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The Sanctuary of Ananda October Newsletter


Welcome to the Sanctuary of Ananda's October Newsletter. 

I am a little late in publishing this Newsletter due to the reason being that my 16 year old beautiful beloved Kelpie Cross passed away on the 20th September from a brain tumor.  Maggie May known as "The Divine Miss M" was known by many who attended the Sanctuary and her beautiful little spirit touched many lives.  We sat together daily in meditation and sometimes I not only wondered but also admired her dedication and devotion to myself and others.  Upon reflection, she was one of my greatest teachers of the heart and unconditional love. It is with certainty that she has gone back to her canine soul group a very wise Tantra spirit! And no doubt she has some mind blowing stories to tell!

Thank you to everyone who was a part no matter how small of her journey and a special thank you to my clients who allowed Maggie to share space with you during her final days. 

"Animals play an important part in our lives.  Horses provide loyal service, cats display comfort and dogs are noted for their devotion.  Devotion is a strong word; dogs give up their freedom to devote their lives to our service.  Thus it was with dear Maggie who spent 16 years as Cathy's shadow, day in day out.  Such devotion is both rare and beautiful.

Often unfortunately our relationships with family and friends are quite transitory where an unfortunate misunderstanding can cause great harm to any relationship.  But with very special animals like Maggie, I say special because she was almost human, the act and service of devotion is never broken no matter what.

After all these years of devotion Maggie has returned to what the American Indians call "the happy hunting grounds".  This is as it should be as such pure spirits were never meant for this cruel world of misunderstanding and violence.  Maggie has won her freedom and is now a happy little dog beyond the blue sky.  Please return to us as spirit so the devotional tie will not be broken.

There is a lovely wooden box with your name on it.  You will know it's yours and so you can curl up inside whenever you wish.

Thank you for 16 special years of devotion and love.  We will miss you.  God Bless".

(Eulogy written by my Father at Maggie's service)

In other news, the gorgeous red kangaroo paws and natives are out in full bloom around the Sanctuary and the spring sun is warming up our beautiful mother earth.  Last month saw the completion of the second Sensual Massage Course and also the fabulous Single's Retreat.  This Retreat was held at the magnificent Willow Pond Reception Centre in Canningvale Perth and I am positive that all those who participated would agree it was a spectacular day.

A big thank you to everyone who attended and a special thank you to Dominic Daly (MMM) and Jo Divine for helping facilitate this great event and holding space for all. Beautiful sunshine, great people and delicious food all made this a fabulous atmosphere in which to explore all the facets of Tantra in a safe Temenos. For some, they were catapulted way out of their comfort zone, stepped into challenges that far exceeded their expectations but realised they were more than capable of exploring, pondered on deeper insights of self-realization and stepped closer into Sacred Love and knowing SELF.

As I am sure you will understand being a 'Single's Retreat', no photos were taken to protect the privacy of this special event, however below are some great testimonies from the participants.Hi Cathy,

I would just like to thank you for today!


It was a life changing much so that I find it hard to put into words.


You are an amazing Goddess and both Jo and Dom are fantastic all project such a wonderful energy and I am honoured to have spent today in the presence that you resonate.


You truly are a beautiful being and I believe that you are making and will continue to make an enormous impact on the world and collective consciousness.


Thank you again and I look forward to the next event!!


Love and Light...




What a day!!!Just Cathy's, Jo's and Dom's presence was a guarantee for a fantastic and memorable time.Cathy's Magic (CM) brought us all to our individual best to share with such beautiful and worthy people.I felt HUGE inside, inviting, accommodating, warm, "cotton-ed", accepting, understanding, nurturing... it's (Tantrically) endless.Still settling un/conscious impressions and discoveries of own (and others') emotions, awareness, understanding, Love.And I asked myself: "What with am I entering the journey of Tantra, what am I giving into it ...?"Two words came ......Telling my "Sunday" experiences to an "enlightened" friend he described my "deployment" with the EXACTLY the same two words: SINCERITY and PURITY.What a beautiful living.Thank you all.Thank you CM


Lastly, there is only a few months left of 2012 and we have some amazing workshops coming up to end the year including the new Wise Woman Circle facilitated by our beautiful new Goddess Jackie whom I will introduce you to in the November newsletter, so stay tuned!  Meditation will resume at Point Walter Reserve on Wednesday evening the 24th October.  There will be a Goddess Re-union open to all beautiful ladies who have attended any Tantra Goddess Retreat at the Sanctuary.  This will be held at Point Walter Reserve on Saturday the 1st December so jot that date in the diary.  Jo Divine is doing a superb job as Manager of the Tantra Lounge which is rapidly growing with new members weekly.  We are also changing the colour scheme of the lounge and in the process of setting up a Social Events Forum for members to get together to meet and mingle.  Some of the planned events coming up will be a boat cruise, a night out at the Voodoo Lounge, (I love the Voodoo! probably because my gorgeous boy works there!), Free Massage exchange Workshops, and a night of Gonging and Sound Healing. Very exciting!!!!  I am sure Jo will keep us posted when these great events are organized.

Ananda has started earth works and is well on the way to fruition and she is breathtakingly spectacular!  2013 is going to be a year of magic and new beginnings in every sense of the word for me.  After losing my mother, sister and Maggie this year, I am ready to let go of everything and fly high, sharing my love and passion of Tantra.  I will be changing the name of Tantra to "The Way of the Heart" as there is sadly after many discussions with my teachers and high flying people in the sex industry, too much controversy, misunderstanding, projections and contamination surrounding what was once, to the Ancients, a very Sacred and precious Healing Art.

Private Sessions are also booking out quickly so please remember to give Kecci a call on 0404 403 757 and book in before I head off to a journey of new awakenings in India on the 31st December.  I would love to see you before I embark into the wild yonder!

Until next month.

Love and Blessings, from my heart to yours.

Cathy xox