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A Tantric approach to Life Counselling and Relationship Harmony
Established in 2006

Sanctuary of Tantra October Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the Sanctuary of Tantra.

The Tantra Goddess Retreat was held on the 3rd and 4th October at the Serpentine Retreat Centre for Attitudinal Healing.  The centre is incredibly beautiful with lots of new flowers blooming at this time of year amongst the wonder and beauty of nature and many inquisitive Kangaroos'.  There is also a gorgeous outdoor Chapel, the perfect place to reflect and just be.

A wonderful group of women joined together to bond, create friendships, laugh and of course to learn the ancient secrets of the Goddess.  According to researchers, women who spend time together in the Shakti energy release a hormone called oxytocin also known as the "love hormone" - and this is important for reducing stress promoting a calming effect.  The Goddess Retreat was designed to not only be a supportive bond between women, but also a prescription for better health to embrace our sacred femininity with integrity and power.

The Shakti energy also known as the "Goddess" is based on YIN.  The Masculine energy is based on YANG and the Goddess embodies a balance of both Yin and Yang.  Yin is all about "Be ing" whilst Yang is all about "do ing".  Women who practice Tantra are aware of their creative sexual Yin energy as "being", thereby putting it into action by tapping into their masculine YANG - the "doing".

Many thanks to the wonderful women who attended and helped create such a special weekend with many fond memories.  I would like to acknowledge and thank my dear friend Lesley for her tireless devotion in helping me at retreats and for doing such a superb job with the catering.  I would also like to thank Leah from Yoga Health for a very informative and relaxing yoga session and to Alice for her wonderful and entertaining belly dancing class and expertise on the "drums".  Lastly, many thanks to Gilly for her fantastic orchestration of the "foot orgy" and to Elizabeth for offering her home for the Goddess Reunion.

"Memoirs of a Goddess"

I truly enjoyed the wonderful, warm, and exciting environment which Cathy provided at the Goddess Retreat. This event turned out to be a luminescent gathering of beautiful women led by Cathy on a tantric journey of delights.   We shared, we laughed, we bonded, and we created magnificent Shakti energy that when we departed, we had discovered a bit of the goddess in each of us.

What a magical weekend was had by all!  Elizabeth WA

"The Foot Orgy"

The Tantra Goddess Retreat was an amazing experience of women gathering together to teach and learn from each other.  There was a feeling of "sisterhood", almost to the sense of going back into time like history where this is the norm.  Where women get together from infant to puberty to adulthood and to be there for each other no matter what.  We have lost that in the modern world and I think society has become too egoistic and materialistic to have room to open our hearts and to love and give unconditionally without judgement and ego.     The weekend was filled with many new and wonderful spiritual and self love experiences, exchanging knowledge and being open to receive from each other.   I particularly  loved the foot orgy, almost like a closed connection and feeling the energy flowing thru the circle.  Pure Shakti energy flowing free.   I left the retreat totally recharged, rested and a feeling of stillness.  Ready to take on any challenges I may face.  Alice WA 


Oh, tis such bliss to be a Goddess!

It is a beautiful feeling to feel treasured for being a woman. By allowing ourselves to embrace our own sexual energy, we are more passionate about life, more respectful and confident of our own body.

It was a spiritual journey where Shakti energy was full and overflowing.

The Retreat was a place I felt peaceful and at one with nature.

I was hypnotised by Cathy's beautiful voice and her spirituality.

I met other beautiful Goddesses and shared their journey.

The whole Retreat was a sheer delight!  Jan WA


Until next time, stay well and enjoy this beautiful warm weather.


Namaste Cathy


The new on-line shop is up and running with lots of new products to browse including downloads of individual tracks from the Beginners Tantra Meditation CD and online Gift Vouchers.  Jade and Lapis Lazuli Jewellery and Beginners Tantra online E-Books will be available from the 14th October.  Fantastic gift ideas especially for anyone new to Tantra.  Many thanks to Claire from Zeta Tech for building the shop.

TANTRA LOVE - A new Couples Tantra Meditation CD is ready for release in early December and is a follow on from the Beginners Tantra Meditation. Each track comprises of guided sensual and erotic exercises and techniques to help couples connect more deeply, creating more pleasure and love in their relationship through the spiritual, emotional and physical attributes of Tantra.


Couples Tantra Workshop

11th October and the 1st November 2009.  Designed to teach couples unique skills to enhance lovemaking  and communication skills to help create a lasting and fullfiling relationship.  12pm to 5pm.

Cost: $200 per couple (Includes Manual and Afternoon Tea)

Couples Tantric Massage Workshop

18th October 2009.  Cancelled until 2010 (New dates will be advised shortly)

Women's Beginners Tantra Workshop

25th October 2009.  This Workshop is a must for any woman who is on a path of self discovery to empower and awaken her Shakti (Goddess) energy and to start living life with power and integrity.  Open to women of all ages whether single or in a relationship. 12pm to 5pm.  

Cost: $100 (Includes Manual, Certificate and Afternoon Tea)   


Singles Retreat

7th and 8th November 2009.  During this unique retreat Cathy will guide you through an empowering spiritual journey of mastering and directing your own sexual energy through the practice of Tantra.  Cathy will conduct various sessions and teachings in this ancient and sacred art and how it can impact your life today.  There will also be two special guest speakers in fields related to the practice of Tantra.  Lara Farrow will present a Chakra Wand Workshop and Claire Belton, Hatha Yoga.

Cost: $565 (All inclusive - includes Workshops, Special Tantra Pack, Guest Speakers, All Meals and Accommodation).  MT HELENA RETREAT

Couples Retreat

5th and 6th December 2009.  Due to an overwhelming response from Couples that missed the last Retreat I have decided to include one more Couples Retreat for 2009. The Couples retreat is an experience not to be missed!  Whether you want to re-ignite the passion back into your relationship, learn simple techniques to enhance lovemaking or simply build closer intimacy with your partner then this Retreat is for you.  Treat yourself and your partner and relax in an atmosphere of total indulgence.  SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER AT THIS RETREAT - MASTER ALEX LIM will present a powerful and dynamic seminar on Sexual Qi Gong and Michelle from Harmony Gongs will present a seminar on the Gongs followed by a beautiful Gonging meditation.

Cost: $765 per couple (All inclusive - includes Workshops, Special Tantra Pack, Guest Speakers, All Meals and Accommodation).  MT HELENA RETREAT

African Retreat


"A once in a life time opportunity to experience healing self and Healing the Great Mother (Earth)."

A unique opportunity to join the first white lion pride re-introduced to their natural and spiritual homelands of the Greater Timbavati region.  This amazing expedition will include meeting Chief (Hosi) Khosa's village which includes a traditional dinner, Shangaan warrior dancing and drumming, "Sleep out" under the stars at the Lion Lookout, Dream analysis workshop of symbols and dreams, Animal soul Walk, Game Drives, River of Gold, Making the Lion-Unicorn Connection, The Great Matriarchal Elephants, Emoto's theories of water and the healing powers of the White Lions and much much more.  This expedition is not open to the general public but has been very kindly offered By Linda Tucker (CEO White Lion Global Protection Trust) for the Sanctuary of Tantra. WHAT AN INCREDIBLE JOURNEY! (Please see full details on web under RETREATS).

Cost: $2428 (All inclusive) Airfare: $1,839

Please note:  Places are filling fast.  To register your place please fill in the registration form for the African Expedition under Retreats.

Tantra Goddess Retreat - To empower women of all ages, single or in a relationship.

APRIL 2010.  By popular demand, the Goddess Retreat is a two day getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to a place of paradise, surrounded by nature, peace and quiet and the nurturing aspects of the feminine spirit.   This retreat is focused on the ancient secret practices of The Temple Dancers, The White Tigress and Tao Principles.  These women no matter what size, shape or age exuded "pure Shakti" the beauty of the feminine, experiencing abundant health, beautiful honoring relationships and the ability to become "multi orgasmic".  

Cost $465 (all inclusive including a set of 3 Jade Eggs)


7.15pm to 9.15pm each fortnight at the Forrestfield Hall, corner of Hale Road and Anderson Road, Forrestfield.  Cost $10 - Next Meditation 14th October.

All welcome.  No previous experience in meditation or Tantra necessary.  Come and learn to relax, unwind and at the same time empower the body and mind through sexual energy.  Meet "Maggie May" (Perth's number one Tantra Meditation Dog sharing her unconditional love!) and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. 


It's that time of the year again when the sun comes out and the warm weather makes everyone feel good so why not celebrate with a Tantra Party.  Get your girlfriends together and embrace the succulence of the Goddess.  Suitable for birthdays, hens night, girls night out, fundraising events or to celebrate the festive season.

The cost is $50 per person for a 3 hour party. A minimum booking of eight people is required. We set the space of the sacred goddess with candles, flowers, aromatherapy oils, sensual fabrics and aphrodisiac finger foods including gifts for all the ladies.

Contact Cathy for more information or visit web under SESSIONS.


Inspirational Spiritual Healer - Nicky Steadman Nicky has been an Inspirational Spiritual Healer for the past 10 years, specialising in clearing blocked energies, releasing unwanted issues, regaining the true-self and spiritual readings.With the help of her spiritual guides she can guide you to boost your self confidence, know yourself worth and take back your own power to enrich the life your were truly meant to live.   Each of us deserves to live the life we dream of, it is achievable if you allow yourself to believe.   Contact Nicky on 0423 190 271 or [email protected] for more information.


"Inspiring Connection and a Return to Oneness"                                                            

Inspirited Development is a Perth based company, started by Lara Farrow as a way to integrate all the areas of her life she is passionate about.

She runs a successful wellness centre in the Northern Suburbs of Perth and her practice is based on a powerful healing modality called Life Alignment.   Using this amazing technique, Lara works with physical and subtle body alignment as well as business, home and astrological alignment.   She is passionate about assisting people to shift energetic and emotional blockages that are affecting their health and their life.  Having a strong belief that the mind affects the physical condition of the body, she has dedicated herself to studying and practicing techniques which alleviate negative physical symptoms and their emotional and mental causes.   Further to this, Lara runs weekly meditation classes which are suitable for all levels and runs powerful Goddess, Chakra and Colour workshops.   She also teaches monthly courses on Body Spin, which is the foundation course in Life Alignment.

The vision that Lara holds for Inspirited Development is one of inspiring Connection and a return to oneness.

About Life Alignment

Life Alignment is a system of natural healing that aligns your subtle and physical bodies via your Chakras and other subtle energy systems using Kinesiology, to identify the root causes of pain, stress, illness, emotional blockages and limiting belief patterns. 

Life Alignment transmutes negative energies and empowers you to bring about transformation and a conscious reality of balance and alignment within yourself, others and the world you inhabit.

Using vibrational healing techniques and the unique Vortex Technology, Life Alignment can assist your healing and transformation at all levels:

  • Physical, emotional and mental health and well-being
  • Align the structure/bones, joints and muscles
  • Balance energy fields of organs, glands and body systems
  • Identify the root cause of issues and help relieve a variety of symptoms such as learning difficulties, allergies, sleep disturbances and hormonal imbalances
  • Strengthen the immune system and detoxify the body
  • Relieve pain rapidly by healing the related issue
  • Family and relationships
  • Home, career and workplace
  • Creativity and life purpose
  • Environment (Electro magnetic radiations - cell phones, geopathic stress, pollution, food, and water)

With the Life Alignment method, we lovingly guide people to deeply connect with their personal power and joy, in order to fully live their purpose.  It brings balance into a person's life, whether it is finding peace of mind or dealing with tormented feelings, emotions or supporting the body to find health and healing.


Lara's Contact Details

Phone:  0423 343 332       Email:   [email protected]


(If you have an interesting article you would like to share on Tantra or advertise your business in The Healing Page please contact Cathy [email protected])