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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

The Sanctuary of Ananda - July Newsletter

Welcome to the Sanctuary's July Newsletter.

It has been another really busy but wonderful month at the Sanctuary with the recent Couple's Retreat held on the 7th and 8th July.  Although the weather was chilly, we were blessed with blue skies and a hint of warm winter sun.  The dynamic energy of this large group of amazing couple's was phenomenal and I am sure everyone that attended would agree a fabulous weekend was enjoyed by all.

Many thanks go to Dom for all your hard and dedicated work holding space for all within the grounded masculine.  You certainly are our amazing new 'Male Man'.  Many thanks also go to beautiful Lisa who as always opens her heart and radiates warmth and non-judgement to all.

Also, another big thank you to Sue Bartoll and Joanne for all your tireless work this weekend cooking delicious food for such a large group of people.  You are always amazing Sue :-).

And lastly, thank you again to all the couple's that attended this weekend.  May your love continue to grow and flourish with abundance within your beautiful coupleship.

My heart continues to overflow with such gratitude, humbleness and love to be able to share my passion and journey of Tantra with so many people.

Due to popular demand and many enquiries, I am in the process of organizing one more Couple's Retreat for 2012 and awaiting final details.  So stay tuned!

Some of the fabulous Couple's that attended the July 2012 Tantra Retreat

The Women's Retreat is scheduled for the 28th and 29th July and promises to be another fantastic weekend with Special Guest Speakers in Sensual Dance, Bikram Yoga and Verissima Skin Care.  There are currently 36 women booked for this fabulous weekend; however there are ONLY TWO places left so don't miss out on the last Women's Retreat for 2012.  This is a beautiful weekend for all women to connect to the heart of their femininity and celebrate the love and joy of the Sisterhood.

In other news, I would like to keep you up to date and introduce you to the fabulous Staff at Ananda.  Kecci has recently joined our Administration team and works alongside Donna.  Lisa Freer looks after the Tantra Lounge and Jo Divine will also be onboard as one of the Moderators for the Tantra Lounge and also one of Ananda's future Tantra Practitioners.  Dom and Lisa help me organize and facilitate workshops and retreats as well as teaching private Tantra sessions.  Leah is undertaking further advanced Tantrika Training in Bali and we also have a couple of amazing and aspiring Practitioners in training.

The Sanctuary would like to thank this amazing and wonderful team of highly motivated people, in particular our Practitioners who continue to walk in integrity, respect and professionalism within the ethics of Ananda.  It is for this reason they are the only Practitioners that we recommend and fully endorse.  

Ananda continues to grow and inspire all in the Gift of Love and it is such a blessing to watch her unfold.

Until next month, stay well, stay warm and stay centered in the heart.

Om Shanti

Cathy xox

The journey of Tantra is not about conflict with the organic, but rather it's fulfilment.

The aim is not the discovery of the unknown but the realization of the known, for 'what is here, is elsewhere.  What is not here is nowhere' (Visvasara Tantra); the result is an experience which is even more real that the experience of the objective world.

Tantra Tip of the Month!


This is the time after love making, for warmth and companionship, for holding and being close.  Afterglow is for "glowing in afterwards".  Resume the "spoon position" and hold each other in a state of bliss and total surrender.  There is no need to breathe in unison but rather to be at peace with one another, saturating and basking in the energy you created together.  Remember YIN takes a long time to warm up and a long time to cool down, YANG doesn't take long to heat up and doesn't take long to cool down.  Men need to know and understand that this is the most crucial time for a woman in lovemaking when she will fully connect and open her heart to you unconditionally, honour and appreciate you as her Divine Shiva and in turn you can remind your Shakti of how cherished and loved she is by you.  This is Tantric!

What's New!


Highly Advanced Double Goddess TOUCH/MASSAGE Sessions for Men

Step into the light of the Sensual Goddess where nourishment, abundance and nurturing flows.

Her only desire in this Sanctum is for you to surrender to unconditional love.

Be bathed and caresed in the heart of her breasts, basking in her exquisite touch, saturating in her radiance and deep inner beauty and honouring her Divine Feminine Wisdom.

For the sensation of TOUCH, happens only in the present moment, moving into a space of no time, no beginning, no end and leading you through the gateway of Ecstasy, Pleasure and Bliss!

Cost: $500 Duration: 2.5 Hours

Coming soon!

MADAM GEISHA - Authentic Tea Ceremony and Tantra Session

New Release!


Sensual, Erotic Tantra Massage CD (Audio Program)

A sensational step by step guided instructional Audio Program has just been released by the Sanctuary. This Program was designed to give you guided tools, moves and techniques on how to give a sensual, healing or erotic Tantric Massage. Ideal to download onto an ipod to follow the simple instructions at hand.

RRP $29.99  Buy Online 


Commencing Friday evening the 7th September and runs for FOUR Consecutive Friday's thereafter.

  • Cost: $150 per couple (4 Week Program)
  • Time: 7pm to 9pm
  • Where: The Sanctuary

The Couple's Sacred Love Module 1 is an opportunity created by the Sanctuary to encourage and empower all couple's to embrace and explore the deeper aspects of Sacred Love on a spiritual path of connection and intimacy. Coupleship is a very precious and treasured part of ourselves, our partner and our lives, yet many couple's lack quality and intimate time together for many reasons. For four weeks on a Friday evening, you will have the opportunity to take time out from the routine of daily life and just BE together to spend reflective time in rememberance of how important and special your beloved is.

Ideal for Couple's who have attended either a private session, workshop or retreat at the Sanctuary. Please email [email protected]for bookings.


Every woman has a longing, a deep desire to be truly loved, understood and sexually satisfied by her lover. Women desire to be cherished, men yearn to be appreciated. These are the two major ingredients in Tantra and within "Coupleships". When these two ingredients are honoured, the relationship moves into a space of beautiful intimacy, love and trust.

This workshop will cover everything you ever wanted to know about the feminine and especially how to cherish her unconditionally. When a woman feels cherished by her man, she will energetically connect to him on a deeper level, become more sexual, passionate, open, loving and fun to be with. Now what man doesn't want that! When a woman does not feel cherished she will automatically disconnect and shut down from their partner, thus creating the wounded and volatile downward spiral that eventually is the breaking point of all relationships.

The Masculine Shiva is like the rock in the ocean, the Feminine Shakti is the ocean!  One minute the ocean is calm, the next she is storm.  This workshop will give you amazing insight as well as tools and techniques to anchor into the solid rock in the ocean and hold space for the feminine in the embodiment of the Divine Shiva.

This Workshop is a wonderful opportunity for you to learn, enjoy, have fun and explore what women really want.

  • Date:        12th August
  • Time:       12pm to 5.30pm
  • Where:     The Sanctuary
  • Cost:         $120 (Includes Lunch and Tantra Manual)

To register your interest and Book Online



  • Saturday 18th August 9am to 3pm
  • Saturday 25th August 9am to 3pm
  • Saturday 1st September 9am to 3pm
  • VENUE: The Sanctuary

Cost:$550 per person (Men and Women, Single or Partnered. Includes Tantric Massage Manual, Massage Oil and Lunch)

The art of Tantric touch is a gift of healing through sensual touch and pleasure. This three week course will introduce you to the foundation practices of Tantra through Sensual and Erotic touch. Contains nudity within safe and contained boundaries.

*****Internationally recognised Certificate issued upon completition of course*****

To register your interest and Book Online



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FREE Sensual Massage CD for every member who upgrades to the $19.95 private membership with profile pic. (valid until 1st August).

The Lounge offers members a unique opportunityto privately meet like minded people interested in following the path of Sacred Sexuality/Tantra and Kama Sutra, as well as an open forum discussion on all topics related to Tantric Sex.

Please feel free to advertise your business on the networking forum and promote workshops, products etc.

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Upcoming Workshops and Meditations 

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  • Couple's Tantra Workshop: 19th July click here for full details
  • Reiki 1 Workshop (Shoden): 14th July click here for full details
  • Couple's Massage Workshop: 4th August click here for full details
  • Women's Level 2 Workshop: 11 Augustclick here for full details
  • Sensual Massage Workshop 3 Week Program: 18th August click here for full details  
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