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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

The Sanctuary of Ananda November Newsletter


It's hard to believe that 2012 is drawing to a close and the time of festivities is just around the corner once again.

So many people this year have been challenged and awakened to many facets of the diversity of not only their lives but the collective consciousness as a whole.  It is definitely times of self-reflection, dreams, goals and aspirations.  The Master's teach the only path to knowing all of self is through meditation of balancing and training the astral and emotional body through strong mental discipline.   This is Tantra Yoga and takes years of training and lifetimes of wisdom and understanding.

Kaula Tantra is the sexually based practice of the lower nature of Tantra and one must start the journey, only to grow, become awakened and embodied in Mishra Tantra - The Way of the Heart.  The heart is the centre of the Chakra System and it only through the heart and the mind that the soul can shine love, light and wisdom.

The teachings at the Sanctuary are based on Kaula and Mishra and designed to create a greater awareness of the power and medicine of not only sexual energy, but sexual energy combined with the unconditional love of the heart.

Sacred Sexuality refers to making love while consciously cultivating, blending, exchanging and circulating sexual energy throughout yours and your partner's bodies. Sacred Sexuality is a path to true ecstasy, living and loving in the light and merging with another to form the Ultimate State of Union "Oneness".

Last month we have had the delight of teaching a beautiful group of "Yummy Mummy's" and many thanks to the beautiful Lara for creating this space for young mum's to share in the wisdom of the 'mother' energy, reminding each other of the importance of self and being the essence of all woman.

Another Sensual Massage Course is in progress with an exceptionally great group of people and Dom and I have so much fun and pleasure in teaching the gift of touch.

In other news, we are still in the process of creating our own unique signature scent sensual aromatherapy oil, which will be on sale in time for the Christmas stocking.  Speaking of Christmas, we also have 10% off Christmas Gift Vouchers on all products, workshops and sessions for 2013.

We are also taking new enrolments and enquiries for Practitioner Training "DIPLOMA IN TANTRIC STUDIES" and the Sanctuary is very delighted to announce we have officially become an APPROVED TRAINING PROVIDER with IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists).   So if anyone is interested in a career and life path as a Tantra Practitioner, please send me a private email.

Lastly, the Sanctuary is expanding to Byron Bay and we are extremely ecstatic and thrilled to have on board a truly stunning and amazing Goddess who I can't wait to officially introduce you to in our December Newsletter.

I would also like to thank our very beautiful new Practitioner Jackie whom I have introduced to you in a recent post.  Jackie is very excited to be meeting you all and facilitating the very inspiring and supportive Wise Women's Circle for all women 50 and over.

I will also be re-introducing you to our other Practitioners who have been with us for some time now, the beautiful Lisa who facilitates the Women's Circles and Retreats with myself as well as private sessions and we are also in the process of organizing another Melbourne Tour for the 20th - 26th March which will include a Sensational Couple's Retreat.

Our other beautiful Practitioner is Leah who is based in Bali.  Leah is studying in Ubud in intensive Kundalini/Yin Yoga with her Guru and we are in the process of creating a magnificent one of a kind 4 day Bali Retreat for Women on the 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd June 2013.  So please stay tuned for more info as the organization progresses.

And of course for now, we have the fabulous and very full final Couple's Retreat coming up on the 17th and 18th November which promises to be a fantastic weekend.

And I cannot finish this newsletter without a special mention of our fabulous and beautiful Lounge Manager Jo Divine who is doing a superb job on the Tantra Lounge with now over 360 members. The lounge is definitely smoking hot with heaps of diverse, controversial and dynamic topics posted on everything you wanted to know about the Tantric Life.  Many thanks also to Daniel, Red, TC, Lisa and Jill for all your fabulous bubbly energy and to all the other members as well.  The Lounge is a fabulous place to be because of all of you, so thank you.

There is so much happening at the Sanctuary, especially in 2013 and we really look forward to sharing with you the greatest journey of all - SELF LOVE.

Until next month.

Om Shanti

Cathy xox



In Kaula Tantra, oral sex is known as (AUPARISHTAKA).

There is a big connection with the mouth and lips and sexual organs that creates 'intimacy' so some people view oral sex as more intimate than actual sex itself.

It is an amazing practice of cultivation, rejuvenation and restoring of sexual balance and essence.

We all absorb chi energy (prana) through the eyes and mouth, however men absorb it through their lingam (dragon head) and women through their nipples) so the exchange of yin and yang can be quite explosive!

The trick for the ladies is to stimulate your tongue on the bottom pallet of your mouth until there is a sufficient build-up of saliva, then using your tongue on the dragon head, lick or suck with the intent of drawing hot yang ching from the dragonhead and storing it in the hara centre. 

A secret for the guys is to ask if the pressure is right and lick or suck the clitoris (jewel) last. It is an erogenous zone and the build-up of energy and excitement by teasing the jewel is an electrifying experience for a woman. Remember though to stimulate the breasts first as they are the yang, positive sexual pole of a woman and it is through the breasts and heart that a woman gets really 'turned on'.


IICT (International Institute for Complimentary Therapists)

The Sanctuary is thrilled to announce we are now an APPROVED TRAINING PROVIDER with IICT.  Many thanks go to Lawrence Ellyard (Director of IICT) for his outstanding professionalism and contribution to the Holistic Healing Industry.

"The IICT is Australia and New Zealand's largest modality membership base now with 750+ modalities welcomed. We offer the most modalities under one banner in the world and provide our members with several membership options to suit their professional needs".For more info please visit

GIVE THE GIFT OF LOVE THIS CHRISTMAS and live the lover's life!

New Gift Vouchers are available for Christmas with the Sanctuary offering a fabulous 10% off all products, sessions and workshops for 2013.  (Conditions apply.  Offer valid until the 1st January 2013).


Download Voucher


2013 Moon Cycle Calendar Wall Chart

The most amazing self-help tool ever created for women!  My entire life is planned and mapped around the Moon Cycle Chart.  This Chart will teach you to tune into the times of the month when you are in your most heightened creative power and energy (for example the dates I choose to facilitate workshops and retreats) and when to withdrawal, slow down and nurture self.  On this calendar the months are in 28 day columns enabling comparison between the human cycle and that of the Moon. 

This is also a fantastic chart to mark your monthly cycle including tiredness, cravings etc. and start discovering the goddess within. 

$5.00AUD + $5.00 Postage and handling within Australia and New Zealand. 

Click here to purchase


THE TANTRA LOUNGE is "Smoking Hot" right now with hundreds of fabulous members!Fascinating LIVE conversation in the Chat Room, Tantalizing and Amazing Topics on Sacred Sex, Relationships, Tantra and more!Meet like-minded singles and couples for friendship or dating and take advantage of the FREE Business Networking Forum. Create your own profile, username and pic (optional) and join in the quirky humour and lighthearted fun. The Lounge is sure to entice you on a Tantralizing Tantra Journey of adventure and intrigue!FREE FORUM and LIVE CHAT ROOM access.   Full upgraded 12 Month Membership $19.95 Moderated daily for security, safety and discretion.

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Mid week evening Sensual Massage Courses


Highly Advanced Double Goddess TOUCH/MASSAGE Sessions for Men

                     Cathy                                                   Lisa

Step into the light of the Sensual Goddess where nourishment, abundance and nurturance flows.

Her only desire in this Sanctum is for you to surrender to unconditional love.

Be bathed and caresed in the heart of her breasts, basking in her exquisite touch, saturating in her radiance and deep inner beauty and honouring her Divine Feminine Wisdom.

For the sensation of TOUCH, happens only in the present moment, moving into a space of no time, no beginning, no end and leading you through the gateway of Ecstasy, Pleasure and Bliss!

Cost: $300 Duration: 2.5 Hours



Sexual energy is the consciousness that permeates our very being, our vital life force, energizing, empowering and healing body, mind and spirit. This workshop is a MUST for any woman who is on the path to spiritual awakening, encouraging every woman to live their life as Sensual, Succulent and Powerful Women! This workshop covers all of the foundation practices of Women's Sacred Sexuality.

  •  Date:    16th December 2012
  •  Time:   11.30am to 5.00pm
  •  Cost:    $100 (Includes Lunch, Tantra Manual and Tantra Gift)
  •  Where: The Sanctuary 

To register your interest and Book Online 


The perfect Christmas Gift for you and your beloved.

When was the last time you and your partner really connected, communicated, shared sacred space and became mesmerized in each other's touch and presence?

This Workshop was created for Couple's to embrace the Gift of Love through Tantric Touch.

  •  Date:         2nd December 2012
  •  Time:        10am to 5pm
  •  Cost:         Xmas Special $350 per couple (all inclusive) normally $395
  •  Where:     The Sanctuary

The cost includes a delicious Aphrodisiac Lunch Platter, Tantra Massage Manual, Tantric Massage Oil and Gourmet Chocolates compliments from the Sanctuary.

(Please note: There is no need to have had any prior experience in massage or Tantra to participate in this workshop. Discreet screens are placed between each couple for maximum privacy and there is no open nudity in this Workshop).

To register your interest Book Online 


Shoden Level 1 Reiki Workshop (Shoden meaning "new beginnings")

Reiki is a Japanese word translated as 'spiritual energy'.  The rei meaning 'spiritual' and ki meaning 'energy'.  

It is perceived that energy of the conscious mind permeates the entire Universe; therefore Reiki is simply a healing tool for balancing and healing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.

The history of Reiki dates back to the late 1800's and was founded by Mikao Usui.  Mikao Usui practiced a martial art called 'Aiki Jutsu' when he was just 12 years old.  Many years later he became an instructor in "Yagyu Ryu' and gained 'Menkyo Kaiden' (the highest level and honour in weaponry).  At some point in Mikao's life he found enlightenment and the ability to heal on all levels.  This healing energy is what the West knows today as the 'System of Reiki'.

  •  Date:         8th December 2012
  •  Time:       10am to 5pm
  •  Cost:         $100 (includes 80 page Manual, Certificate and Lineage)
  •  Where:     The Sanctuary

To register your interest Book Online 


Discover one of the world's oldest and most sacred sexual healing practices first introduced to the world many thousands of years ago by the consorts of the Yellow Emperor of China and based in the Taoist lineages. This workshop is an absolute must for any woman on a quest to deepen her spiritual and sexual path.

  •  Date:         9th DECEMBER 2012
  •  Time:        9.30am to 5pm
  •  Cost:         $200 (Includes Lunch, Manual and Jade Egg)
  •  Where:     The Sanctuary

To register your interest Book Online 


A beautiful meditation evening held under the stars on the magnificent foreshore at Point Walter Reserve in Bicton.

Everyone is welcome!

Please bring a yoga mat or towel, blanket and a bottle of water.  Cost is $10

  • Wednesday 21st November 7pm
  • Wednesday 5th December 7pm
  • Wednesday 19th December 7pm

Last Men's Group for 2012 - 12th December

Last Wise Woman's Circle for 2012 - 7th December

 Thank you for visiting the Sanctuary of Ananda

We wish you love in your hearts and joy in your soul[email protected]