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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

Sensual Woman

NEW and INSPIRING Workshop for all Women


"Rediscover And Claim Your Sacred Femininity"

DATE:      9th NovemberTIME:      9am to 5pmVENUE:   Vivacious Living, 9A Riseley Square, Ardross PERTH (cnr Canning Highway and Riseley Street)COST:      $195 (Includes handouts, lunch and gift)A workshop designed and created for you to empower, embrace and radiate your Sensual Goddess Self. Cathy Wood founder of the Sanctuary of Ananda and Jennifer Gillson creator of by Image By Jennifer, both experts in the field of the Sacred Feminine have developed this ground breaking and powerful workshop, a first in a series that encompasses not only the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of ourselves but the deeply sensual part that craves to be acknowledged and cherished and which has often been so shut down in women.This Workshop is about rediscovering you're femininity and how to keep it!Topics Covered:WOMEN'S SACRED SEXUALITY

  • Opening blessing of the Divine Sacred Feminine 
  • The bond we share as women, BLOOD & BLEEDING and GODDESS ENERGY.
  • Tantric Pranayama - Nabho Mudra and Nadhi Shodana (Breathing techniques to expand sexual energy for rejuvenation, restoration and cultivation)
  • The Sacred Womb - Exercises and Meditations
  • Ovarian Palace Breathing
  • Breast Awareness Massage and Self Care
  • Microcosmic and Macrocosmic Energy
  • Movement and Dance 
  • Sexy, Juicy tips to radiate the Goddess


  • How Colour radiates within you, defining and enhancing your own unique colour imprinting and how to translate this into your every day clothing so you feel happier every day.
  • Discover how to be treated with respect via your own unique Style Personality - how you convey your image each day through your clothing affects your mood, emotions, life experience and how people treat you. Know what you stand for.
  • Learn how to Embrace your femininity through your outward expression of style to the world by allowing and giving yourself permission to do this freely.
  • Style Tips on how to pull together a complete look to change how you feel. 


  • Celebrating our joy, purity, Shakti and the awakening of the SENSUAL WOMAN


Do you know what women really want? 

'An informative workshop including skills and techniques to Master your Sexuality to become an Extraordinary Lover'


Every woman has a longing, a deep desire to be truly loved, understood and sexually satisfied by her lover.  Women desire to be cherished, men yearn to be honoured and respected.  These are the two major ingredients in Tantra and within "Coupleships".  When these two ingredients are embraced, the relationship moves into a space of beautiful intimacy, love and trust.  This workshop will cover everything  you ever wanted to know about the feminine and especially how to cherish her unconditionally.  When a woman feels cherished by her man, she will energetically connect to him on a deeper level, become more sexual, passionate, open, loving and fun to be with.  Now what man doesn't want that!  When a woman does not feel cherished she will automatically disconnect and shut down from her partner, thus creating the wounded and volatile downward spiral that eventually is the breaking point of all relationships.  

This Workshop is a wonderful opportunity for you to learn, enjoy, have fun and explore what women really want.  

The content of this workshop has been taken from years and years of research collected from my Women's Tantra Workshops as well as the thousands of private sessions I have had the pleasure of sharing with men.  I really look forward to meeting you and sharing an amazing afternoon that will be sure to not only change your life in so many ways but also help empower you as a man to become an extraordinary lover and create the relationship of your dreams!

Facilitated in a safe and confidential space. 

  • WHEN:                        Saturday 12th October 2013
  • TIME:                          11.30am to 5.00pm
  • WHERE:                     The Sanctuary
  • COST:                          $120 per person (includes lunch, tantra manual and door prizes)
  • WHAT TO BRING:  Bottle of water


Topics covered in this Introductory Workshop:

  • How Tantra can change your life
  • Skills to Master Erection Strength, Control and Premature Ejaculation
  • Tantric Breathing Techniques to Enhance and Increase Libido
  • The Art of Extended Lovemaking (Techniques to be able to make love for hours)
  • Healthy Feminine/Healthy Masculine Energies
  • Big Draw Orgasm (Full Body Orgasmic Pleasure without Ejaculation)
  • Women's Orgasms - Everything you should know about the 9 levels of a woman's orgasm
  • Women's Ambrosia (Female Ejaculation) and Women's Anatomy including the G-Spot
  • Exploring a Woman's body - How a woman wants to be touched, cherished and loved
  • The Emotional, Spiritual and Sexual needs of a woman
  • Yoni Massage Demonstration on Props (vaginal massage)
  • Breast Massage Demonstration ( how to tease, tantalize and love her breasts)

This workshop is a first of it's kind and places are starting to fill quickly.  All welcome 18 years and over.  Maximum 20 participants.  Minimum 10.

Please note:  All participants are fully clothed at all times during this workshop.