India, visiting many of the sacred sites and Ashrams through invitation only where I was taught the first path of traditional Tantric practice known as 'Kaula'. This path is focused on the 'external', the sexual energy and ritual, both of the spiritual and physical planes and the main focus is on the base Chakra Muladhara. In recent years, my path has led me to now study authentic Mishra Tantra, which is the second path, Mishra meaning 'mixed', it is a combined practice of external and internal rituals and the practice is focused on the fourth Chakra Anahata. The heart centre is where one applies and directs the energy of the heart and devotion to the universal, feminine mother or the "Womb of the Universal Goddess".

The soul is the Divine Life Force, a strand of light connected to the Divine Oneness of all creation, the soul knows it is eternal and has a consciousness of this powerful wisdom of love and mind. Our personality has both the higher planes and the lower planes, called 'personality filters' in the traditional Tantric terminology. In the West these filters are often referred to as the unhealthy masculine, unhealthy feminine, and shadow or pain body.

This Workshop will teach you how to start recognising what is soul contact and what is personality at play and how to merge and heal the lower filters back into the heart of Unity, soul consciousness. For it is only when we merge with the unity within that we become the Divine orchestrator of abundant manifestation at will. This Workshop will also explore authentic spiritual practices of Santi Meditations and ancient women's practices of both Kaula and Mishra, balancing and embodying the sexual yin/yang poles to radiate our beautiful Shakti Goddess self.

The Way of the Heart is a must for all women aspiring to walk a deeper spiritual path of authenticity, knowledge of mind and devotion of heart.



Discover the Power of your Feminine

  • Date:       15th February 2014
  • Time:       9.30am to 5pm
  • Venue:     The Sanctuary of Ananda
  • Cost:         $200 (includes Jade Egg) $150 if you already have a Jade Egg

Do you want to know the secrets of how to manifest abundant creative flow and expansion, passion and joy into your life?

Over the many years on my journey with the  Tao, I have discovered that the beautiful aspect of the feminine receptive pole desires to be seen, heard, admired and cherished.  Yin being receptive and Yang being projected, in other words, men like to look and women like to be 'looked at'.

Most women will take an active interest into their health and nutrition, exercise, choosing clothes and makeup that make her feel beautiful, hairstyles and clothes that flatter her best features, these are all aspects of the physical self.  The journey of Tantra is to fuse the spiritual with the physical and it all begins in her womb her yoni, the centre of creative flow and power.

If the material life is honored, so must the spiritual life. To truly radiate the energy of the Goddess Shakti, the two must be as ONE.

"If you cannot directly face your sexuality, you will never discover your true spirituality" - White Tigress Manual

The Jade Egg is an incredible tool that has been used for thousands of years by the Master Taoists with the aim of creating abundant sexual health through rejuvenation and restorations practices.  Our sexual energy is what permeates our very being.  It is what empowers us, and gives us our life force, healing our body, mind and spirit and helping us form more intimate relationships.  When we as powerful women, take an active role in our sexual health, physical health and spiritual health we will create and fulfill the life of our dreams.

I cannot advocate strongly enough how important the practices of the Jade Egg are for every woman on this planet and how much the practice has changed my life and created the abundance and manifestation that has made me so successful as a creative sensual woman.

What you will learn and discover in this workshop:

  • The History of the Whitetigress
  • The Tigress Sexual Oaths
  • The Jade Gate and the Jade Stem
  • The Three Sacred Treasures of Yin
  • Mastery of Refined Sexual Energy for Succulence, Vitality and Beauty
  • Tigress Daily Beauty Routine
  • Mastery of Orgasmic Release (closing the Jade Gate)
  • The famous Tigress Oral Sex Techniques and Hand and Body Positions
  • Techniques to Harness Sexual Ching (energy)
  • Tigress Qi Gong including Willow Waist
  • Intensive Practice and Advanced use of the Jade Egg
  • Jade Gate Journaling


  • Date:        22nd February 2014
  • Time:        11.30am to 5.30pm
  • Venue:      The Sanctuary of Ananda
  • Cost:          $250 per couple (Includes Manual, Gift and Delicious Healthy Lunch)

Whether you want to re-ignite the passion back into your relationship, learn techniques to enhance lovemaking or simply build closer intimacy and connection with your beloved, then this foundation workshop is for you. Tantric Workshops are a fun filled, dynamic and profound way to enhance deeper love, joy and pleasure within your Coupleship whilst at the same time meeting like-minded couples and enjoying an atmosphere of loving and flowing freedom within Sacred Sexuality. This workshop is a holistic approach to developing, creating and living blissful relationships.

 There is no nudity or intrusiveness of any form during this workshop.



Diploma in Tantric Studies Module 1 - (12 Week Course)

  • Date:            Starting SUNDAY 2nd March 2014 (each Sunday thereafter for 12 weeks)
  • Time:           10am to 3pm
  • Venue:         The Sanctuary of Ananda
  • Cost:             POA - $1000 non refundable deposit 

 Module 1 is the instruction and theory:

  •  a) Techniques on how to Teach a Private Session for Couple's
  •  b) Techniques on how to teach a Private Session for Women
  •  c) Techniques on how to teach a Private Session for Men

 This Module also consists of:

  •  Intermediate Tantric Meditation
  •  Intermediate Chakra Balancing Massage
  •  Intermediate Pranayama Breath Control
  •  Intermediate Chakra knowledge
  •  Philosophy and History of Tantra/Kama Sutra
  •  The Balance of Masculine Feminine Energies
  •  Tantric Pranayama - Nabho Mudra (Breathing Techniques to expand and cultivate sexual consciousness)
  •  Kidney Chi exercises
  •  Micro/Macro Cosmic Orbit
  •  The Chakra System and their role in lovemaking
  •  Mula Bandha
  •  Kalia Asana Advanced Kama Sutra Sexual Asanas (Positions)
  •  Auparishtaka
  •  Nadhi Shodana Pranayama
  •  Santi (Practices of Spiritual Peace)
  •  Tantric Massage AN MO - Give and Receive
  •  Yoni and Lingam Massage and Sacred Spot Healing. Please note: Practitioners are strictly taught this on props not on each other.
  •  - TANTRIC AN MO MASSAGE/ Tantric Touch and Energy Orgasm

INTERVIEW - There is an interview process that is an essential requirement before commencement of this Training Program. Please email [email protected] for further information.

TIME - The hours are 10am to 3pm.

COST - The cost of the Diploma is upon enquiry. A non-refundable deposit is required before the commencement of the Training. The balance can be paid off during the Training Program.  Lunch is included.

DIPLOMA - There is an Internationally Recognized Diploma at the end of the Module 1 training which is recognized by IICT and OAMPS Insurance.

MANUALS - The Sanctuary will provide all training Manuals and the material remains the copyright property of the Sanctuary of Ananda/Tantra.

LICENCE AGREEMENT - Before commencement of this Course it is a requirement to sign a License Agreement of the Sanctuary. This will be explained during the interview process.

NOTES - The Sanctuary does not employ Practitioners. All Practitioners are contracted by the Sanctuary and clients are sent on a referral basis.


After many requests I have finally put together a unique and powerful 6 week program for women to Heal, Grow, Energise and discover the beautiful Goddess within. A journey that will take you into the very heart of the Shakti, empowering you on all levels to trust, love, accept and become one with your divine feminine. The feminine wisdom is the greatest power in the Universe and the majority of women don't trust this sacred energy enough to step into her wisdom, instead they put their trust into the wounded personality, a shadow aspect of ourselves. Stepping into the sacredness of Tantra for women allows a transition of flow into the abundance, succulence and creativity of the womb of the Universal Goddess.

Tantric Yoga is one of the oldest healing modalities in the world and holds the absolute secret to abundant health, vitality and vibrant sexuality for women to balance the sexual poles, the breasts and the womb of creativity.

This program is suitable for all women who have attended a Private Session, Women's Workshop or either a Couple's or Women's Retreat and is designed as an ongoing concentrated learning program.

  • Held every Wednesday over 6 consecutive weeks.
  • Dates: 12th, 19th, 26th March and 2nd, 9th, 16th April 2014
  • Time: 7pm to 9.30pm
  • Venue: The Sanctuary of Ananda
  • Cost: $299 (Payment Plans Available)

Couple's Retreat 15th and 16th March




The journey for single male or gay male couples provides its own set of unique challenges and opportunities. He still fulfils the innate roles of protection, providing, action orientated and solution focused masculine mind, however his sexual preference differs, and this offers him challenges but also unique opportunities for empowerment of himself. Through the practice of tantric rituals and sexual health practices, gay men can learn to harness their sexual energy and find balance between the masculine and feminine energy that resides within.

Embracing and empowering your own sexuality; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually allows gay men to uniquely share their gifts of love and compassion from a position of heart based masculinity. This is one of the most important gifts any man can offer not only in his partnership but also in the world.

The Sanctuary of Ananda is proud to provide a space where gay men can find an introduction to their own tantric journey tailored to the individual or couples preference.

The session provides an open space for discussion and exploration via coaching on any issue whether it is emotional, mental of spiritual. Emotional connection and a safe container for creative expression are paramount for liberation and freedom on your own journey and this intimate knowledge of yourself, and your sexuality is the journey of turning sex into making love, pleasure into ecstasy. This is the gift of Tantra.

In a Tantra session you will learn about the history and philosophy of Tantra, the play between masculine and feminine energy within, breathing techniques for sexual cultivation and rejuvenation, and physical exercises designed to improve the wellbeing and health of the body and much more.

For gay couples in addition you will learn techniques to balance energetically your sexual and love connection through an understanding of the dynamics of sexual poles. In sacred space together you will be guided through heart connection and breathing to begin to know each other at a deeper more intimate level that will energise, rejuvenate and lead to an increased awareness of Sacred Love.

For bookings please email [email protected]



This has to be one of the most profound and informative DVD's created on the topic of menstruation and is a MUST SEE for all women, especially young ladies moving into this new phase of their life.

My teacher often shares with me that when a woman is on the 'path' looking after her body is essential although it is important to not become 'obsessed' with the external body as this becomes a path of 'involution' but rather to look after and keep the body at it's maximum and optimum peak through balance, this is what the Masters refer to as 'evolution'. A woman's cycle is connected to the wisdom of the moon phases even in menopause. It doesn't matter where her cycle falls on in the moon phase, what is important he told me is that she is in tune with her body.

The Moon Inside you is a lighthearted and very entertaining look at menstruation and how claiming the experience can empower women's lives.

The documentary The Moon Inside You is the director's personal journey in which she explores how we, both women and men, experience menstruation and what it says about our western society.

Written and Directed by Diana Fabianova.


WISE WOMAN CIRCLE - 28th February 7pm to 9pm (At Jackie's place, please email us for address) $10

MEN'S CIRCLE - 28th February 7pm to 9pm (At the Sanctuary of Tantra) $10

Thank you for visiting the Sanctuary of Ananda

We wish you love in your hearts and joy in your soul

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