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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

The Sanctuary of Ananda Newsletter

Hello and welcome to our March Newsletter.

We are very excited to introduce to you our very first Aromatherapy Oil range (see below).  These beautiful blends "Love Blend" and "Aphrodite Blend" are designed to awaken the senses creating a "tantric atmosphere" of tranquillity, relaxation and intimacy.  The Sanctuary is offering a free oil blend with every Couple's Session booked in the month of March and April and can be redeemed for up to 12 months from booking date.

Recently our first Couple's Retreat for 2013 was held on the 9th and 10th March at the beautiful Serpentine Retreat Centre and I can honestly say the weekend was the most phenomenal Retreat that I have ever facilitated in all the years since I created the Sanctuary. I simply cannot find the words to thank all the beautiful Couples who attended this special weekend and shared unconditionally, an amazing group dynamic that once again confirmed that Tantra is not just about sex but the connection of Divine Intimacy. 

Thank you to Dom, your strength, devotion and commitment has never waived in all the years you have been associated with the Sanctuary. You were amazing in every sense of the word. Thank you Vicki Young for all your help and support and fabulous van taking up all our stuff, another amazing human being who is also a brilliant mum to ten lucky children, an incredible woman, one whom I have the pleasure to know and share all the journey of Tantra with.

"Thank you Cathy Wood for allowing me to be part of an amazing and profound week end at the couples retreat. You are such an amazing lady that shares tantra from her heart and changes lives forever. I was honoured and blessed to have been able to witness and feel the transformations that took place over the few days.

A huge thank you also to Dominic Daly for being truly amazing at what you do. The retreat confirmed for me that I am on the right path. Thank you from my heart for being my teacher, my friend and my soul sister on this amazing journey of life....." Vicki Young

A big thank you to Sue Bartoll, Karen and Joanne for your hard work in the kitchen cooking delicious meals for us all. You are all such beautiful caring ladies.

Our next amazing couple's retreat is scheduled for the 8th and 9th June.  Details are up on the web under RETREATS.

Lately there has been so much talk in the 'spiritual community' on judgement but what is really judgement? I call it 'conscious choices'. You have the choice in this lifetime to indulge the DESIRES of your ego, lower nature based personality in which the Masters call "animal magnetism" through lower based gratification, recreational sex or the choice to sit in light and truth sacrificing the desire nature to reach the light of the soul. Not an easy path by any means why? because the personality has strong contact and allows for little or in some cases no soul contact, it is only through soul contact that we reach enlightenment, is the pureness of soul really interested in prestige "Titles" raw sex and other such acts of ego and desire......think about it? It is only in revelation that you will benefit and reap the fruits of the true spiritual journey known as Samaya Tantra, Cosmos of Mind and Wisdom.

We hope you enjoy the beautiful change of weather and remember to.........

For this day remember to stay in your heart not in personality, remember that each moment you breathe is precious and sacred, remember to take time out for you and reflect how beautiful life really is, remember to not get caught up in other people's misguided illusions as this will drain your life force, remember to be accountable for your own actions and remember to always walk your own truth.

OM Shanti, Cathy Wood

Oh sexy goddessDelicious, divineNourishing and splendidYet tender and fineYummy and gorgeousFeisty yet sweetChocolate on her breastsSo good to eat!Like the waves of the oceanThe moment, the flowExploring sexual fantasiesHer countenance doeth glowThe goddess yearns to travelMaybe go to Bali?Have the time of her lifeBut please, stay away Kali!But she is erotically gorgeousSo sexually aliveReady to embark on a journeySo into the ocean, we dive!Name Withheld (Copyright Sanctuary of Tantra)

Threesomes in TantraI was recently asked a question on the Tantra Lounge about the views of threesomes in Tantric practices.I can only give my point of view based on what I have learnt, experienced and witnessed on my journey with the path of Tantra.This is not a judgement but rather an observation in that I have worked with many many couple's who have started off in 'open' swinging relationships, or were perhaps monogomous and then wanted to follow the path of polyamory. They do this with the intent of "freedom" and to "spice" things up in the lovemaking arena.Over a period of time depending on the circumstances within the relationship, there is always a crash and burn syndrome in one way or another ALWAYS.Why? because the connection, or desire is created out of purely lower base personality gratification and the personality will have you believe this is beautiful this is diivne, it will convince you that this is freedom and liberation within a relationship.If Tantra is the path of DUALITY to eventually UNITY, look at it like this........The Sun warms our earth, without it nothing will grow and we will not have food to eat,The moon looks after the tides, without her we would flood,Both are opposite DUALITY and both cannot exist without the other UNITY. The entire universe is based in this concept, from day to night, hot to cold, yin to yang.The Divine made man and woman in the magnificent polar opposites to come together like two sides of a coin to create all that is sacred in love from soul to soul, light to light, spirit to spirit.Making love with 3 people at one time will never create unity, it is always fun, gratification and animalistic desire.The consciousness of humanity is based on three things, ANIMAL, HUMAN and DIVINE.The lower grade nature of most of humanity at this time is based in the animal and the human, the journey of Tantra is to reach the DIVINE.Something to ponder on.......



Introducing: The launch of the Sanctuary's new Aromatherapy Blend Oil range.

LOVE BLEND - A blend of Lavender true, Mandarin, Patchouli, Peru Balsam, Rose Maroc Absolute. Created to bring out the Lover in you.APHRODITE BLEND - Ylang Ylang 1st Grade, Orange Sweet, Grapefruit White, Patchouli. "Enticing the Goddess".12 ml pure essential oil designed for oil burning $9.99 available at the Sanctuary of Tantra's Online Shop. 

Free blend with every Couple's Session Booking for the month of March and April.

Free Consults for Sanctuary Clients

I have scheduled every Wednesday afternoon from 3.30pm to 6pm for a half hour free consult with myself either in person at the Sanctuary, phone or face book private messages to discuss any aspects of your Tantric journey that you may need guidance and direction on.

This is available to all clients who have attended either a session, retreat, workshop or training at the Sanctuary.  To book in please contact Donna on 0404 403 757.

Practitioner Training

Our wonderful Practitioner's are training at the Sanctuary every Friday and we are seeking anyone who is interested in experiencing a  Tantra Session or Massage (at no charge) so our trainee's can practice and refine their skills.  If anyone is interested can you please kindly email me at [email protected] and Donna will get back to you with an appointment time and further details.

Cleopatra Goddess - The Ultimate Two Goddess Massage Sensation with lots of gorgeous new Goddesses coming soon!

Allow your senses to come alive in sheer delight by the Seduction of Tantric Touch.Experience the ambience of candles, sensual music, fragrant oils, two beautiful experienced goddess's, exotic food to tantalise and tempt your taste buds, giant soft peacock feathers caressing, teasing and touching every fibre of your skin, every inch of your body, soak in the ultimate famous Cleopatra milk bath and lastly, indulge in the Sanctuary's new and phenomenal tantric SNAKE massage.  Four oiled gliding, slithering sensual hands running their hands over your body in unison, touching, healing, loving and pleasuring YOU!An experience of true ecstasy and every Shiva's dream!

Cost: $400  Duration: 2 Hours

Shakti Goddess Sacred Circle

Please join us for our first Women's Circle for 2013!!!!!

  • Date:  9th May (Thursday Evening)
  • Time:  7pm to 9pm 
  • Cost: $10
  • Venue:  The Sanctuary of Tantra 

Facilitated by Sanctuary Practitioner Jackie - Yeshi Dewa  - Wisdom Moon

The Shakti Goddess Sacred circle is a TEMENOS (Sacred Space of knowledge and learning without fear or judgment) for the feminine spirit to join together in divine unity and sisterhood.

Women are interconnected in a particular way.  There is a vibrational space through which women are closely connected - connected with the earth and with every woman on this planet. Life breathes through this web of women.This is because its centre is the inner place from which all life manifests into the world. Through their physical and spiritual centres from which they are able to give birth all women have access to this place where life originates.The sacred web that connects all women has a certain capacity to heal and transform, if we relearn to work with it and reawaken the attitude that is needed within us.There are different ways to activate this inner web so that the energy of love can flow through and contribute to the healing of the earth and the healing of women.Women who come together in circles may recognize the sacred power that is activated by simply being with each other. Feminine energy flows in circles. Feminine power with its primal purpose to give and care for life.So we need to rebuild those places from within. It is from inside, through a certain attitude of devotion and the inner contact to what is sacred within us and within all of creation, that we can rekindle this inner web of feminine connections.Tuning into the inner web of connections between women, where life breathes, like water flowing to the remotest twigs and the deepest roots in a tree, our prayers, carried by the inner flow will reach a woman in need at the furthest corner of the planet - if it is God's will.There is an inner place where we are ONE Woman, like we are one Earth, one World.

We are connected with our ancestors - women who lived many thousands years ago, and with our daughters of future generations. We are connected through time and space, and we are connected beyond time and space. And we can consciously reawaken this web of connections, so that it can contribute to the healing and transformation of all life.


Women's Level 1 Workshop (Beginners)

Sexual energy is the consciousness that permeates our very being, our vital life force, energising, empowering and healing body, mind and spirit. This workshop is a MUST for any woman who is on the path to spiritual awakening, encouraging every woman to live their life as Sensual, Succulent and Powerful Women! This workshop covers all of the foundation practices of Women's Sacred Sexuality.

  • Date:    30th March 
  • Time:   11.30am to 5.30pm
  • Cost:    $120 (Includes Lunch and Tantra Manual )
  • Venue: The Sanctuary of Tantra

To register your interest and Book Online

Couple's Tantra Workshop Level 1

Whether you want to re-ignite the passion back into your relationship, learn techniques to enhance lovemaking or simply build closer intimacy with your partner then this workshop is for you. Tantric Workshops are a fun filled, dynamic and profound way to experience more love, joy and pleasure within our relationships whilst at the same time meeting like minded couples and enjoying an atmosphere of freedom within our own sexuality. These workshops are a holistic approach to relationship harmony and there is no nudity or intrusiveness of any form during the workshop.

  • Date:  18th May
  • Time:  12pm to 5pm (Includes Lunch, Tantra Manual and Tantra Gift)
  • Cost:    $200
  • Venue: The Sanctuary of Tantra

To register your interest Book Online


The Sacred Women's Heart Retreat 13th and 14th April is now FULLY BOOKED OUT.

We are so looking forward to sharing this incredible weekend with all the beautiful ladies who will be attending.  Our amazing and beautiful Bali Ubud Practitioner Leah and Mishell will be joining us from Bali.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Heart yoga facilitated by Leah

Heart Yoga is beautiful moving meditation with gentle flowing movements.  The eyes can be closed, as you are lead into a journey of self-discovery. Noticing all and very sensation with loving kindness which allows for the deepest relaxation and letting.

 In this way the body, mind and spirit can be free of tension, tightness, and dis ease allowing for gift to just BE in bliss. There is a strong emphasis on the breath, traditional yoga and Feldenkrais techniques that focus an applying minimum movement with maximum release.  In many ways it shares a yin and yoga therapy approach. The wide of open cave of the heart is nourished and opened removing blocks and allowing for the divine.

Chandra Namaskara (moon salutations) the lunar energy of the moon flows within the Ida nadi. It has a cool, relaxing and creative quality. Ida is the introverted feminine which is responsible for consciousness.  As we women honour the moon awe embrace all of that which resides within ourselves as beautiful Shakti.  For those new to yoga, do not fear you don't even need to touch your toes and there will be options.  In this style the focus is on how it feels like rather that how it looks. For those experienced yogi it will be an advanced practice of being as you follow the energy and master the micro movements and sensations of your being.

My hope for us all is that will be a sacred shared energy of love as we flow together from the heart.

Leah is currently employed with Dr Sujatha at the Ayurveda Clinic in Ubud teaching yoga, pranayama, meditation, women's sacred healing practices, and providing reiki.  Also, teaching children's yoga at Pelangi International School.  Along with co-ordinating, facilitating and teaching at retreats in Bali. Periodically returning to Perth teaching yoga for the  "Sanctuary of Tantra", "Charleyoga" and "Yoga 2 Fitness" for both children and adults.

Moonsong Workshop and the Shamanic Dimensions of Pregnancy

The fabulous Jane Collins, Independent Midwife, Teacher of the Women's Mysteries, Founder and Midwife of The School of Shamanic Midwifery is coming to Ananda from the Eastern States to facilitate two fabulous Workshops on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 26th, 27th and 28th APRIL 2013.

All women are invited to attend these incredible workshops, you don't have to be pregnant to attend.  Discounts apply for group bookings.

The Shamanic Dimensions of Pregnancy  FRIDAY 26th April - $160 fully catered

Moonsong 27th and 28th APRIL - $400 for two days ($300 each if you bring a friend) fully catered

To register your interest Book Online

Events Coming Up

  • Reiki 2 (Okuden) Workshop - 6th APRIL
  • Reiki 1 (Shoden) Workshop - 21st APRIL
  • Couple's Massage Workshop - 4th MAY
  • Wise Woman Circle - 10th MAY
  • Couple's Workshop - 18th MAY
  • Women's Workshop - 30th MARCH
  • Women's Retreat - 13th and 14th APRIL
  • Couple's Retreat - 8th and 9th JUNE
  • Thank you for visiting the Sanctuary of Ananda

    We wish you love in your hearts and joy in your soul[email protected]