September Newsletter - The Sanctuary of Ananda
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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

September Newsletter

Goodbye beautiful Bali 2017!

Another Couples Retreat has been and gone and what an amazing, life changing journey it was. Words can never seem to convey the beautiful energy that is created and experienced at these Retreats. I am in continuous joy observing the amazing people that attend and step up into life, into LIVING and most of all for having the courage and steadfastness to empower, improve and commit to their relationship on every level.

I would like to say a special thank you to all the couples who attended; together we created so many life changing memories and bonded in the spirit of love. Thank you to Dave for holding space for us all and for the crazy fun times shared in laughter, challenges and joy. Thank you to Steph for joining the group for a day and being so brave (you will know what I am talking about Steph). Thank you to Erin who joined the ladies in a day of celebrating Shakti Love and thank you to the team at Sanctuary Travel for all your hard work behind the scenes.

It truly was an amazing week of Celebrating Sacred Love.

So what's coming up next at the Sanctuary?


Stillness – Peace – Mindfulness

  • DATE:             20th – 22nd October 2017
  • COST:             $397 all inclusive (accommodation, all meals, handouts and journal)

Only 3 places left so don’t miss out on a weekend of discovering the joy of peace.

It’s just over a month now until my son and I teach our first retreat together. We have been planning and contemplating the many things we wish to teach for months now and couldn’t be more excited to communicate it with others. Development of everyone’s mental and emotional bodies is something that means so much to us, so basing our retreat on the qualities of stillness and peace is a perfect contrast to embody these qualities.

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Internationally Accredited Certificate in Tantra Practitioner Intensive Training (Module’s 1, 2 & 3)

  • DATE:        20th to the 27th April 2018
  • LOCATION: Krambach NSW (226 kms NE Sydney)
  • COST:        $2247 all inclusive (EARLY BIRD SPECIAL $2122 if deposit paid on or before the 1st March)

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Modules 1 and 2 Intensive – 24th to the 28th February 2018

Modules 1 and 2 held over two weekends – 3rd and 4th March and the 9th, 10th, and 11th March 2018

Module 3 Intensive (Accredited Certificate) – 18th – 23rd May 2018


  • DATE:        10th February 2018
  • LOCATION: Sanctuary Perth
  • TIME:         10am to 5pm
  • COST:        $197 (EARLY BIRD SPECIAL $165 if deposit paid on or before the 1st December)

The Sanctuary is absolutely delighted to be bringing to Perth for the first time Jane Bennett who will be presenting two very important and powerful workshops for women.

What you will learn at this Workshop: 

  • Keys to menstrual well-being
  • Self-awareness and empowerment through consciously cycling
  • Fertility: Optimum conception 
  • Fertility: Effective contraception
  • Spirituality and menstruation: Connection, meaning and service
  • Creating a positive introduction to menstruation for girls
  • Creating a positive menstrual culture: Socially, politically, economically
  • Ritual and celebration: Acknowledge and transform Preparing for a positive menopausal transition

The day will also include time in the beautiful and womanly art form of circle: sharing, telling stories, connecting, learning, laughing and may include a healing cry too. 

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  • DATE:        10th February 2018
  • TIME:         10am to 5pm
  • LOCATION: Sanctuary Perth
  • COST:        $197 (EARLY BIRD SPECIAL $165 if deposit paid on or before the 1st December)

What you will learn in this Workshop: 

  •  Preparing for a positive menopausal transition
  •  Contraception during peri-menopause
  •  Keys to menopausal wellbeing
  •  Identity: Who am I now?
  •  Creativity, drive and focus: What do I do now?
  •  Sexuality, intimacy and menopause: Hot or not?
  •  Creating a positive menopausal culture: socially, politically, and economically
  •  Spirituality and the menopausal transition: What is my purpose?
  •  Ritual and celebration: Acknowledging this important threshold 

The day will also include time in the beautiful and womanly art form of circle: sharing, telling stories, learning, connecting, laughing and may include a healing cry too. 

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  • DATE:         4th October 2017
  • TIME:         10am to 4pm
  • LOCATION:  Sanctuary Perth
  • COST:         $150 all inclusive (89 page manual, authentic lineage, accredited certificate and lunch)

Reiki is Spiritual Energy, a technique for activating, restoring and balancing of natural energy from within, a self-help technique for personal growth and transformation, a non-intrusive technique, simple, easy, safe and harmless, energises your body and mind.

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  • DATE:         14th October 2017
  • TIME:          9am to 5pm
  • LOCATION:  Sanctuary Perth
  • COST:         $200 all inclusive

Okuden is the second level to the system of Reiki. The Traditional System of Reiki "Usui Reiki Ryoho" has three levels.

Okuden level increases ones spiritual and mental connection to Source as well as introducing four mantra and symbols which are taught along with their description and uses. Okuden also teaches traditional healing techniques and meditation.

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  • DATE:        29th October
  • TIME:         10am to 5pm
  • LOCATION: Sanctuary Perth
  • COST:        $197 all inclusive (massage manual, gift, lunch

Divinity Within is an Advanced Workshop and a follow-on from The Way of the Heart created for women to continue on their path of self-realisation and the empowerment of Divinity.

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  • DATE:        18th November 2017
  • TIME:         10am to 5pm
  • LOCATION: Sanctuary Perth
  • COST:        $247 all inclusive (manual, gift, jade egg and lunch) $179 if you already have a jade egg

Famous for their red lips and nails, the Secrets of the White Tigress for achieving eternal youth and immortality is an extraordinary philosophy in itself, let alone to the Western World. It is a practice that utilises sacred techniques for breast care, womb care and/or sexual cultivation for the purpose of achieving youthfulness and spiritual attainment.

The interesting concept of the Tigress is that they believe for example, that when a single woman is out in public and sees a man she desires, and would like to meet him, the female usually thinks in terms of “is he Mr Right”. Women have a very strong bonding hormone and so they usually think in terms of marriage, commitment, raising a family and the materialism of the relationship. Rarely does a woman think purely in sexual terms when meeting a man. Men think purely in terms of sexual activity when meeting a woman. Hence, the energy a female normally gives off in such situations is that of his responsibilities. Of course this is a generalised statement however what is fascinating about the Tigress is their ability to be able to reach the discipline required in the cultivation of their sexual energy, especially through oral techniques and their awareness of needy attachment in emotional relationships.

It is a practice that is controversial to say the least, however one that is very interesting to ponder on. If anyone is curious about the ancient practice of the White Tigress, please check out the details by clicking here.