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The Dangers of incorrect practice of the Jade Egg

This year I am sponsoring Xi Lai (Hsi Lai’s) latest book called “Entering the Rosy Clouds” Rosy Clouds in Dao refers to “spiritual sexual practices”. Xi Lai is the founder of Dao Vital Energies, Tao Traditions and The White Tigress Society. He is currently teaching Daoism and Daoist practice in the USA and is the author of numerous books on Daoism and White Tigress Practice. As some of you know, I have been following this practice for over 15 years now, not for sexual cultivation but for the spiritual discipline of the Dao.

Very recently I had a discussion with Xi Lai on his thoughts and beliefs regarding the Jade Egg and would he consider writing a book on this practice. The conversation was very similar to that of my own teacher’s theory and knowledge on this practice and some of it I wanted to share with you today because I believe it is of vital importance not only to embody proper knowledge of this practice but to also understand the dangers because with all things there comes forth a duality, ignorance and naivety. What I am about to share also comes from observing and practicing 15 years of using the Jade Egg as a woman who has also had two natural child births.

Firstly, contrary to popular belief it is UNWISE to leave a Jade Egg inside your yoni (vagina) for longer than 20 MINUTES three times a week. There are a few reasons for this and one is that it will create focus and focus creates stimulation and stimulation activates energy, particularly in the Chakra System, Endocrine Glands and the Nervous System so the three lower Chakras, Muladhara, (centre for elimination), Swadisthana (centre for procreation) and Manipura Chakras (centre for assimilation) become over amplified. When these centres become too stimulated the principle of primal consciousness (the lower centres) can activate the desire nature. Desire for ALL THINGS which are PERSONALITY based and definitely not from the SOUL.

Secondly, if say for example, a woman has had past sexual trauma and she is advised to use the egg for healing and she is using the egg every day for hours on end, or leaving it inside her yoni all night, the outcome will eventually be an overstimulation of her sexual trauma and most of the time this transpires into a different “guise” through the ASTRAL BODY which could be seen as depression, anxiety, sexual addiction, PTS and the woman is none the wiser that the incorrect and over use of the Jade Egg has contributed to a trauma that has not been resolved so she continues her practice and her suffering hoping it will heal her.

Thirdly, IF the Jade Egg has any imperfections on its surface, these can irritate the vaginal walls without the woman being even aware. Not all Jade Eggs are made from authentic grades of Jade and to compensate, paraffin wax is used to smooth them out. Some say paraffin wax is toxic, some say it isn’t but regardless, I believe why would any woman want to have anything inside her body that she is not 100% sure about.

Also some eggs in the world are being dyed to look like authentic Jade Eggs so it is important to know what you are buying and putting inside your precious temple. Trust your intuition. I have been thinking about this a lot lately and have since had the Jade Eggs that I sell on my Tantra Shop thoroughly tested over many weeks by laboratories and I will be posting their report on my website so women can see first-hand the quality that they are purchasing.

Lastly, from purely a White Tigress perspective an “egg” psychologically (in the subconscious) represents the idea of pregnancy and the stimulation of ovaries and most (not all) Tigresses are into the practices of sexual cultivation and don’t want to become pregnant so the Jade Egg use is only practiced a couple of times a week if not at all because as one Tigress shared with me once, using the egg every day can also cause bloating in the stomach which looks like a pregnancy because of the "focus" being poured into the sex chakra and the solar plexus.

After all, energy doesn't have a brain, what we give thought and energy too, grows and sometimes not in the way we want!

If used very wisely however and with absolute discernment, the egg can have many beneficial healing benefits that are personally relevant to the journey of each and every beautiful woman using the egg.

There is much more to share but this post will be too long, however I wanted to share the above information to bring awareness and education to this ancient practice and of course food for thought. Is it right or is it wrong information? The answer will be found in your own research, your own practice with the egg, your wisdom and in the knowing of your soul.

As always, something to ponder on.

OM Shanti

Catherine Wood