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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

The Sanctuary of Ananda MARCH Newsletter

Introducing our new sensual and exotic signature range of Shiva and Shakti Pure Soy Candles. French Lavender and Cinnamon and Vanilla, radiating a beautiful scented ambience to enhance your Sacred Space. Please find us at the Sanctuary of Ananda's Online Tantra Shop.Hello and welcome to the Sanctuary of Ananda's March Newsletter.

The start of 2014 has been absolutely wonderful with many chapters of my life closing and many new and amazing ones opening.  In the Chinese practice of Feng Shui, this year represents the year of the Wood Horse.  I am loving the energy and vibration of the Wood Horse so far and feeling so much strength, drive and passion and a resonance to let go of the people, events and places that no longer serve and vibrate with me. It's a beautiful insight to see how far one has progressed and grown along the path. The Wood Horse starts with letting go of what drains your energy and drags you down emotionally. It is about calling upon one's strength and endurance to achieve and accomplish our life passion and our life purpose. So onwards and upwards! What an exciting year ahead for everybody!

On another note, we have had some amazing Workshops so far including the brand new "Mastering your Feminine" Workshop with Jennifer Gillson Founder of Image by Jennifer.  This Workshop was so successful that we are holding this Workshop again on the 10th May and there will be an advanced workshop on the 7th June.  We are also in the process of designing and creating "Mastering your Masculine" Workshop for men on the 26th April.  So stay tuned for more info coming shortly.

Recently, I have had many requests to write about my thoughts and experiences regarding Monogamy and Polyamory.  I posted this article that I wrote on face book a few months back so felt it was apt for posting again in this Newsletter.  Remember, everything in life is a perception of state of mind.  There is no wrong or right on the path, however, through the trials and tribulations of life one learns the art of discernment and this revelation creates soul awareness and soul growth.

Monogamy versus Polyamory

The definition of Monogamy - The practice or condition of having a single sexual partner during a period of time.

The definition of Polyamory - Is the practice, desire or acceptance of having more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved.

Monogamy and Polyamory in Tantric Sex is a subject that comes up constantly in my work and more than ever lately I am surprised at how very few actually know and understand what Polyamory actually is.  A lot of people use the termly loosely in the sense that they are in a relationship and sleep around, however their partner may be aware, but they don't know who it is with.  This is not the true path of Polyamory.

At this time of my life I currently practice and promote on my tantric journey Monogamy.  There were many years where I lived the 'poly' lifestyle and although it promotes freedom and less attachment, for me personally it was far less fulfilling.  I have lived and experienced "everything" in the world of sexuality including celibacy for 8 years and monogamy is incredibly beautiful and real for me for where I am in my life right now.

What I have found fascinating as a Tantra Teacher is to sit back and observe the play of human dynamics within sexuality.  Sexuality is the greatest force in the human consciousness and numerous couple's that I have met and taught Tantra to experiment at some stage with 'poly' 'swinging' 'swapping' etc.  The majority of the time I see many of these couple's (not all) end up with so many problems within their relationship because of this way of life.  Why?  I feel personally that it's because as human beings we have 'emotions' especially the feminine the YIN, in fact women are metaphorically speaking approx. 70% Yin and 30% Yang.  Many women enjoy the practice of swinging until the emotions become involved and believe me 99% of the time they do.  It's the nature of the beast so to speak.  So my advice to couple's would be to watch out for the 'red flag' warning and take notice, act on it and create very clear boundaries, intent and communication.  It is absolute vital as remember the feminine is like an ocean, one moment calm, the next moment a storm and even 'she' sometimes doesn't see the storm coming and by that I am referring to emotions of jealousy not feeling cherished etc. and of course these feelings can go both ways.  Most people

I have spoken with do have a feeling that something is 'changing' in their relationship but they fail to act on it.  When we act on it we start to live and breathe our truth and most of all set strong and healthy boundaries within our relationships.  If our partner (male or female) is not willing to listen to our concerns or willing to have a break from swinging etc., to work creating a stable and concrete sacred union, then you really seriously need to look into 'the core' of your own being and especially your relationship because the definition of LOVE is SACRIFICE.  So if one partner is not willing to sacrifice, then is there any foundation or substance to the relationship in the first place?  It's about getting real. 

At the end of the day whether we practice monogamy or polyamory, it is a personal choice.  There never is any wrong or right, only lessons, experiences, observations and growth.  It's all about playing it smart and listening to your core and asking yourself questions this really what I truly desire, is this for my highest good? Does this practice value my sexual beliefs and value myself as a person? Am I in congruency with my own truth or am I living someone else's beliefs.

Food for thought  and for some, something to ponder on :-)

Wishing you a wonderful month of Tantric Love and Joy.

Cathy Wood xoxo


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MBTI - Presented by John Baldock and Cathy WoodThe Myer Briggs Type Indicator known as (MBTI) is based on a psychological item called TYPES or TYPOLOGY and has a long history. Going back to the Ancient Greeks 5th Century BC who noted the wide variety of personalities in Ancient Greece they wondered if this wide disparity could be better organised for the smooth running of a City or State. For 2000 years TYPE has been debated by philosophers so that when pioneer psychologist Carl Jung (1875 - 1961) became interested he wanted people to understand themselves better and in particular become more energised. Jung was a Swiss Doctor and perhaps he was fortunate the Americans became interested in his research because it was the Americans who developed the MBTI. As just one example of it's use throughout the world is the story it played in WW2. All American officers were trained in its use prior to the war and it is reported that under the stress of battle these officers operated with great efficiency. Using the MBTI they had been assigned roles that suited their temperaments and personalities. The motivation for the Americans who developed MBTI was to develop a race of people who could answer the question "WHO AM I" and how can I operate better under STRESS. Type has now reached many professions and is used in industry and commerce. If can influence health, wealth and relationships. It is not JUDGEMENTAL and as an INDICATOR it is gentle and effective. This Workshop is designed for you to discover your personality strengths and weaknesses and how you function in the world, it is an amazing indicator for you to see clearly your unconscious patterns of self sabotage or patterns of avoidance and perhaps where your energy is 'leaking' unnecessary in roles, careers and relationships that are not potentially fulfilling. MBTI gives you the tools to harness your greatest strengths to step into your life's passion with direction, clarity and purpose.

  • DATE:       20th MARCH 2014
  • WHERE:   The Sanctuary of Ananda PERTH
  • TIME:       10am to 3pm 
  • COST:       $97 per person (Includes Handouts, Lunch and Free Book)

Please email [email protected] for bookings or further information.


After many requests I have finally put together a unique and powerful 6 week program for women to Heal, Grow, Energise and discover the beautiful Goddess within. A journey that will take you into the very heart of the Shakti, empowering you on all levels to trust, love, accept and become one with your divine feminine. The feminine wisdom is the greatest power in the Universe and the majority of women don't trust this sacred energy enough to step into her wisdom, instead they put their trust into the wounded personality, a shadow aspect of ourselves. Stepping into the sacredness of Tantra for women allows a transition of flow into the abundance, succulence and creativity of the womb of the Universal Goddess.

Tantric Yoga is one of the oldest healing modalities in the world and holds the absolute secret to abundant health, vitality and vibrant sexuality for women to balance the sexual poles, the breasts and the womb of creativity.

This program is suitable for all women who have attended a Private Session, Women's Workshop or either a Couple's or Women's Retreat and is designed as an ongoing concentrated learning program.

  • Held every Wednesday over 6 consecutive weeks.
  • Dates:    12th, 19th, 26th March and 2nd, 9th, 16th April 2014
  • Time:     7pm to 9.30pm
  • Venue:   The Sanctuary of Ananda
  • Cost:      $299 (Payment Plans Available)





Mastering Your Feminine Workshop 10th May



  • Women's Level 1 Workshop - SATURDAY 17th May 11am to 5.30pm @ The Sanctuary
  • Wise Woman Circle - FRIDAY 28th March 7pm (Jackie's Place - Please email for address)
  • Men's Group - WEDNESDAY 26th March 7pm to 9pm @ The Sanctuary
  • Sensual Massage Course - SATURDAY 7th June 9am to 3pm @The Sanctuary
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    We wish you love in your hearts and joy in your soul[email protected]